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Credit: Alison Westwood

The Ideal Woman Interview: Jan Braai

AGE: 30
PROFESSION: Founder of National Braai Day, nation builder
FIND HIM HERE:, @janbraai

'I don't want a girl who just stands in the kitchen and makes salad.'

What is the first thing you notice about a woman?
Her looks. Sometimes you hear her first - like coming down a hallway or in a coffee shop. But it's a bad thing if you hear her before you see her.

What about a woman makes you want to go up to her and strike up a conversation, rather than just look at her?
Hearing her probably plays a role in step two, as I very rarely would simply walk up to a complete stranger, irrespective of how they look. So overhearing her if she does something cool, like order a draught beer.

Describe your ideal woman.
She must be an active person. She must prefer a walk on the mountain to a walk through a mall. She needs to enjoy the right kind of places, for example genuine pubs over trendy clubs. She also needs to enjoy eating. Oh, and she must not smoke. It's disgusting.

What are the traits of a girl you'd take home to meet your mother?
She must share my passion and love for South Africa. She must believe in family values and like my friends. Also, she must eat meat, be able to make putu pap and braaibroodjies, and be able to pour a Klipdrift and Coke just right.

How important is personality?
We live between 70 and 90 years and after that we are dead for a very long time. Every moment you are grumpy is a moment lost that will never be back again.

Which is more important? Looks or character?
Fifty years is a long time to speak to someone who is stupid. So, character, but the packaging of that character is important.

What is your favourite part of a woman's body?
Her ass. Nature made it easy, though. Men are naturally attracted to women, so they simply need to keep themselves in relatively good shape, and then they are attractive. I don't think it's healthy to be as thin as the airbrushed women in women's magazines.

Is it important that your friends like the girl you're seeing?
Yes. They know me and I like them - that is why they are my friends. I want to hang with all of them together. I don't want a girl who just stands in the kitchen and makes salad. She needs to join us around the fire and talk shit.

Do you think women are too critical of their appearance?
Yes in general, but the cool ones are not. I cannot recall any man breaking up with a girl because of her looks.

If your girlfriend were having a fat day, how would you make her feel better?
Take her for a run. Getting the heart pumped and sweating a bit always makes you feel better.

Should women take it personally when their boyfriends look at other women?
I think it's okay up to a point to appreciate and acknowledge natural beauty.

Imagine you have a teenage son. What advice would you give him on what to look for in a woman?
To relax and not be stressed about it. The chances that you end up with the girl you fall in love with at 17 are very slim.

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Author: Alison Westwood, Lize Kay and Sarah Louise Keeble
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