Money en-us catherined at cosmopolitan dot co dot za Copyright 2009 How To Create The Bubble Pony The bobble ponytail is a great way of mixing up a plain ponytail into a hairstyle that's paparazzi-worthy. With the likes of Blake Lively and Olivia Wilde perfecting this look, we're dying to try it out! Here's how:

Step 1:
Start with scraping all your hair up into a high ponytail and secure with a tight hairband.

Step 2: Tie a small elastic band a few centimetres down your ponytail. Take a piece of hair and wrap it around the elastic band. Using an opened bobby pin, place the end of the hair strand (that you've just wrapped around the elastic) into the middle of the bobby pin and pass it up and under the elastic band.

Tip: If you're in a rush, skip wrapping your hair around the pony, and just use the elastics. 

Step 3: Continue step 2 all the way down the length of your ponytail. You can do as many or as few 'bubbles' as you like (also depending on the length of your hair).

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Step 4: To give this hairstyle the 'bubble' look, pull the hair gently outwards to create even 'bubbles'. 

Still feeling a bit confused? Here are some awesome tutorials to help with the steps
Wed, 23 Jul 2014 12:00 +0200
5 Celeb-Inspired Hairstyles For Your Big Day Bridezilla, we’re here to provide you with a few solutions to this lingering problem. If you’re looking for fresh and modern, take a look at these five celeb-inspired hairstyles that will definitely provide you with a cure.

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Miranda Kerr:

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that says: “I’m cute and romantic”, then this side-swept wavy do is perfect!

Lupita Nyong’o:
Short hair never goes out of style (and is a lot easier to maintain). To add a little flair to your short-do why not add a sparkly headband like Lupita did for the Oscars. Definitely fun and flirty!

Grace Kelly:
Nothing says: “I’m elegant and this hairstyle is effortless”, than imitating Grace Kelly’s signature hairstyle.

Kerry Washington:

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that fits every face shape then this is it. This relaxed pinned back look will make you the bell of the ball (and why not? You are the bride!)

Audrey Hepburn:

Another classic hairstyle worn by an icon, this sleek, cropped style is perfect if you’re looking to radiate sophistication on your big day.

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Marie Claire

Wed, 23 Jul 2014 12:00 +0200
Kendall Jenner Takes Big Hair To The Extreme! We love big hair as much as the next person, but we think Kendall has taken it to a whole other level. We spotted this photo of her on Love Magazine's Instagram (the same photo shoot that she went topless for yesterday) of her big bouffant that to be honest, is bigger than her head! We think we'll put this down to creative license. 

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Having said that, we're still huge lovers of a bit of volume. We're always looking for a way to create that salon blow-out look, at home. We found this amazing hair tutorial on how correctly tease your hair to give it some much needed va-va voom. 

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Wed, 23 Jul 2014 12:00 +0200
5 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Your Split Ends! Split ends are the absolute devil of hair and can completely stress us out. Either that or we sit there picking, pulling and snapping off the ends as a way of keeping ourselves occuppied during work hours. Here are our top 5 tips to help you get rid of the sneaky buggers once and for all. 
1) Trim them inbetween haircuts by twisting your hair and cutting off the loose strands.


RELATED: How To Recreate The 90's Look With Fudge Urban!

2) DIY your own hair mask to keep ends smooth and healthy. 


3) The 'Selfie Trim'.


4) Use this guide to help you know how much to cut off when trimming your hair.


RELATED: 7 Reasons Why You Shouldn'y Use Cheap Hair Tools!

5) Follow this simple tutorial if you're a bit nervous about cutting your hair for the first time.

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Wed, 23 Jul 2014 12:00 +0200
6 Celebs Who Rival Ariel With Their Mermaidyness Our list of celebs embracing this gorgeous mermaid hair trend just keeps on growing. And we LOVE it! Here are five celebs who could definitely give Ariel a run for her money, just saying. 

1) Katy Perry

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 Hair Colour?

2) Kylie Jenner

3) Anna Paquin

RELATED: New Obsession: Hair Chalk Mermaid Hair!

4) Nicole Richie

5) Kesha

6) Vanessa Hudgens

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Fri, 18 Jul 2014 12:00 +0200
Anna Paquin Does Mermaid Hair! It's SO nice to know that the COSMO office aren't the only people beyond obsessed with mermaid hair. We can now officially add Anna Paquin to our growing list of celebs embracing the mermaid hair look.

She tweeted these photos last week. So what do you think guys? Obviously, we love it. Totally amazing!
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Fri, 18 Jul 2014 12:00 +0200
WIN With Bleu-Noir and Garnier Nutrisse
Let your hair shine with a choice of two dark intense shades with luminous highlights even on naturally dark hair. And you don't have to worry about wrecking your hair - the intense nourishing, permanent colour is enriched with triple fruit oils to give you ultra-visible mirror shine!

To complete the look, accessorise with all things blue, from nail art to a cosmic blue clutch or irresistible indigo jeans. Whatever the piece, make sure you have that one iconic item that makes your Ultra Marine hair colour pop!

Fill in this survey and stand a chance to win one of 5 Garnier Ultra Marine hampers: LET'S TALK HAIR

The hampers include:
Stylus pen with Swarovski elements
2 x Shade 3.10 Midnight Blue
2 x Shade 4.11 Sapphire Blue

Tue, 15 Jul 2014 12:00 +0200
How To Recreate The 90's Look With Fudge Urban! haircare brand whose products smell just as amazing as they work, have just realised their third hair tutorial video. Clueless Hair features their Global Brand Ambassador and super stylist; Lou Teasdale, as he shows you how to create an effortless 90's style using
Fudge Urban Iced Raspberry & Vanilla Hair Spray (R99,95) and Fudge Urban Iced Tropical Cocktail Miracle Ends (R99,95)


Fore more videos freom #FudgeUrbanHairSchool, check out their Youtube channel.

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Tue, 15 Jul 2014 12:00 +0200
7 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Use Cheap Hair Tools! I love a good beauty bargain, but i've learnt that some beauty items (especially hair tools like irons and curlers) you need to splurge on! Before buying any drugstore hair tool, check with your stylist first and get their expert advice! Here are our 7 reasons why you sometimes get what you paid for.

1) It won't work.


2) It'll take forever to use.


RELATED: 7 Ombré Hairstyles To Show Your Stylist!

3) It will get tangled in your hair.


4) The heat settings are probably 'hot' or 'off', therefore you'll burn your hair to shreads.


5) It'll probably take FOREVER to heat up.


RELATED: 7 Reasons Why Silver Is The New Blonde!

6) You'll lose hair... and lots of it.


7) It will break, or combust into flames.


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Mon, 14 Jul 2014 12:00 +0200
7 Reasons Why Silver is the New Blonde!
1) We love this sleek and straight silver ombré.


2) Silver hair looks gorgeous with messy curls. It's flawless!


RELATED: 7 Ombré Hairstyles To Show Your Stylist!

3) It's an easy colour to transform any regular ponytail into a head turning look!


4) We love love love the side parting in this look! It's so gorgeous and so easy to pull off with a few bobby pins.


5) Wack your silver hair up into a bun with a loose braid and you're ready to take on the world! #Winning


RELATED: Can You Guess Nicole Richie's Latest Hair Colour?

6) Omg Cara... This is why we love you! How stunning? And love the touch of lilac.


7) First of all, we all want hair that long! Second, we love this silver to blue fade ombré. Gorgeous!


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Thu, 10 Jul 2014 12:00 +0200
7 Mistakes you’ve been making with your flat iron! heat styling WILL damage your hair, but it can be managed. We sussed out the biggest mistakes to avoid when going the sleek route.

1) You… don’t apply heat protecting spray
You will end up with fried ends that will split and look scraggly (and this goes for any heat styling tool used). Spray it onto clean damp hair, before you blow dry, curl or iron. It acts as a shield, locking in moisture and adding shine.

2) You… use the lowest heat setting on your iron
You would think that a lower heat setting is better for your hair right? Wrong! On a low setting you’ll have to go over your hair multiple times to get a sleek result, causing more damage. On a higher heat setting you’ll only have to go over your hair once or twice.


3) You… don’t section your hair
Grabbing random fistfuls of hair is not going to give you the best result. Creating sections will save you time and allow you to straighten more evenly.

RELATED: How To Get Pretty Dreamy Mermaid Hair

4) You… pull the iron down to straighten
You’ll just end up with flat hair. Rather get the iron as close to your roots as possible and then gently pull the hair upwards to boost volume at the crown.

5) You… Don’t allow time for your hair to cool
Warm air styles, cool air sets. Give your hair at least 5 minutes to cool down and settle before pulling it into a ponytail or adding a clip.

6) You… Don’t clean your iron
Styling products and sprays can build up on your iron causing it to become sticky. To prevent your hair snagging, wipe your iron with a damp cloth at least once a week.

RELATED: 10 Stylish Plait Hairstyles You Need In Your Life

7)You… bought the cheapest iron you could find
When it comes to straightening, the proof is in the iron. Irons that cost a bit more often feature the latest technology and will give you a better result with less damage.

And the biggest flat iron NO-NO of all!? Never ever flat iron wet hair! Applying that level of heat to wet hair essentially ‘boils’ the water inside your strands causing weak spots and damage that will lead to severe breakage.

Tue, 08 Jul 2014 12:00 +0200
10 Stylish Plait Hairstyles You Need in Your Life

1. Emma Stone
Looking like Princess Elsa from Frozen, Emma shows us how to wear a messy plait.


2. Solange Knowles: 
When she isn't taking over the internet by being Jay-Z's 100th problem, she slays with this multi-plaited pony hairstyle 


3. Kourtney Kardashian: 
This side-braid looks super sweet, and could go into a bun like she has done, or be clipped under a mdern side-ponytail.
4. Charlize Theron: 
Our homegir represents with her side-plaited bun. So chic!
5. Zoe Saldana; 
The gorgeous actress wore this effortless plait up-do to perfection. We love this look!

6. Nicole Richie: 
This always on trend socialite has done it again; this time with a paint incorporated into her big bun.

7. Kirsten Dunst: 
Kirsten looks like a dream as she shows off her Heidi plait and pretty floral headband. 


8. Bérénice Bejo: 
The French beauty has styled her hair into cheek-bone-highlighting side plait and we absolutely love it! 


 9. Jessica Alba:
Jess proves that sometimes, more is more and looks regal with her two mini plaits. LOVE!

10. Blake Lively: 
Blake wowed the crowds at Cannes with this messy, teased plait. Perfect inspiration for the I-slept-at-my-boyfriend's-house-and-couldn't-find-a-brush situation.


