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Two More Days In Paradise

COSMO blogger, Yolanda Bilang, lived like a rock star in Mauritius... from beginning to end.

My day started with 'pieds dans l'eau Breakfast', which simply translates to 'feet in water breakfast'… makes sense, right? Well, I thought it did, and waited patiently by the pool at 8.30am, with my feet in the water, only to realise that it meant breakfast on the beach. Of course; I knew that. Sheepishly, I made my way to what was the most gorgeous setting for breakfast I have ever experienced - a beautifully laid out table right at the water's edge.

After breakfast, I was whisked off to the southern tip of the island by my driver who could seriously give Lewis Hamilton a run for his money. I was to spend the day relaxing in the 26 degree 'winter' sun on an exclusive private little island, five minutes off the mainland, called Ile Deux Cocos. It was surrounded by the most breathtakingly clear turquoise waters I have ever seen. It can be rented privately at R25 000 per night for four people sharing. I believe I shall suggest this to my friends back home in Cape Town… Yeah, right!

I happily accepted a welcome cocktail upon arrival, even though it was only 11am. After making myself comfy on a sun lounger, I opted for a shot of litchi rum, which was one of 16 homemade rums they have on offer. The thought of trying all 16 did cross my mind, but I had to remember that I was here on a work trip…

Upon heading out for my own private snorkelling session, I bumped into a group of six very delicious surfers with their wetsuits pulled down, exposing their rock-hard abs. A bit of flirting and a snapshot later, and I had even more of a bounce in my step. Island boys are hot! The hundreds of colourful fish I spotted underwater were something else too. Olympus have sponsored me with their new 'tough' digital camera, which is not only shock-proof (my middle name is klutz), but also waterproof, so I managed to get a few shots of the fish, too (unfortunately, goggles do not make for a sexy look, much as a girl might pose).

All this exercise meant it was time for an al fresco, island-style lunch (and, of course, a few more potent cocktails) before heading back to the Lux Belle Mare resort where I was to accompany the rest of the swimwear crew for our final dinner together. Everyone was bushed; it has been a long, but fabulous week. The rest of the crew have a 4.45am wakeup call tomorrow to get to the airport. I still have another half-day in paradise. I shall certainly be making the most of it, starting with a lie-in and this time, breakfast in bed. Bliss.

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Author: Yolanda Bilang
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