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Are You Being Too Hard On Him?

Find out if you're being just a little too bitchy...

By Marisa Crous


1 Your guy leaves the toilet seat up. You:
  • Let out a loud sigh and remind him to put it down next time.
  • Flip out completely, and lay into him until he's on the verge of tears.
  • Smile and think, 'Ag, shame, I'll put the seat down for my baby.'
2 It's your one-year anniversary. You expect your man to:
  • Give you a high-five.
  • Take you out for a nice dinner. No flowers necessary.
  • Hire a blimp that says, 'This year was the best of my life. I love you!'
3 You ask him to pick up some groceries for dinner, but he forgets one or two (essential) ingredients. You:
  • Scream bloody murder, telling him he's a good-for-nothing piece of rubbish.
  • Are quite annoyed, since now you're left having to conjure those flavours up out of thin air.
  • Give him a big kiss on the lips and say, 'It's okay honey, I'll pop out quickly. In the rain.'
4 Your boyfriend has some ancient, gross takkies that you absolutely detest. When he wears them, you:
  • Make comments like: 'Ugh, not those again!'
  • Confront him in company, saying things like: 'Guys, please talk some sense into this idiot.'
  • Say nothing. He can wear whatever he wants.
5 He makes you a cup of coffee and puts sugar in instead of sweetener. You:
  • Drink half of it out of politeness.
  • Spit it out and act like he's just poisoned you.
  • Drink it, thinking, 'Cutie, he's such a scatterbrain.'
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