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Originally posted on Marie Claire
Tue, 08 Jul 2014 12:00 +0200
How To Get Kim K's Messy Ponytail! Kim K posted the most adorable photo of herself and baby North on Instagram recently. We do have to admit, as undeniably cute as North West is, we couldn't help but notice Kim's GORGEOUS messy ponytail! It's the perfect go-to style for work or even out for drinks.

RELATED: Kim K Goes Blonde Again!

Here's how to get the look:

Step 1: Create some volume and texture in your hair by spraying roots with a root lifter (try Paul Mitchell Super Sculpt R210, available from
TIP: You can also achieve this by spraying roots with dry shampoo!

Step 2: Using your fingers, gently scrape back hair into a ponytail. 
TIP: Don't worry too much about getting this perfect. The whole point of this look si that it's messy... a few flyaways here and there are no biggie!

Step 3: Take a small section from the under-side of your pony and wrap it around your hair tie and secure with a bobby pin. 

Step 4: Finish with some finishing spray ( we like ghd Style Final Fix Hairspray R80, available from

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Tue, 08 Jul 2014 12:00 +0200
Can You Guess Nicole Richie's Latest Hair Colour?  It looks like the pastel hair colour trend isn't 'fading' out anytime soon. Nicole Richie posted a photo to her Instagram yesterday of her latest hair colour ... and it's now blue. What do you think? Do you prefer the 'truly blue' to her old purple? Let us know!


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A quick Throwback to the purple hair ... 
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Tue, 08 Jul 2014 12:00 +0200
Watch How Easy Hair Chalking is! We definitely went hair chalk CRAZY in the COSMO office! Check out what we got up to.

RELATED: Miley Vs Rita : Who Wore Rainbow Hair Better?


RELATED: We're Hair Chalk Obsessed In The COSMO Office!

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Mon, 07 Jul 2014 12:00 +0200
We're Hair Chalk Obsessed In The COSMO Office! We decided to take our obsession with mermaid hair just one step further and create some hair chalk fun on our COSMO staffers! Here's what we got up to.

Using the Kevin Murphy Colour Bug in Pink, We chalked and created a gorgeous pink ombré ponytail on our very own Pia! 

And this is how we created the look ...

Next we decided to take our hair chalking skills to the next level and incorporate a few colours to achieve a gorgeous mermaid hair effect on Ashleigh!

RELATED: Miley Vs Rita : Who Wore Rainbow Hair Better?

This was our inspiration



 New Obsession: Hair Chalk Mermaid Hair!

And here's how we got the look...

Thu, 03 Jul 2014 12:00 +0200
Miley Vs Rita : Who Wore Rainbow Hair Better?   So, the battle is on guys. Rainbow hair seems to be a huge trend right now! With celebs like Lily Allen, Katy Perry and now we can add Miley Cyrus & Rita Ora to the growing list. FYI Miley's is a wig, but we still love it! But the biggest question is, who do you think wore it better? Let us know what you think!


RELATED: Hair Envy: Our Hair Chalk Inspiration


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Thu, 03 Jul 2014 12:00 +0200
7 Ombré Hairstyles To Show Your Stylist! 1) Medium brown to blonde is one of the more popular ombrés to choose, and we love the subtlety of this one!


2) This is perfect for the girl with a more red undertone as their base. This is a gorgeous fade from a more auburn brown to blonde.


3) Dirty blonde? This is a gorgeous ombré for those of you already more of soft blonde colour but still looking for lighter ends.


RELATED: How To Perfect The Ombre Lip

4) Not totally ready yet to commit to an obvious ombré? Then you'll love this one! It's a perfect starting point for those of youw ith dark hair and looking for a subtle hint of blonde.


5) We love this golden blonde ombré which looks soooo natural! 


RELATED: Treatment Test-Drive: Davines Replumping Hair Treatment

6) Taken the red undertone that bit further and committed to dying your hair red? Thsi is the perfect ombré for you as it fades effortlessly from red to auburn to blonde! Stunning. 


7) Obsessed with this dark ombré. Girls with darker hair have to be a little bit more cautious about their ombre because if you don't get the colour fade correct, it can look a little bit too extreme, But done right, like this one, it looks so gorgeous!


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Mon, 30 Jun 2014 12:00 +0200
Treatment Test-Drive: Davines Replumping Hair Treatment What is it?
The Davines Replumping range is a range focused and designed to breathe life back into the hair by making it more elastic, compact and full-bodied. I was lucky enough to try out the Davines Replumping shampoo, conditioner and the Hair Filler Superactive with the AH-mazing David Gillson!

My experience
I arrived at the gorgeous Carlton Hair salon in Constantia and was whisked away to the basin to have my hair washed and conditioned, both of which smelt and felt amazing!

I then had the Replumping Hair Filler Superactive applied to my hair. This is a professional treatment available at salons only and helps replump the hair structure. It was left on for about 10-15 minutes whilst I sat under a dryer. The treatment was then rinsed out and I could feel the difference immediately.

David pointed out how my hair was suddenly smoother, shinier, and more compact and therefore looked healthier. I was amazed that these were my results after ONE treatment. Can you imagine how amazing your hair would be if you were to use this on a regular basis?

Now that my hair had been properly prepped, it was the perfect base for a haircut that was guaranteed to have amazing results (plus, I was in the hands of one of South Africa's top hair stylists David Gillson). Even with a simple trim and layers, I walked out of the salon feeling like I had a brand new head of hair! It was absolutely incredible. I'm so obsessed with the range and dying to get my hands on some!

This shampoo is a great product to use if your hair is struggling to maintain a healthy appearance, especially during the months of the year when the seasons and weather are constantly changing, forcing your hair to constantly adapt to the weather.

You can purchase Davines at most salons.

To make a booking at Carlton hair in Constantia:
Tel: (021) 794 4417/8
Contact Person: Ayesha Davids / Kirsty Roos

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Mon, 30 Jun 2014 12:00 +0200
5 Dogs With Better Hair Than You! For some, good hair just comes naturally... Like our canine friends below. 

1) This dog has more volume than you'll ever get your hair to have. And that staying power is incredible!


2) OMG i'm considering wearing the 'Britney Spears high ponytail' now. I want to look this cute too!


RELATED: 7 Dog Gifs To Remind You That Everything's Gonna Be Just Fine

3) Speechless. #IWantToTakeYouHomeNow


4) Talk about precision. Not ONE hair out of place. It's remarkable really!


RELATED: Would You Burn Your Hair For Beauty

5) Whoever is responsible for this deserves a medal. I've only just mastered the fishtail braid, let alone this maze of wonderful hair! 


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Fri, 27 Jun 2014 12:00 +0200
Kim K Goes Blonde ... Again!  Kim Kardashian posted several photos to her Instagram page yesterday of her latest hair change. Can we say #BlondeHairDontCare ? I think so. But don't worry kids, it's 'just a wig'. What are your thoughts? Prefer Kim K blonde or brunette? Let us know!

Thu, 26 Jun 2014 12:00 +0200
New Obsession: Hair Chalk Mermaid Hair! We are all about everything mermaid in the COSMO office at the moment. And what better way to embrace the trend then to use it as an excuse for a fun new hair do? Exactly. 


RELATED: Get Your Mermaid Inspired Eyes Now!

Hair chalk is an easy way to get into the trend, and means you don't have to really commit to anything just yet, as you can wash it out whenever. 

How to recerate: Simply take a few strands of your hair (this can be anywhere from the underneath, front or side of your hair) and run some hair chalk either in blue, green, aqua, turquoise or anything else mermaid-like. 
We love TINT hair chalk R255

Our beauty ed even got into the spirit of things whilst in Joburg with L'Oreal Professional, using L'Oreal's very pwn hair chalk set to be available in salon in August. Eek! 

RELATED: How To Get Pretty Dreamy Mermaid Hair

So jealous!!!

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Thu, 26 Jun 2014 12:00 +0200
How to Get Pretty Dreamy Mermaid Hair!  
1) As seen at Versace - The Mermaid Hair

Recreate: Wash your hair the night before and plait your damp hair. When you wake up, you can undo the plaits, spray some sea salt spray and tousle. It's that easy!

2) The Mermaid Ombré

Recreate: Get yourself some coloured hair chalk (we like TINT Hair Chalk R255) and create an ombré mix of all your fave deep sea colours. However, we wouldn't advise doing more than three colours!


RELATED: Runway Nail Art Designs We're Obsessed With!

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Mon, 23 Jun 2014 12:00 +0200
10 Celeb Hairstyles You Need to See Right Now! season for change, and we've gone through all our favourite celeb hair changes to find our top ten celeb dos that were debuted on Instagram!

1) Emma Roberts

2) Hilary Duff

RELATED: The Five Hairstyles That Will Compliment Your Round Face

3) Ireland Baldwin


4) Jessica Chastain

5) Kaley Cuoco

6) Katy Perry

9) Nicole Richie


10) Whitney Port

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Thu, 19 Jun 2014 12:00 +0200
Would You Burn Your Hair For Beauty?
ICYMI: The Brazilian runway model, Barbara Fialho, revealed that she 'cauterizes' (basically means to burn the split ends off) her hair to keep it strong and shiny.  

Here in the beauty office, we're not too sure how we feel about this treatment. It is definitely one of the more bizarre ways of keeping our locks in great condition. We definitely wouldn't advise you to do this by yourself. 

RELATED: Genius Hair Hacks Every Girl Should Know

What we would advise? A good hair repair mask once a week. Try Kerastase Elixir Ultime Masque (R405)
and a good heat protector every time you use heat on your hair. Try ghd Style Heat Protect Spray (R180)

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Thu, 19 Jun 2014 12:00 +0200
5 Winning Tips To Combat Dry Hair! Black hair is normally very dry, due to the tight curl pattern in textured hair that stops natural oils from easily making their way down the hair shaft. But don’t fret, we have some awesome tips that you can use to add a bit more moisture to your gorgeous locks. You won’t ‘fix’ your dry hair but you will be able to improve it and you’ll definitely notice your hair is softer if you follow this simple tips.

1) Try to cut down on heat styling.
Blow dryers, straighteners and anything else that uses heat, can cuase damage to your hair. Try to alternate the days when you use heat to style your hair, leaving a few days out of the week for your hair to “rest”.

