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Jennifer Lawrence hates Hollywood weight pressure

Jennifer Lawrence won't lose weight for her career.
The 'Hunger Games' actress hates the pressure in Hollywood for female stars to conform to an ideal of beauty and be a certain size and she refuses to be made to feel overweight for eating normally.
Jennifer ranted: ''Oh god, yes, I'm so tied of the lollipops. I mean, if I looked like that I wouldn't be tired of it, obviously, but it's hilarious, the way I'm supposedly the overweight one.
''Like, they (the paparazzi) got me at the movies yesterday and the caption read something like, 'Curvy star cannot wait to dig into a tub of popcorn'. I mean come on! I'm just a normal girl who likes to eat! At least they got me using me hands.''
The 22-year-old blonde beauty takes the responsibility of playing teen idol Katniss Everdeen in 'The Hunger Games' very seriously and wants to be a good role model to her fans, but admitted she has little in common with her tough on-screen alter-ego and is far from a natural leader in real life.
Jennifer told the UK edition of VOGUE magazine: ''I guess people expect that of me, and if I had to kill something for survival, maybe I would and yeah, maybe I was a tomboy when I was growing up. But I'm definitely a girl now ... Of course, there's a responsibility I'm aware of. In one sense, luckily, it comes naturally because I can't stay out beyond midnight. I don't really have an exciting life.
''But if you mean, am I natural leader? No. I just appear that way.''
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