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Girlie Habits Guys Keep Hidden (Part One)

Sure, they watch sport, grow facial hair, and fix stuff - but men also tap in to their feminine side.

Chick-Flick Trick
'I like a lot of seriously girlie movies. So whenever I burn them onto DVDs, I label them with macho movie names. I have a copy of The Devil Wears Prada that's labelled Rocky Balboa, and the special edition of Mamma Mia is Die Hard With a Vengeance.' - Carl*, 26

Camera Man
'I can never get a good enough idea of how I look from my bedroom mirror, so I set the timer on my camera and take photos of myself to look at before I go out. Oh, I also delete them… immediately and shamefully.' – Andrew*, 24

Boy, Crazy
'If there's a woman I am getting to know and am really into, I save her voice mails and e-mails so that I can analyse them later with my little sister. Even she rolls her eyes at my teenage girl-like behaviour.' – Tom*, 29

Such a Sweetie
'I really like to bake - biscuits, cakes, whatever. The only person who knows that, however, is my girlfriend. I make something whenever we go to a friend's house, but I have her carry it in and tell everyone she whipped it up.' – Paul*, 28

Conceal The Meal
'I eat Weigh-Less meals whenever I'm feeling tubby, but I'm horrified at the thought of anyone finding them in my freezer, so I only buy one at a time, and then I carry the empty box out to the bin on the street as soon as I finish.' - Albert*, 33

Exercise Caution
'I accidentally signed up for a Pilates class at my gym once - yes, it was an accident - but I ended up really enjoying it. Now I go all the time, but I do it at a studio that's 45 minutes away from where I live so that there's no way my friends will see me walk in or out.' – Ziyaad*, 24

His Lips are Sealed
'When I'm in public, I carry around Labello. But at my apartment, I go through pink lemonade lip gloss like crazy. A girl I was dating actually found a tube once. I denied that it was mine even though she then accused me of cheating.' – Brian*, 25

Razor Burn
'When my luggage got lost on a business trip, I had to buy all new toiletries. The cheapest disposable razors I could find happened to be marketed for women, so I gave them a try and… well, I got hooked. From that point forward, I stopped shaving with anything else - I just make sure to hide them under the sink.' – Martin*, 35

*Names have been changed

Author: Matt Christensen
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