2) Protect your hair at night

It’s really important to protect your hair whilst you sleep. We suggest using a satin pillowcase and sleeping in satin cor silk caps/scarfs. Cotton sucks moisture out of your hair and also clings to the fabric whereas with silk and satin, your hair slides off. Protecting your hairstyles AND hair strands.

3) Be careful when colouring your hair

Make sure you do lots of research before choosing a hair colour and ask a hair expert that you trust, especially if you’re considering going lighter as it often dries out your hair. So maybe try a colour-detox and embrace your natural colour for a while.

RELATED: The Five Hairstyles That Will Compliment Your Round Face

4) Wear protective styles

Your ends often get the brunt of it all when you wear your hair out as it rubs against cotton clothing, wool hats and wool sweaters. Because your ends are often the most damaged, they’ll split and break more easily and you’ll experience hair loss. Wear protective styles like braids, cornrows, two-strand twists, flat twists, topknots, buns, chignons and French rolls; basically styles that ‘hide’ your ends and save them from damage.

5) Skip the shampoo and rinse and conditioner instead

Black hair normally does well when it’s not shampooed daily because it’s naturally dry anyway. So instead of shampooing everyday after gym, use conditioner and rinse and alternate this between shampooing.
TIP: Every Sunday use a conditioning hair mask and leave in for a few hours whilst you chill out in front of the tv.

RELATED: 5 Things Only Girls With Curly Hair Understand

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Wed, 11 Jun 2014 12:00 +0200
ADVERTORIAL: Frizz No Longer Rules. You Do The John Frieda hair care experts have spent years studying frizzy hair, gaining an in-depth understanding of the many levels and types of frizz. Depending on your problem, there’s a Frizz-Ease solution for you, thanks to tailor-made products that give you beautiful, manageable hair. The transformation begins in the shower with the Frizz-Ease style activating shampoo and conditioner, which penetrate deep into the hair shaft for incredible salon-smooth results.
With a few drops of Frizz-Ease Original Formula or Extra Strength Serum, you can take control of your unruly locks and make frizzy hair a thing of the past.

Create smooth, manageable hair that’s instantly easier to style. A full range of styling and finishing products help to complete the look, with products available for beautifully sleek, straight styles or well-defined glossy curls.

John Frieda products are sold exclusively at Clicks stores throughout South Africa and are available in the following ranges
Colour Care Available in Sheer Blonde and Brilliant Brunette
Luxurious Volume for gorgeous, full-bodied hair
Full Repair for more radiant and beautifully healthy-looking hair
Frizz-Ease to tame & smooth unruly hair

For more amazing hair tips visit John Frieda or Facebook

Thu, 19 Jun 2014 12:00 +0200
5 Fun Ways To Wear A Bun We've rounded up our favourite bun tutorials on Pinterest to help you style a new version of our favourite updo, for the chilly days where we need those five extra minutes of sleep!

1) The Loose Plait Bun. 

2) Do a simple, loose french plait on the top portion of your head and then incorporate it into a bun!

RELATED: Genius Hair Hacks Every Girl Should Know

3) We definitely don't disagree that this is one fun bun!

4)The Half Up Half Down Bun! 
TIP: To achieve that perfectly shaped bun, use a bun ring! You can get them at Dis-Chem and even Accessorize stores.

RELATED: Our Hair Chalk Inspiration

5) The Twisted Sister - Lauren's hair tutorials are so cute and simple!


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Tue, 10 Jun 2014 12:00 +0200
The Five Hairstyles That Will Compliment Your Round Face pixie cut or a fringe, here are five celebrities who have mastered the art of finding a hairstyle that compliments their round faces. Learn, and copy their style.

RELATED: Celebs Ruling The Colour Hair Trend Right Now

1. Michelle Williams

The gorgeous Michelle Williams, who played Marilyn Monroe, emulates this sex icon by adopting her blonde locks with a twist. This stunning actress knows how to bring out the best in her look by rocking a pixie-crop. The side-swept fringe creates the effect that she has an elongated face. If you love short hair, then this is the ideal hairstyle for you.

RELATED: Our Favourite Modern Pixie Cuts

2. Olivia Munn

This actress chooses to wear her hair at a medium length, and it works for her. Not only does this work for women who have a round face like Olivia, but it's also a style this trending right now. This is a very boxy, and creates a shape that elongates and defines your face.

RELATED: How To Find The Perfect Shades For Your Shape

3. Mila Kunis

Mila compliments her round face with her flowing brunette locks, parted in the middle. This is a brilliant way to make your face appear longer, and is a hairstyle that won’t go out of style anytime soon.

4. Emma Stone

The talented actress balances her hair with a chic fringe, which has become her signature look. To imitate this elegant hairstyle that Emma Stone has perfected, print this and take it to your stylist to show exactly what you’re looking for!

5. Kate Moss

The petite supermodel is known for her boho-chic sense of style and personifies the “just-got-out-of-bed” look. If this tousled style appeals to you, you should be happy to know that this style not only elongates your face but also adds a sense of volume.

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Originally posted by Marie Claire

Mon, 09 Jun 2014 12:00 +0200
5 Things Only Girls With Curly Hair Understand
 1) Moisture is our arch nemesis. 
Rain, humidity or anything else that carries the ability to excite our frizz is NOT our friend.

RELATED: 5 Winning Habits For Curly Hair

2) We don’t really own hairbrushes. Familiar with Ronald McDonald's locks? Yes. That’s what we look like if we ever attempt to brush our hair.

3) Sexy bed hair? Not a thing for us. Our hair takes time; therefore we can’t just get up and go. So those 5 extra minutes of sleep, that straight hair girls have the option to use, don’t exist for us.

RELATED: Five Tips To Tame Flyaways

4) We can never have too many styling products. Listen, we need help when it comes to our hair… lots of it! We have everything from gels, sprays, mousse, masques, powder etc. It’s expensive having curly hair!

5) But, when we get it right … we get it right!

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Mon, 09 Jun 2014 12:00 +0200
Five Genius Ways To Use Dry Shampoo!
1) Add volume to limp hair
Dry shampoo instantly takes your locks from Limpville to Volume City!

TIP: try holding your head upside down and spraying a little bit on your roots. You’ll see the difference straight away

2) Hold your updo
Not only will it give your updo some volume, it will also help your hair stay in place. It’s so frustrating trying to do an updo with clean, fresh hair and the bobby pins just wont grip! Instead, spray some dry shampoo and you’ll find the bobby pins grip a lot better.

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3) Refresh
Smelly strands? No thanks! If you’ve just hit the gym or you’ve been cooking, spray some dry shampoo. The powder will not only soak up the excess oil but will also absorb any odours.

4) Going matte
Not into the shine trend and would rather go matt? Then dry shampoo is your best friend. Spray in the middle of your head, along your hair line or on your ends for an instant matte finish.

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5) Use it instead of hairspray
As we mentioned above, dry shampoo is great for styling hair and helping your hair stay in place. So next time, instead of reaching for the hairspray, try spraying your hair with the dry shampoo instead!

REMEMBER: It obviously won’t give AS much hold as hairspray but it’s good enough!

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Fri, 06 Jun 2014 12:00 +0200
Genius Hair Hacks Every Girl Should Know 1) Prop up your ponytail with a bobby pin or two!

 Before we start, here's a little tip (and it might be a bit of a shock) on how to use your bobby pins correctly:



2) The knot and pin braid - Instantly update your braid by using a knot & bobby pin to secure it instead of an ugly elastic.

First tie a knot at the end of the braid & slide your bobby pin up into braid. Then thread a few pieces back through the loop until desired look.

3) The Cheat Fishtail.

This one doesn't get much easier. Instantly transform your ponytail by seperating it into two sections. Hold the sections lightly in both hands and start to take pieces from behind and bring them forward and into the middle. Continue all the way down and tie with a hair tie.

4) The ghd Curl

TIP: Spray a small section with hairspray and curl by turning the straightener underneath and away from your roots. Remember to clamp the straightener near the roots and turn the ghd in one smooth movement to prevent 'clamping' marks.

5) The Makeup Brush Curl
Take a small section of hair and spray with hairspray. Then wrap this section around a makeup brush and press down using the straightener. Unwrap to unveil gorgeous curls!

6) The Lazy Curl. Roughly blow dry your hair until almost dry and apply a sea salt spray all over your hair. Make a plait and when you wake up, unravel to reveal gorgeous beach curls!

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Wed, 04 Jun 2014 12:00 +0200
Hair Envy: Our Hair Chalk Inspiration 1) Ombré

We're 100% obsessed with ombré & it's even easier to recreate with hair chalk!

2) Pastels

This is  agreat place to start if you're new to hair chalk. Pastels arn't so bright & mean you can play around & mix colours to your heart's content.

3) Rainbow

For the more daring ones, bright rainbow style hair chalk is SO MUCH FUN and looks amazing!

4) Pink Ponytail

#PrettyInPink Simple & cute.

5) Curls

OMG we're in love. Lauren Conrad, we're practically ripping chalk out of toddler's hands to recreate this look! Stunning.

TIP: Remember hair chalk works best on lighter locks. The darker your hair the less the colour will show.


Tue, 03 Jun 2014 12:00 +0200
The Hair Craze Amongst Men - The Manly Pony It's the new hair craze amongst men and we kinda love it. We're calling it the Mony! 

1) Jared Leto

2) Harry Styles

3) Orlando Bloom


4) Chris Hemsworth



5) Sorry Bruce Jenner.

SOURCE: meagan_alia
Fri, 30 May 2014 12:00 +0200
The Trick To Thicker, Fuller Hair
FHI has taken this on board and run with it, introducing the new Hair Veil powder which gives the appearance of having a fuller hair of head by concealing any exposed scalp area. Genius right?

The kit comes complete with a special brush which allows you to part your hair with one side and apply the hair filler with the other!

• Transfer and Fade proof

• Water Resistant

• Custom designed, diagonal brush for even application and shading

• Provides thorough coverage and blending to eliminate shiny spots and exposed scalp and camouflage scars

• Creates the appearance of full, thick hair for women and men affected by thinning hair

• Extend life of colour treated hair by filling in regrowth with the matching shade

Available in blonde, dark blonde, red, red brown, light brown, dark brown, salt & pepper and black for R295

Thu, 29 May 2014 12:00 +0200
Hair Envy: The Hair Trend Inspired by 'Frozen'

1) Emma Stone at the MET Gala

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2) Blake Lively at Cannes Film Festival

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3) Eva Longoria at Cannes Film Festival

4) Adele Exarchopoulos, a french actress who is the youngest artist ever to be awarded the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival.

