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Create Your Designer Feelings

Wow, what a refreshing read in this month's issue of COSMO, 'Create Your Designer Feelings' (May 2012). Then strategically placed is the article 'Tackle The Next High Jump'.

After my first heartbreak someone said, you're not the first to suffer such rejection or pain. Cold and uncalculated as that may have sounded then... as I grew older and wiser, I realised she was right. Reading the lyrics of some songs you have your 'Aaaahaa' moment (as per Oprah) and you realise it's not just me. The pain the lyrics of a breakup song (male or female) notes of the same pain, with different degrees, but the same emotion...

Creating ones own designer feelings isn't always easy, but well worth the paper it is written on. Life is too short (cliché I know, but true) to grieve with negativity and the worst truth yet is the longer you wallow, you isolate the people closest to you... and the cold fact is no one stands around passing the tissues after a certain point. This is for everything from self doubt, insecurities, breakups and death. There's a breaking point when you have to pick up the pieces of what's left and breathe in the fact that you have servived and can, will, and must go on. This comes from someone who has had
it all - office dramas, disappointing relationships, death and illness.

It was refreshing to see someone tackle such topics. I've seen friendships, family and relationships waste away, cause someone to spend longer than needed looking at the closed door to enjoy the new door, with what IS and WAS still available to them. It's quite sensitive really, as each person has different levels of pain and healing time needed, but one thing is for sure... there is an expiry date on the negative. We just have to watch for it and choose to draw the line, bounce back and take the bull by the horns and face the new with the good memories of the past, learn from the negative, move forward with a loved one who is here to support.

P.S. Thank heavens we're not in the 1980s where they banned and tried to re-ban you. Who would give such valuable advice to all at a fraction of the price it costs to buy those self-help books? And you always, always refer readers to professionals should there be a need for deeper inspections into our frets & fears - thank you!

Well enough. Thank you for your articles this month.

Author: Jill Basson
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