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Cher: 'Malibu earthquake was no biggie'

Cher claims an earthquake in Malibu last night (29.05.12) was ''no biggie''.
The 'Believe' singer - who was recently believed to be preparing for a world tour - experienced tremors in her home town but has reassured a concerned fan who was worried she may have been hurt that the incident was minor.
Fan ActualDav tweeted: ''There was 4.1 earthquake in Malibu last night..Someone please check cher is ok! #worried(sic)'' to which she responded: ''Felt quake ! No Biggie! Was born here.''
Despite the worrying event, Cher managed to enjoy a day outside in the pool with her mother.
She wrote: ''Hi lovelies! Wassup?Cant stay long!Mom came over we jumped in pool & laughed & Played around ! Shes such a sissy''oh sweetheart its 2 cold(sic)''
Cher is not the only star to experience an earthquake recently - British rocker Noel Gallagher was also involved in an ordeal in Mexico, although he mistook it for his hangover.
He said: ''We were involved in a proper earthquake. I was doing an interview and they asked me if I would say 'come to Mexico on holiday' because they have all these problems with people getting their heads cut off by gangs and loads of crime.
''I was trying to wriggle out of it and the lamps they brought into the room started swaying.
''I had been out the night before and just brushed it off thinking it was a bit weird. You know ... we had been enjoying ourselves a bit.
''The cameraman just stopped and said really calmly, 'We better go, there is an earthquake'.''
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