5) Nicole Kidman at The Cannes Festival.

And of course, we couldn't NOT include the oh-so catchy song "Let it go" from this adorably heart-warming animation.

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Celebs Ruling The Colour Hair Trend Right Now   1) Katy Perry makes the dreaded green hair so incredibly cool, that we might actually reconsider.

2) Kelly Osbourne has had her purple hair for a while now but has recently gone for quite the chop, and we approve!

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3) Nicole Richie is following in Kelly's footsteps and looks gorgeous with her new purple do'.

4) Kylie Jenner looked absolutely stunning with her turquiose ombré, at the BBMAs.

RELATED: Our Favourite Looks From The 2014 BBMAs.

5) We're glad to see Kesha looking so well and happy, and absolutely adore her new pastel pink hair!

6) Vanessa Hudgens temporrary hair colour for Coachella of course!

8) Model Chloe Norgaard with her gorgeous bright pink hair. Daring & bold ... we love it!

9) Rumer Willis posted a picture on Instagram of her latest hot pink hair using the #PinkHairDontCare 

10) We spotted on
 Twitter that Demi Lovato recently shaved some of her hair off and went for the purple/silver look. We don't think there's a single colour Demi hasn't tried!

10) Lily Allen was soptted at Glastonbury Festival with this new take on ombré!

We've found this awesome article on Bella Sugar about everthing you need to know before attempting hair colour! Check it out below

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10 Amazing Tips To Take Care of Ethnic Hair 1. Moisture, moisture, moisture
The most important thing for curly/kinky textured hair is to moisturize, and the best way to moisturize your coiled locks is with our old friend: H20. Curly/kinky hair is naturally dry and thus needs constant replenishment with water. However, after wetting your hair, you should always seal the moisture in with an oil or a butter. I love using Unrefined Shea Butter on wet hair – it perfectly seals in the moisture.

2. Never (ever) brush or comb your hair when it is dry
Curly/kinky hair can easily tangle and thus lead to breakage. Before passing a comb through your hair, ensure that your hair is wet and conditioned. You will be able to detangle your hair with more ease and avoid unnecessary breakage.

3. Avoid shampoos that contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)
SLS is a foaming agent that is contained in many shampoos and acts as a cleaning agent. Basically, it’s detergent for your hair. Although it does indeed get the ‘cleaning’ job done, it is also extremely drying to the hair as it strips it of dirt as well as the natural oils it needs to remain healthy and moisturized. This is particularly harmful to curly/kinky hair textures as these naturally lack moisture and thus cannot afford to be stripped of the little moisture that remains. You should, thus, opt for a shampoo that contains no SLS. My current favourite SLS-free shampoo is the TRESemmé Naturals Nourishing Moisture Shampoo.

4. Clarify
Clarifying your scalp is extremely important in balancing the Ph of your hair and scalp (yes, they have their own Ph) and, if the former is compromised, it could lead to lack of shine, dullness in the hair and overall poor hair health. Clarifying should be done every three weeks with Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). My favourite is Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, which can be found in most natural-food stores. Dilute one part of ACV to every three parts of water. It does have a bit of a harsh smell, but it subsides as your hair dries. Clarifying your hair with ACV gets rid of the gunk on your scalp (that has accumulated from using various hair products), closes the hair cuticles, adds shine and balances the pH of the scalp. After clarifying your scalp, rinse off the ACV and proceed with a conditioner.

5. Care for your ends
In order to avoid split ends (and having to trim your hair often), make sure that your ends are always moisturized and protected. My favourite oil to protect and seal my ends is castor oil. Castor oil is thick and works as a perfect sealant for your ends.

6. Avoid direct heat styling
Regularly styling your hair, using direct heat, leads to split ends, dryness and breakage, which probably means you need to cut your hair more often than one who steers clear of heat. If your hair has undergone a chemical process, it is even more prone to breakage than natural hair. A great way to style relaxed hair, without exposing it to direct heat, is by setting your hair in curlers and sitting under the dryer. Although there is some heat exposure, it is not direct like a flat iron or blow-drying, which is the lesser of the two evils. The best approach is to not expose your hair to any heat, and let your hair air-dry.

7. Know and listen to your hair
Whether we accept it or not, our hair speaks to us one way or another. If you’re experiencing abnormal shedding or breakage, you know something is either wrong with your diet, your hair regimen or your health. Either way, your hair (like your skin) will react, and this serves as a sign that should not be not ignored. You should, therefore, learn to listen and develop a sense of familiarity with your hair; it may be trying to tell you something you are overlooking. Continuous use of detrimental products or a regimen that is not suited to you can lead to breakage. What works for one may not work for you, our textures are so diverse. Learn more about your hair and it will reward you for it.

8. Do your oil treatments
Doing an oil treatment once a week really goes a long way, whether you wear your hair in locks, braids, twists, a weave or an Afro. I recommend doing your oil treatments on days that don’t require you to be out and about. I love doing my hair treatments on Saturday mornings, I call them my ‘Spa Saturdays’. After washing your hair with a SLS-free shampoo, add a couple of drops of your favourite oil (extra-virgin olive oil is great as it penetrates the hair shaft) to your hair masque. I love Organics Root Stimulator Hair Mayonnaise. Once you’ve covered every strand of your hair, put on a plastic cap and keep it on for at least one hour. For extra penetration, wrap your head in a hot, wet towel. This will open the cuticles of your hair and it will allow the hair treatment to better penetrate your hair. Once you’re done, rinse your hair with warm water.


9. Low manipulation and protective styling
Protective styling is an excellent way to retain length in your hair, as brushing and combing your hair too often can lead to shedding. Sometimes putting your hair away in braids or twists for a couple of weeks (never exceeding six weeks), can be extremely beneficial in giving your hair a break from often being manipulated.

10. Stock up on omega 3 essential fatty acids (EFAs)!
There is no doubt that a healthy diet is probably the most important way to maintain healthy hair and skin. Certain foods, however, are extremely beneficial in allowing our hair to grow well and long and omega 3 EFAs are one of them. Omega 3 EFAs can combat dry and brittle hair, hair loss, dry, flaky scalp and reduced circulation to the scalp. The benefits of omega 3 EFAs include adding lustre, sheen and elasticity to your hair. Foods that contain omega 3 EFAs are avocados, pumpkin seeds, walnuts and salmon.

Article originally appeared on Marie Claire 


Fri, 14 Mar 2014 12:00 +0200
Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum.

As many curly haired girls will know, it’s a continuous love hate relationship with our hair. Don’t get me wrong, I love my curls, but at the same time they add about 30mins onto my daily hair routine and cause me to have way too many bad hair days, thanks to frizz.

But when I came across the Paul Mitchell serum, I didn’t realise quite how grateful I'd be. It is by far the best product I’ve ever lathered into my hair. A few pumps of this bad boy and you can say goodbye to all flyaways and hello to a sleek, smooth salon-looking blow out.

I honestly can’t fault this product. It smells amazing, it feels amazing and the result is smooth, happy hair. I definitely recommend this to anyone trying to fight the battle with frizz.

Tue, 13 May 2014 12:00 +0200
Five Ingenious Ways To Use Hairspray This should give you five reasons that will justify your hairspray addiction.

1) Tame Flyaways
Spray onto the palms of your hand and smooth along hair by gently running your hands through your hair.

2) Create volume
Spray your hair whilst bending over so that your head is upside down. And then spray all over again for added hold.
TIP: Shake your head back and forth whilst spritzing your hairspray

3) Add Shine
Use a hairspray that has a high ‘shine’ factor. Then spray a large paddle brush and run through hair before blow-drying

4) Mutli-purposeful beauty
Hairspray works just as well as any clear mascara, so spray a bit on your fingertip and gently run over your eyebrows to secure them in place.
TIP: you can also try using it to keep your makeup in place. But make sure you spray from a far distance.

5) Fashion cheats
Save your fave pair of tights from the dreaded ladder by misting them with hairpsray before putting them on.

Tue, 13 May 2014 12:00 +0200
Five Tips To Tame Flyaways

1) If you’re using a heating tool, like your straightener, make sure you properly protect your hair before hand with a heat styling product. Apply this product to your towel-dried hair and blow dry.

2) Go a shade darker for winter. Just within the COSMO staffers, at least five of us have all taken our locks one shade darker. It’s known that going darker in the winter months helps keep our hair in healthier condition as lighter hair is often a lot drier and therefore more prone to frizz and flyaways.

3) Use a straightener with ionic charges. It uses the negative and positive chargers to combat frizz and flyaways. Just look for the word ‘tormaline plates’ on the styling tool.

4) Make friends with the deep conditioners and hair masks. It’s important to retain as much moisture in your hair, during winter, as is humanly possible. Dry hair equals unhappy hair.

5) Hairspray is perfect for taming stray hairs because of it’s anti-static properties. Spray hair evenly from about 20cm away from your hair. You can even spray onto a natural bristle brush (best for keeping frizz at bay) and brush through hair.
Sun, 20 Apr 2014 12:00 +0200
5 Hair Care Tips From Around The World
Colombia: Avocado hair mask
Colombians use this recipe to keep hair super-smooth. Mash half an avocado, mix it with two egg whites and leave in your hair for 15 minutes; then shampoo and condition it in the usual way.

Egypt: Castor oil cocktail
For lush, hydrated hair, the Egyptians mix castor oil with crushed garlic and a drop of lavender essential oil. The cocktail is applied to dry hair and left over night before rinsing.

Scotland: Chamomile rinse
To keep blonde locks from fading, try this chamomile tea rinse. Place the chamomile flower in water, boil for a few minutes before cooling and straining. Spray this on dry hair.

India: Neem oil
Hair’s breaking? This should do the trick. After shampooing your hair, massage a few drops of neem oil into the scalp, then rinse. The oil helps lubricate the hair and prevents friction and breakage.

Germany: Beer rinse
For strong and glossy hair, just add beer! Mix half a litre of beer with warm water in a spray bottle. Spray this on your hair once a week, leave for 20 minutes and then rinse.

Article appeared originally on Marie Claire

Sat, 19 Apr 2014 12:00 +0200
What Does Your Hair Say About You?
Unfortunately, people do believe the blonde jokes. So you have to work extra hard to show your intelligent side. However, you are perceived as the sexiest hair colour for men and that you have the most fun!

