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Are You Too Possessive?

Has the green-eyed monster taken up permanent residence in your relationship?

By Taryn Jacobs


1 You're out at a party with your man when he says he's going to the bathroom. You:
  • Say, 'Okay', and give him a quick peck before carrying on with a conversation you were having.
  • Follow him and plant yourself outside the bathroom door. He has five minutes, otherwise you're going in!
  • Make the effort to turn your head away from your conversation in order to acknowledge you heard him.
2 He says he's going on a family trip for a week. You:
  • Tell him to have a wonderful time and to call you when he lands.
  • See him off at the airport and then stare out the window to make sure he boards the plane… and it couldn't hurt to watch it take off either.
  • Life doesn't change in the least. He went where again?
3 He's never been studious, but cancels a date in order to study for a test. You:
  • Don't even know what he's studying.
  • Become a bit suspicious, but accept his excuse and reschedule the date.
  • Instantly jump to the conclusion that he's lying and show up at his house with books in hand. Now he WILL be studying.
4 You find a scribbled note in his pocket with a girl's name and number on it. You:
  • Call the number demanding to know who she is and leave threatening messages on her answering machine.
  • Stare at the piece of paper intently. What beautiful penmanship!
  • Ask him whose number it is - there's nothing wrong with wanting to know the facts.
5 He calls you on Friday afternoon to tell you he's going to be spending time with his grandmother over the weekend. You:
  • Mumble a hurried 'Enjoy!' before rushing off to meet your girlfriends for a drink.
  • Confirm this with a mutual friend and then forget about it.
  • Do a background check to make sure both grannies are still alive.
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Well what can I say, I'm a down to earth, energetic, very active guy thats looking for his soulmate....


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