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The Makeup Q&A

We asked you on Facebook for your makeup questions for Revlon's Global Artistic Director, Gucci Westman. Here are her expert (and very handy!) answers:

1. How do you choose the perfect foundation for your skin?
A good tip is to test it on the back of your hand. There are instances where the skin on your hand might be darker than the skin on your face, but usually you can see if it's the right tone for your skin.

2. What are the most important things dark-skinned women should know about makeup application, and what should they watch out for?
I suggest watching out for ashy finishes when using a foundation or powder that is not yellow enough. Your foundation needs to have enough red and yellow in them to blend in with darker skin and not have a grayish tone, which hides the skin's natural luminosity. Using the wrong tone detracts from the beauty of the skin instead of enhancing it.

3. What are the tips and tricks for achieving a contoured effect on dark skin?

You just need a colour that is two shades darker than your own skin, and apply it under the cheekbone. For highlighting you can use a sheer gold or sheer pearlescent luminiser. Avoid using powder, though.

4. What is the one key trend for Autumn/Winter 2012?
I love the new nail appliqués.

5. Tell us about the latest makeup trends.

It's neon! Nails, lip colours, pops of bright colors, glosses and juicy lip textures. I also love flawless skin mixed with bright, poppy-chic colours. And lashes - lashes are big for winter.

6. What skin care tips should every South African woman know?
It's very important to exfoliate often. If you find a gentle product that you like, exfoliate your body every day because it gets rid of the layer of dead skin. It's important to close your pores before you put on your sunscreen (a toner helps), and find a light sunscreen so that it doesn't make your pores larger. It can be either a mineral powder or a lighter texture, but nothing thick so that your skin can still breathe.

7. What are 2012's hottest lipstick trends?
Different tones of reds - blue-reds, orange-reds and deep reds, as well as fresh, bright peaches and corals.

8. Some women are new to makeup and are nervous about trying it out. What are a few foolproof, unintimidating products that they can start out with?
They should start with more neutral colours - earth tones and nudes, and sheer lips like Revlon's Just Kissable Balm Stain. Choose user-friendly makeup that has an easy-to-touch texture to get a sense of how much to put on.

9. What is one sure-fire way of perking up your makeup routine during winter?
Get used to using a primer because that creates a really nice, even skin tone. And then on top of that, work with a luminiser and blusher to achieve a porcelain look.

10. What is your top tip for wearing red lipstick (as opposed to red lipstick wearing you!)
You want to keep it from bleeding as much as possible. It's good to exfoliate your lips with a hot towel or a lip scrub, and then apply a little bit of lip balm. Go around the natural line of your lips with a little bit of concealer, which will work as a barrier so it won't bleed as easily. You can also put a touch of translucent powder on top of that with a very thin brush. Then, after you have applied your lipstick, blotting and lightly powdering the top of it also helps it stay put.

11. Do bronzers work for darker skin tones? Which kind is the best to use - cream or powder?
Yes. Powder is easier to use; just make sure it's darker than your own skin.

Author: Gucci Westman
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