You’re seen as attractive AND smart. Research by scientists at the University of Westminster sent blondes, brunettes into nightclubs and recorded the amount of guys who hit on them. Then they asked the guys to rate their attractiveness and intelligence. Brunettes came top of the leader board but came second in the pick-up-race as men thought you were too intelligent to fall for the usual pick up lines.

Red head
You’re perceived as being feisty but creative. You tend to exhibit more passion and explosive behaviour. Your hair colour is often described as very seductive and outspoken! You’re definitely CEO material!

You’re considered to be experts in finance and very deep. You can come across quite mysterious and often creative! A winning mix!

Short hair can be seen as confident, strong and more adventurous, definitely, as you’ve taken a risk and chosen to cut off almost all of your hair. It shows you don’t necessarily feel the need to hide behind your hair and you’re confident in your skin. Go you!

In a survey by Pantene, the highest percentage of men found long hair to be the sexiest. Long hair is the often associated with sex appeal. Sometimes long hair can also be used as a security blanket, and girls with less confidence opt to hide behind their long hair.

Women with curly, unruly hair can often be perceived as being fun, experimental, artistic and definitely carefree

You’re seen as serious, professional and more put together. But be careful not to be too eager with the ghd as sometimes it can come across as being too harsh and can be quite severe.

Wed, 09 Apr 2014 12:00 +0200
The Cure For Overworked Hair
Luckily for us, the Professionals at John Frieda have the solution. They’ve added a selection of revolutionary new products to their hugely successful Full Repair range. The full body shampoo and conditioner are both safe for colour-treated and chemically-treated hair, while the perfect ends deep infusion serum reverses the look and feel of damaged lengths and ends. Hair becomes silky and full after using the intensive treatment masque and the root lift foam provides heat protection, preventing breakage from styling. Lastly, the repairing oil elixir tames flyaways and adds shine to styled hair.

The Full Repair range is designed to nourish, smooth and strengthen the hair. Helping to break the cycle of damage.

John Frieda products are sold exclusively through Clicks Stores throughout South Africa.
Mon, 17 Mar 2014 12:00 +0200
5 Winning Habits For Curly Hair
1) Put down the straightener
Heat damage is the biggest risk for girls with curly hair. We always want to change the texture of our hair with the use of all these heat styling tools and products. But it makes our curls just that much more hard to handle because they become dry, damaged and brittle. And that only means one thing ... more frizz! So once you've learnt to embrace your natural hair, you're basically half way there!

2) Embrace the deep conditioner
Moisture is a key aspect to keeping healthy, curly locks. We say you should swap every fifth conditioner with a deep conditioner. This way you'll develop a healthy routine and your hair will start to reap the benefits instantly. And again, you can say goodbye to frizz.

3) Get friendly with your hairdresser

Make a point of going to get your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks. This obviously depends on the length of your hair, but this is the average time limit that most hair stylists suggest.

4) Sleep on satin
Just like we've been told to blot and not rub our hair dry with a towel, the same applies to our pillow cases With you tossing and turning all night, you're bound to create frizz by the time morning comes. Invest in a satin pillowcase, which will help keep frizz at bay during the night and keep your curl pattern intact.

5) Get familiar with sulfate-free or ditch the shampoo all together
Use sulfate-free shampoos as sulfate can be drying and damaging to your hair; two things curl hair girls really don't want to hear. Some girls find they don't even need to shampoo (this is because curly hair is naturally drier) and just condition. If you're not sure whether you fall into this category, test it out one week by just conditioning. You never know, your hair and wallet might thank you for it later.

Wed, 12 Mar 2014 12:00 +0200
Find Out How We Got Our Sexy, Shiny Hair Image & Hair Salon in Observatory, Shaughn Adams. And left with amazingly smooth and shiny hair. Yay!

I walked in and was immediately greeted by some friendly faces whilst I waited for my consultation. Shaugn was busy finishing some training sessions on mature hair with his fellow students. To say he was a little preoccupied with making sure these extremely cute but fragile older women made it out the salon in one piece. But as soon as their session was over I had his undivided attention.

We talked about our hair routines and he gave me some expert advice on caring for my hair such as, replace every fifth condition (conditioning your hair) with a hair mask. This will ultimately help lock in that much needed moisture and should hopefully help maintain gorgeous locks always.

We then talked through the amazing Phillips products such as the blow-dryers which are salon worthy but at the fraction of the price AND available from Clicks. I tested it out for myself; it was lightweight, nice grip and just enough wattage for a good blowout.

We then moved on to the dire condition of my hair that day. I won't lie; I hadn't washed it for a few days and had become quite friendly with the dry shampoo so to say it wasn't in the best state would be a very polite way of saying so. Using the SP Wella hair chart, an amazing little tool designed to help stylists treat the core needs of your hair, he decided on which Wella Alchemy SP treatment would help my unruly, curly hair stay sleek and smooth and restore some moisture.

I had a deep conditioning mask, which smelt amazing, and had to sit under one of those medieval looking devices more commonly known as a hair dryer. This was to open the hair shaft to allow the oil to penetrate the hair follicle (hair is definitely a science!)

It was then time to have my hair washed, and just from this mask I could already feel the difference, I could literally hear my hair crying ‘Thank you’. I had it blow-dried and straightened to reveal this gorgeously sleek, smooth, happy hair that I did not recognize. Here's a scary before and after photo (apologies in advance)

I would definitely recommend this treatment to anyone looking to restore some health into your hair. You can buy the mask to use at home, but if you would like a more intense treatment then it’s best to take a visit to the salon.

For more details on how to make a booking contact:
The Image & Hair Salon
Telephone: +27 21 447 4426
Fax: 088 021 4474427
Address: 80 Lower Main Road, Observatory, Cape Town
Trading Hours: Mon-Sat 9am-5pm

Wed, 05 Mar 2014 12:00 +0200
How To Get Lupita's Sexy Hair
The first look:

When girls are wearing their natural hair, they’re often worried about flyaways and that perfect shine.

So start with clean, fresh hair. Use two different waxes - apply a texture wax first and then a stong hold wax. Style your natural hair into the desired shape and tame away any flyaways.
TIP: The two different waxes are used to ensure NO flyaways and that your hair is under control. Apply one wax and then the other.

Next, use a strong control hairspray to add even more shine and control.

The second look:

This look is all about being effortlessly sexy and something you can easily achieve at home. Playing around with extensions can add so many dimensions to your look. All you need is strong hold gel and loose, textured hair extensions.

Start with clean, fresh hair and crate a deep side parting. Using setting mousse, smooth down the smaller side of your parting and leave to set.

Apply the gel to the hair you want to which you want to add the extensions. After you have applied the gel, you can then start to add the pieces of hair.

Play around and shape the hair until you have your desired look and finish it off with a holding spray.
Tue, 25 Feb 2014 12:00 +0200
Sexiest Hair From NYFW With Karen Walker
Everything about this dishevelled, powerful look we loved, including the hair! Deep-side parting and messy locks are great for lazy summer days. Here is a step-by-step guide to achieveing this super-easy look:

Step One Apply a sea salt spray to towel-dried hair.

Step Two Make a deep side parting to your prefered side and blow dry hair making sure to get some volume at the roots. 

Step Three Finish with a strong hold spray lightly over entire hair.

Getty Images

Courtesy of Karen Walker's Instagram
Tue, 11 Feb 2014 12:00 +0200
COSMO Hair Goes Street-Style
Aussie is a brand from Australia (we would never have guessed that one) and is a brand that doesn’t take itself too seriously! I mean, have you read the labels? They're bound to make you giggle and smile. "Why's it called the Kangaroo Paw Flower? Well, the clue's kind of in the name... it looks like one. Don't worry thought it doesn't smell like one, it smells just fabulous."  Aussie is, however, serious about its product and the brand motto says it all: “There’s more to life than hair, but it’s a good place to start.”

For this limited edition, the packaging has also been given a revamp taking on a very cool street-art vibe. The bottles give the impression that they have been spray-painted in pinks and purples and other bright, awesome colours. Each product is designed to combat frizz, nourish and moisturize your hair! Perfect for these hot summer days. 

The product range includes: 
Aussome Volume Shampoo
Aussome Volume Conditioner
Miracle Moist Shampoo
Miracle Mpist Conditioner
Luscious Long Shampoo
Luscious Long Conditioner
3 Minute Miracle Luscious Long
Frizz Miracle Shampoo
Frizz Miracle Conditioner
3 Minute Frizz Remedy
Mega Shampoo
Mega Instant Conditioner
3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor

The shampoos and conditioners retail for R64.99 each and the treatments for R84.99.

Mon, 10 Feb 2014 12:00 +0200
Four Natural-Hair Styles We Love Right Now Struggling to style coarse hair? Here’s are four dos guaranteed to make your natural hair look fabulous

Say goodbye to pain, tangles and seriously unispired mornings – we've got your back (and front!) with styles that will turn a so-so hair day into a brilliant one.

Box braids
These are a hot trend at the moment, and they’re easily accessible and affordable. Tie your braids into a vintage up-do or leave them loose and elegant. Beyoncé recently posted a picture of herself on Instagram rocking box braids, and sister Solange has practically made them an institution. Hot!

Solange Knowles


It seems you can never go wrong with dreadlocks, as former Miss Teen South Africa Zizo Beda shows us. It’s a sleek, manageable and sexy natural look – and it’s low-maintenance too.

Zizo Beda

Dry curl/perm
While relaxed hair offers a more ‘groomed’ version of the natural look, the perm is a classic, versatile style that you can rock with very little fuss, day or night.

Sweet and short
Made popular by US singer Chrisette Michele, the short crop has proved to be a huge hit during the scorching summer months. It’s also been seen on local beauty Lira.

Chrisette Michele

For more natural-hair tips and ways to deal with curls gone wild, check out the February issue of COSMO, on sale now.

Tue, 04 Feb 2014 12:00 +0200
Five Tips For Looking After Coloured Hair
Tip One: Alternate between shampoos enriched with natural pigments and those specifically designed for coloured hair. The shampoo designed for coloured hair will contain an extreme repair formula which is great but the natural pigments will also fortify hair strands.

Tip Two: Make use of a hydrating mask twice a week. Coloured hair can often become dry and brittle so it's important to restore its hydration balance.
We Love: Moroccanoil - Intense Hydrating Mask R315 

Tip Three: Try and avoid the sun as much as possible. Sun is coloured hair's worst enemy. The strong rays destroy the dye and can cause your coloured locks to fade a lot quicker. So when you go out, cover your locks with a hat or scarf. Obviously we don't mean wear a hat at all times (why bother with the hair colour then. But if its an afternoon at the beach or in your garden, use a hat - good for face wrinkles anyway.

Tip Four: Use a leave-in conditioner. The leave-in conditioners are far better than the wash-out ones as they provide longer nourishment to the hair and they often contain an SPF helping protect your hair from harmful UV rays.
We Love: Paul Mitchell The Conditioner R245

Tip Five: Avoid swimming for the next couple of weeks after your hair appointment. The chlorine found in swimming pools can cause a lot of damage to coloured hair and can cause your colour to fade a lot quicker.
Thu, 16 Jan 2014 12:00 +0200
Weave Tips

Get a good weave
‘The biggest problem is when the hairdresser doesn’t know the quality
of the weave,’ says Phumi Bezu, lead beauty buyer for ‘Different techniques are used for expensive and cheap weaves. Often, the tracks are
so far apart the weave doesn’t cover your own hair properly.’ Another hair offence, she says, ‘is when you can tell the difference between hair and weave’.

Choose your stylist
It’s important to go to a hairdresser who knows how to treat your hair (and weave) correctly. Bezu says, ‘Sometimes they don’t even wash the hair before starting and they might not know that there are specific shampoos that should be used for weaves.’

The drying process
Sit under a hooded dryer to dry the ends, says Bezu. Then, a straight weave can be blow-dried but weaves with waves should be left to dry naturally (they’ll lose the curl if blow-dried).

Gently does it
A big no-no is pulling the hair too tight. This breaks your hair and can eventually cause a receding hairline. ‘Look at Naomi Campbell,’ says Bezu. ‘Her hairline is gone – it packed up and left. Almost every woman who wears weaves is concerned about her hairline.’ Application technique is critical to avoid pulling too hard. Also, caring for your own hair – before, during and after
the weave – is essential.

Tue, 14 Jan 2014 12:00 +0200
Your DIY Colour Manual  From the pros, here’s what you need to know and do before attempting a colour job at home


Whether you have a weave or not, ‘take the necessary precautions by doing an allergy patch test with your selected colorant’, says Cape Town hair stylist Neville Diamond of Spoilt Hair & Nails.


‘Use a deep-conditioning treatment to make sure strands are in optimum shape before undergoing colouring, in order to prevent further damage and colour fading,’ says Diamond.

‘In these two weeks, “baby” your hair and scalp – cut down on the heat styling and be gentle when cleansing your scalp,’ says Diamond.
Out with it
‘Skip the shampoo job: the natural grease from your scalp will act as a barrier and protect it from the harsh chemical treatment,’ says Diamond.


Here are Inecto expert hairstylist Rupert Mpanza’s five tips for the best results:

1 Treat your hairline with petroleum
jelly or a petroleum jelly-based product to prevent staining.

2 Start applying the colorant at the nape of the neck as the hair at the back of your head generally needs more time to process than in the front.

3 Don’t apply colorant directly onto the scalp, where it’s warm: this could make your roots brighter.

4 When it’s time, rinse hair until the water runs clear. Leftover colour will cause damage to the hair, leaving strands dry and brittle.

5 Conditioned hair is happy hair so make sure you apply a good one after colouring. Comb through and leave on for three to five minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

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How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster to maximise your mane

THE PRO Phepa Moloi, stylist at Tanaz Hair, Body & Nails

‘One of the biggest myths about ethnic hair is that it doesn’t grow, or doesn’t grow as quickly as other types of hair,’ says Moloi. ‘All hair grows about 1,25cm per month on average, but it’s how you treat your hair that determines how much you’ll retain.’

1. Avoid too-tight braids – these can result in patchiness from ‘traction alopecia’, gradual hair loss mainly caused by a pulling force being applied to the hair. Instead, choose styles that are more gentle on your hair and scalp.

2. Since ethnic hair is more prone to dryness, use a moisturising shampoo and conditioner, as well as a weekly treatment. Good moisturisation ensures better hair retention. 0Keep chemical treatments to a minimum: ethnic hair is more fragile and therefore breaks more easily.

3. Ensure that your hair is trimmed on a regular basis. The ends are the oldest part of the hair, and they are also the driest.

4. To prevent moisture loss, always apply a heat-protective styling aid before using hot tools.

5. Use a wide-tooth comb on wet hair, and steer clear of all things metal, which can cause the hair cuticles to split.

6. Sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase to reduce tension on the hair shafts.

Star tips
COSMO asked celebs for their secrets to maximum hair growth

Bianca Mavuso, the face of Yardley

‘To keep my hair strong and healthy, I use a conditioner as a mask three times a week and go to the salon for a treatment every two weeks. For strength and growth, I usually keep my hair plaited in a weave
to protect it from the intense heating and styling on set. I also like to soak my hair in Indian oil overnight now and then.’

Dineo Moeketsi, actress, TV presenter and Runway Hair ambassador

‘I love long, voluminous hair so I always try to maintain the health of my own. Extensions are perfect to use while growing out your own hair. If made from 100%-human hair, they’re soft and natural-looking, and blend in perfectly with my own hair. And the keratin bonds in Runway Hair don’t cause damage to roots.’

Pabi Moloi, TV personality and the face of Avon SA
‘I believe in treating your hair as you would your skin. I go for salon treatments every two weeks, and
I make sure my hair is never too oily or too dry. It needs to breathe.’

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Beauty 101 – The Textured Wave
  Loose, barely there waves are perfect for laid-back weekends

1) Detangle hair in the shower when it’s wet and covered with conditioner
Make sure to get every last snag, because this is the last time you’ll be brushing it. After your shower, blot hair with towel.

2) While your hair is damp, rake a tangerine-size dollop of light-hold mousse from toots to ends. (Pick one that slo has conditioners to make hair soft and shiny.) If you have coarse or curly hair, use a leave-in conditioner to weigh down strands.

3) Air-dry if you have time. Otherwise, twist sections of damp hair around your fingers and blast with hot air until completely dry.

4) Use a curling iron to define the waves, but remember: Perfection is not the goal. “If you’re methodical, it starts to look very salon,” says Hanlon. Beginning about three inches below the roots, wrap hair around a medium-barrel curling iron. Hold it for five seconds, then release.

5) After the waves cool, work a penny-size blob of glossing cream through the ends to break up the texture. To finish, quickly run a flatiron over the roots to smooth them down. Or, to be authentic about the model-off-duty thing, throw a beanie on your head for five minutes. “That’s how we flatten the top of the hair backstage,” says Hanlon.

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Curly’s the New Sleek
Say goodbye to your straightener for a while: curls are the modern
alternative to straight and sleek

If your hair is naturally curly...
Shampoo hair as little as possible.
Overcleansing can lift the hair’s cuticles, leaving it dry and frizzy

Condition more.
It takes longer for natural oils to travel from the scalp to the
ends of curly hair – that’s why it often seems dry and frazzled.

Style hair when wet.

Apply product to wet hair, comb it through with your fingers
and then scrunch it upwards to create curls rather than frizz.

Blow-dry with a diffuser

– this will dry hair evenly and prevent the curl pattern
from being disrupted. Apply a protective product and diffuse at the roots first,
leaving the ends until last. Limit blow- drying to once a week as excess heat will
alter the protein that gives curls their shape, causing them to become limp over

Use your fingers to tousle curls
rather than a brush, which could fray hair and cause it to frizz.

If you want to fake the curls...
Apply mousse to damp hair
and dry thoroughly with a hairdryer.
Take a section of hair and, holding styling tongs parallel to your head, wrap the
hair around the barrel.

For a more natural look,
leave the ends uncurled. Tong each section until it is completely dry.
Wrap hair around the barrel
away from your face so that it doesn’t fall into your
eyes. Scrunch in a bit of wax or gel
using both hands, then gently brush the curls
through to soften them.
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Beauty 101 – The Shine
Here’s how to get seriously reflective.

Whether it was straight, spiky, or wound up, hair on the fall runways had one unifying element: near-blinding shine. Here’s how to get seriously reflective:

• A homemade solution: Apple cider vinegar is an old-fashioned trick and really works. Unless your hair is dyed- vinegar can strip any artificial colour. Get rid of hair-dulling product buildup by spraying a mix of half apple cider vinegar and half water all over hair, then rinse thoroughly. Do this once a week after conditioning.

• For almost instant glassiness, Aim the blow dryer down the surface of already dry hair while brushing it lightly with a round brush. This closes the cuticle, increases shine.

• Mist a shine spray on a boar-bristle brush and brush it through hair for an even distribution of product throughout the hair.

• Use a shine serum on a ponytail. You can rub a drop between your palms and skim them lightly over your head. The great thing about ponytails is you can create a lot of shine because you’re not after any volume.

TIP: To avoid greasy rather than shiny looking hair, don’t spray anything close to the head. Make sure to spray at least five to ten inches away.

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5 Top Tips For Afro Hair
Get your expert tips here on how to tame the afro.

• Natural oils are a key part of fighting frizz, so don’t wash it too frequently – every four or five days is sufficient.

• Invest in good, sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner that locks in moisture

• Between washes, try a water spray mixed with leave-in conditioner

• An intensive conditioner once a week is a must.

• Earthy tones (plums, blue-black, aubergine) look amazing. A pot-colour translucent treatment can boost the result.

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5 Top Tips For Afro Hair
Natural oils are a key part of fighting frizz, so don’t wash it too frequently – every four or five days is sufficient.

Invest in good, sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner that locks in moisture

Between washes, try a water spray mixed with leave-in conditioner

An intensive conditioner once a week is a must

Earthy tones (plums, blue-black, aubergine) look amazing. A pot-colour translucent treatment can boost the result.
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The Beauty Guide to Festival Hair  Your guide to acing festival hair

Day one:
Wash your hair in the morning so that your clean hair will last as long as possible. However, if you’re the type of girl who’d rather spend those extra minutes sleeping *raises hand* then wash your hair the night before and loosely plait it. Then when you wake up, take out your plaits and you have an instantly chic look!

Day two:

This is when the majority of us will start to notice our hair becoming slightly greasy. But hey, what do you think accessories were designed to do? Simply stick in a cute flower head band and this will draw the attention away from your greasy locks and onto that super cute headband. Go flower power!

Day three:
Ok, so there’s no hiding it. The whole camp knows that you haven’t washed your hair, but it’s fine because everyone’s in the same ‘tent’. Today is the day to call in the simple ponytail, top knot or bun. Anything that’ll get your less than clean hair out of your face because quick, your favorite band is on in ten minutes and you need to get a good spot!

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What’s Your Damage?
Dunk it
Pluck a dry strand from the back of your heard, roll it into a ball, and drop it in a cup of water. If it skins in less than 30 seconds, the cuticle is full of tiny gaps and is no longer protecting the inner structure,” says Jeni Thomas, Pantene principal scientist. If it floats for a minute, we suggest you take up hair modeling- your hair is officially in robust health.

Stretch it
Yank out one wet hair and tug it from both ends. If it snaps without stretching, that’s a sign that it lacks elasticity and could break subject to overzealous brushing, heat, or chemicals explains cosmetic chemist Ni’Kita Wilson. If it stretches 25 percent of its length or more before it snaps, it passes the test.

Examine Flyaways
Stand in front of a mirror and shine a flashlight from the back of your head forward to illuminate your hair at the crown. If you see a few short pieces poking up, this is just new growth, says Thomas. If the flyaways have a jagged, Phil Spector appearance, that’s broken, damaged hair.

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Three Reasons to Start Using Deep Conditioners ASAP
It does more than detangle
A daily conditioner is great for camouflaging damage. Deep conditioners have 15 to 25 percent more hydrating ingredients, like essential oils, which seal in moisture, and panthenol, which fills in holes in the hair’s cuticle caused by heat-styling or chemical processing.

It lasts 
Deep conditioners also contain positively charged cationic agents, like chlorides, which adhere to negatively charged, damaged parts of the hair. Although you can find these ingredients in regular conditioners, there’s a greater amount and variety in deep conditioners, therefore making it last a lot longer. Basically, these ingredients will leave behind a smoothing coat that won’t wash off for days.

It isn’t only for thick hair
Those with fine hair live in fear of heavy products. And although you still have to skip dense shea butter masks, ingredients like volume-boosting, damage repairing proteins are just as effective. You can also dilute any deep conditioner that you have with a splash of water.
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6 Fancy Hair Styles in Under Five Minutes Cute looks in under five minutes

6 Fancy Hair Styles in Under Five Minutes

Twist and Curl
Take two sections from the front part of your hair either side of your parting, twist and pin at the back with bobby pins. Grab your GHD and take small sections all over your head and curl. Finish with hairspray

Ponytail with Volume
Divide hair from ear to ear and clip the underneath section away. Take a two-inch section from the crown of your head and tease area close to scalp. Smooth over the top layer and join with the rest of your hair form underneath section into a ponytail. Take a little section of hair from your ponytail and wrap around elastic to hide it. Secure with bobby pin.

Braid Love
Part your hair where you normally do. Loosely braid a section from each side of your parting near the front and secure each braid with a little see-through elastic. Secure both braids together with another see-through elastic. Carefully slide a bobby pin under the braid and onto your scalp. Spray with hairspray for extra hold

Knotty Chic
Part hair all the way down to the nape of your neck (either in a balanced side parting or a middle parting). Keep your two sections separate as if you were about to do pigtails. Now take both sections and twist inwards (towards each other) and back. Wrap them around each other until it resembles a rope. Tuck the bottom under and secure with large bobby pins. Smooth down fly aways with hairspray

Braids and Waves

Wrap sections of hair around a large barrel curling iron and then take a section from either side of the front section of your hair and braid and secure with a bobby pin behind ear. Tease the hair at the crown for extra volume and set with a finishing spray

Side Swept
Take a section from the crown of your head and tease with a comb. Make sure you have a layer to put over that teased hair to create a smooth finish. Now start from the underneath of one side of your head and start twisting sections upwards all the way a long the bottom of your neck till you get to just past the middle of your neck and secure with several large bobby pins. Take a section from the front of this side of hair and twist again as loosely as you like and join with bobby pins.

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Beautiful Buns Buns: the low-down on the easiest of up do’s


Pay attention to the condition of your hair – you want it to look soft, sexy and touchable, so apply a deep-conditioning mask after shampooing. Before blow-drying, apply a frizz-controlling product. Blow-dry hair, then gather it in a loose ponytail and secure with an elastic band, says Cape Town hair-and-makeup artist Mary Gouveia. ‘Hold the bottom of the ponytail and brush upwards towards the elastic for a fluffy effect.’ Spritz with hairspray and secure into a bun. If you have shorter hair, Gouviea suggests you pull it halfway through the elastic band instead of wrapping it around the head. ‘Don’t be too fussy about pieces sticking out - that’s the effect you want,’ she says. Add a floral Alice band for a romantic touch.

Gather hair into a high ponytail and secure with an elastic band. Spritz hands with hairspray and smooth over front and sides to combat strays. Twist hair into a bun and secure with hairpins. ‘Wrap an extra piece of hair around the basic bun for a sophisticated effect,’ says Joburg hairstylist Deena Pascoe. ‘If your hair is layered or thin, you may need to attach clip-in extensions, which will give your bun volume and height.’ She suggests attaching up to six strips of extensions. ‘Clip each extension close to the bun and wrap around, securing with hairpins, continue with as many strips as you need,’ she says.

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5 Things to Take Straight Hair to The Next Level Five ways to take your straight hair to supermodel status.

• Make a deep side parting to add extra sophistication to your style. After straightening your hair, rub some styling wax in your palm and gently smooth away any flyaways.

• Gather all your hair into a high ponytail. Hello Kim Kardashian, move over girl!

• Flick the ends of your hair upwards using your straightener to add some bounce to your hair. Finish with hairspray.

• For a dramatic look, make a middle parting and straighten your hair. Apply a serum to maintain a sleek, polished look from the mid-end of your strands.

• For the daring type – add some bangs. You’ll be sure to turn some heads, all for the right reasons.

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6 Hair Accessories That Can Transform Your Whole Look Transform your look in seconds!

• Turbans
These are so on trend right now it’s crazy. Recently spotted on Kourtney Kardashian.

• Head Scarves

So simple, and effortless.. It can even be used to hide second day old hair! Winning.

• Flowers
This tree-hugger accessory is perfect for festival season, or if you just have a little bit of hipster in you. And it’s so damn simple. Take yourself back to primary school days by making yourself a daisy chain and attaching it to your hair with a bobby pin, or add a flowers to an old headband of yours. Looking chic for free is always amazing!

• Gyspy Head Gear
Sported by the Kardashians, these super trendy jewel headpieces always look amazing. It could transform a day look to a trendy cocktail lounge evening look.

• Scrunchies
We thought we’d never be saying this, but looks like scrunchies are coming back again. This seemingly nineties accessory disappeared for a while but has now been spotted in pages of Vogue on Prince Harry’s new girlfriend.

• Headbands

Headbands are a great way of disguising a bad hair day or if you’ve been a bit lazy with washing your hair. Add a cool retro headband and voila. You’re ready to tackle that day in style!

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Holiday Hair Secrets Holiday Hair Secrets from Morocxanoil Artistic Director Antonio Corral Calero:

1. What is your secret for women to keep hair healthy and glowing in the holiday season?

Healthy hair during the holidays starts with a great shampoo and conditioner. I recommend using Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo and Moisture Repair Conditioner to help restore moisture, making the hair look and feel healthier. Once a week treat your hair to a rich hydrating mask, such as Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask. The daily use of Moroccanoil Treatment will also help to keep your hair manageable, healthy, and provide the perfect foundation for styling any holiday look.

2. What is a must-have holiday time hair styling essential I should always have in my bag?

Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine is a holiday season must! It provides an invisible veil of pure, luminous “red carpet” shine to create a smooth, radiant finish for any special occasion. I also always have a small bottle of Moroccanoil Treatment - it is the ideal touch-up tool to smooth flyaways and provide a healthy finish to any style.

3. Can you suggest a hair look that can be transitioned from day to night for after-work holiday parties?

When it comes to transitioning a look from day to night simplicity is the way to go. Try transitioning a regular braid or ponytail into a loose side ponytail or low side braid letting it fall over your shoulder and pull out a few soft pieces of hair to frame the face for effortless chic glamour.

4. What is your favorite hair look for New Year’s parties and the holiday season?

Getting ready for New Year’s parties and the holiday season festivities can be so much fun because you can really play around with different looks! Once you select a fabulous outfit you can create a beautiful hair look that will best complement your style. Personally, I love when women have a beautiful, detailed dress and style their hair with a soft bun to elongate the neck and really show off the dress, creating an elegant and glamorous feel.

If you are wearing an open back dress, I recommend pulling the hair back in a low loose bun with a few pieces falling down the back to enhance the cut of the dress as well as highlight your gorgeous features! A quick tip if you are wearing big statement earrings – be sure to wear the hair back, away from the face, to showcase your accessories. No matter what, make sure to keep your hair look simple and soft this season to enhance your natural shine!

5. What is your opinion on holiday hair accessories? Which are you top picks?

Hair accessories are really going to play a part in the trends this holiday season. I love antique accessories that blend in nicely and accentuate the hair in a soft way and are not too glittery or shiny. I recommend choosing a hair accessory that highlights a complete outfit, for example, if you have a big hair accessory go light on other jewelry to balance the complete look.

6. What are some hair care tips for people traveling during the holiday season?

When travelling, hair tends to dehydrate much like your skin does, due to changes in the environment, so I recommend bringing with you a deep conditioning mask, such as the travel size Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask. It will infuse hair with the extra hydration it needs to keep it looking healthy throughout your holiday travels. It’s a must after a long flight which can really dehydrate the hair.

7. What is a cute date-night hairstyle for the holidays?

During the holidays there will be plenty of date nights that you need to get ready for! No matter what, you always want to make sure your hair looks healthy and beautiful - especially when dating! Start your gorgeous look by prepping the hair with the Moroccanoil Treatment before styling to set the foundation for any style. For a cute date-night look, I would definitely suggest a stylish headband, and then finish the look with a spritz of the Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray to add an instant red carpet shine no-one can resist!

8. If you’ve been in the kitchen all day preparing your fabulous holiday meal, what are some quick hair tips to spruce up any look?

If you have been cooking all day I recommend washing your hair because your hair absorbs the oils and smoke from the kitchen. For an easy, elegant look, after the hair is washed, pull the hair back into a loose bun or let it dry naturally working in a bit of Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream from mid length to ends as a leave-in conditioner for added moisture and soft hold.

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Trending Hairstyles Show Pony
Get the glam look, blow-dry hair, then tip your hair upside down. Gather hair in place using a brush and tease tail until it billows out, then sprit with hair spray.
PS: For less drama, use a paddle brush to tease the tail slightly – it packs hair less tightly than a comb does.

Candyfloss Hair
Apply a volumising mousse to damp hair, then blast it dry, shaking it out with your fingers. Use a teasing comb to backcomb small sections, starting at the back of the head. For best results pull a section tight, push the teeth of the comb against it and comb vigorously towards the scalp, then mist each finished section with hairspray. Pin hair into the desired style.
PS: This is meant to be a dishevelled style – don’t try to make it neat. Use a pin-tail comb to lift a few tendrils of hair from the up-do to frame your face.

Hippy Shake
If you like your hair down, this is the look for you. (You need healthy hair that’s full of swing.) To get a twisted, tousled effect, apply styling mousse and curl hair haphazardly with a hot tong. Hold the tong close to the roots and coil medium-thick sections, leaving the end of each strand alone.
PS: If your hair curls naturally, simply flip your head forwards and dry using your hands and a hairdryer (with a diffuser, if you have one.)

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L’Oréal Helps You Kick-Start Your Career in Hairstyling
The institute offers two options for potential students:

• A full-time programme for eight months with classes being scheduled for three-and-a-half hours in the morning or afternoon, Tuesday to Friday.
• And a part-time programme, that takes place over 16 months with classes being scheduled from 9am to 5pm one day a week.

Both options are highly affordable and are internationally certified. Students will receive theoretical and practical training that covers various subjects such as the science of hair, styling and colouring, hair treatments, retailing, haircare, hygiene and salon management. Training is offered on all hair types, including ethnic hair.

A definite perk is that once students graduate as International L’Oréal Professional Certified Stylists they are offered positions in any one of L’Oréal’s salons worldwide. Those graduates looking to establish their own salons are further assisted by the L’Oréal Professional Products Division.

The L’Oréal Professional African Salon Institute is scheduled to open during the last quarter of 2013 and will be accepting enrollments for early 2014.

For any enquiries contact:
Charmaine Joubert
L’Oreal African Salon Institute Project Manager
011 286 0700
084 752 8975

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Celeb Dye Jobs Do these celebs look better with their natural hair colour, or with a bit of help from a bottle?

Hey you know how we always think we can improve ourselves? What? You honestly don't have something only you see when you look in the mirror that you want have sorted? A laughline that you reckon botox could fix? A bit of muffin creep that lipo could inhale away? A hayfever nose/nobbly knees/determined overbite that a well-placed nip and a tuck could sort out? 

For those who answered 'No', good on ya! Hie thee forth and find yourself an agent to market your life-skills programme and motivational-speaking world tour.

For the rest of us, often a dye-job is actually all we need to lift our spirits, and move focus from our imperfections to a crowning glory.

Look at the celeb pics below - see the difference the right colour can make? (Not sure about Kristen though - quite like her natural colour... What do you think?)

For loads of beauty advice on the right colour, and hair care, click here.

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How to Wash Your Hair Like a Pro
Then wet thoroughly and distribute the shampoo evenly on the hair, beginning at the front hairline and moving round to the nape area. Then spread throughout the length of hair. Place your fingers on the scalp below your hair and start your shampoo at the front hairline, using big circular movements. If you shampoo on the top of the hair, the hair will be tangled and disrupt the cuticle and leaving the hair knotted. Move around the hairline to the nape area and then work your way up towards the front area, through the interior. This process should be repeated at least three times.

Ensure that the product is milked through the mid-lengths and ends. Then thoroughly rinse the hair. Towel-dry the hair, patting with the towel. No vigorous movements or rubbing. Don’t rub the hair on the mid-lengths and ends. Rather milk through the shampoo as to not to disrupt the cuticles.

You would now as your final step apply your conditioner. You would apply to mid-lengths and ends if the hair is normal to fine. If the hair is coarse you may apply to the root area. Comb through your conditioner using a paddle brush. Remember to start from the end of the hair working your way up to the root area. Leave on for the required time stated by manufacturer’s instructions. Rinse the hair thoroughly; ensuring that all the conditioner is out.

Finally, towel-dry the hair, patting with the towel. And again, no vigorous movements or rubbing! And Voila! You've just mastered the professional hair wash. 

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What Your Hair Says About You Wild and Free
Leaving your hair in it's natural state shows that you are a carefree person. You aren’t worried about what people think or the fact that it will get slightly messier in the wind.

Perfectly Styled

If you always look like you have just come from the hairdresser, you love order and consistency. Your need to be as organised as possible show's through your perfectly styled hair.

The Sleek Ponytail

While ponytail's are associated with shy schoolgirls, they actually represent a very bold woman. Pulling your hair away from your face shows a lot of self-confidence.

The Messy Bun
A messy bun indicates glamour and elegance. Even though the bun isn’t perfect, showing your neck draws attention to yourself. Allan Pease, co-author of The Definitive Book Of Body Language (Camel Publishing) says that the neck is the most sexual part of a woman’s body. Putting your hair in a bun is a subconscious way of flirting.

Thu, 14 Nov 2013 12:00 +0200
Our Favourite Modern Pixie Cuts These young starlets took it all off – their hair, that is – and we loved it!

Taking their cue from decades of leading ladies, many of our favourite celebs have gone for a drastic chop. Some decided it wasn’t their vibe after just a week (we’re looking at you, Beyoncé) and some are currently plotting the return of a long mane (ahem, Miley) – but we’ve still enjoyed these sleek, tailored short cuts:

                       Anne Hathaway: not looking ‘Mis’ at all

Ginnifer Goodwin has been keeping things short and sultry for her role in Once Upon A Time

Miley Cyrus told Kelly Osbourne on Fashion Police that she’s growing out her hair. 
‘I’m secretly tugging on it every night, I’m not going to lie – but I’m going to rock it while I have it’

Jennifer Hudson showed off her sleek buzz cut at the Soul Train Awards in Las Vegas just last week

Jennifer Lawrence looks nothing like her Hunger Games character Katniss Everdeen 
– but we love this messy short style!

Wed, 13 Nov 2013 12:00 +0200
Five Vintage Pixie Cuts We Love The hairstyle has been around for decades – and these women started it all

The pixie cut is a recurring hair trend – especially among celebs looking to reinvent their image. But today’s starlets have some big shoes to fill when it comes to this small, sleek ’do. Some of the most iconic women in Hollywood have rocked chic short hair – and we still love them for it!

Audrey Hepburn (1953)

Twiggy (1966)

Mia Farrow (1968)

Goldie Hawn (1968)

Liza Minnelli (1972)

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COSMOPOLITAN Inecto Plus Hair Colour Workshop - CPT

Thu, 31 Oct 2013 12:00 +0200
COSMOPOLITAN Inecto Plus Hair Colour Workshop - JHB

Thu, 31 Oct 2013 12:00 +0200
Five Steps For a Perfect Blow Dry Normal.dotm 0 0 1 232 1323 aaa 11 2 1624 12.0

STEP ONE: Dry your hair until 80% dry and then arm yourself with a round brush and a styling aid such as a volume mouse spray

STEP TWO: For best results, section off your hair. The smaller the section the neater and better the blow-dry (the sectioning also allows for more volume to be added)

STEP THREE: If you have frizzy hair, apply a smoothing serum & blow-dry hair with a paddle brush. This will help you get your hair as straight as possible. Once your hair is straight, apply a heat styler and use a straightener to straighten the hair section by section.

STEP FOUR: Shorter hair that requires volume can be blow-dried using the above technique except, once hair is 70% dry add Velcro rollers and give a short blast of cold air from the dryer to lock in the curls and repeat.

STEP FIVE: After drying, always use a hairspray that is suited to your hair type. A stylist should advise this as most of them have a memory aid which allows the hair to pop back into place after a quick brush the following day.


Why not book an appointment to see how the professionals do it… Spoilt Hair and Nails is based in Green Point in Cape Town, and is rated one of South Africa’s top hair and beauty salons. The dedicated experts specialize in cutting, styling, color, hair extensions, hair and scalp nourishing treatments, manicures, pedicures and much more.


Trading hours:
Weekdays: 8:30am to 5:50pm
AND Saturdays 8:30 to 4:30pm
To book an appointment, call (021) 434 7112.

For more information or for regular updates on Spoilt Hair and Nails go to, like them on and follow @Spoilt_Salon. 

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How to do a Sleek, Chic Ponytail in 6 Simple Steps
Divide hair into two sections and secure with a clip.

Tie the back section tightly at eye level or just higher and secure with an elastic band.

Apply a texturising serum to the top section of hair and run through with fingers.

Add the top section of now texturised hair to the bottom ponytail and secure with another elastic.

Finally, take a one-centimetre section from your ponytail and wrap around the elastic so it hides it from being seen. Secure with bobby pin. ]]>
Mon, 21 Oct 2013 12:00 +0200
How To Work The Topknot Trend
High and chic
Flip your head upside down and blow dry wet hair while running a bristle brush through your hair to create texture and volume. Once dry, gather all hair into a high ponytail on the crown of your head and secure with an elastic band. Next, spray the ends of your hair with a dry shampoo and tease. Then loosely wrap your hair around the elastic into a bun and secure with pins.
We suggest using: Batiste Dry Shampoo Big & Bouncy XXL Volume

Sleek and polished
Use the same prepping steps as before, gather hair into a high ponytail just below the crown this time and secure with an elastic band. Use a bun donut to create your neat bun and spray with a holding/fixing hairspray to eliminate any flyaways.
We suggest using: TONI&GUY Firm Hold Spray

Loose and messy
With this look, texture is key. Apply a thickening spray to your hair, scrunching it up as you blow-dry (alternatively you could use a dry shampoo if you do not want to wash your hair). Take all your hair, twist it around into a messy knot and secure with pins where it needs to be flattened. For an even messier look, you can then start to pull pieces of your hair out of the bun to give it that ultra-messy-yet-chic look!
We suggest using: TONI&GUY Sea Salt Texturising Spray

Mon, 21 Oct 2013 12:00 +0200
GET THE LOOK – Edgy, distressed waves using Moroccanoil products
Step 1) Apply Moroccanoil Treatment (R380 for 100ml) to wet hair and set the foundation.

Step 2) Apply Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream (R285 for 300ml) before blow-drying for a sleek and smooth finish.

Step 3) If you have thick hair, create a natural middle parting or blow-dry back ensuring lots of volume on top of the head. For long hair, flick the ends of the hair creating a natural-looking wave. The key to all these styles is to create lots of volume.

Step 4) Once the hair is dry, divide into sections and add Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Medium (R280 for 300ml) to create a matt finish.

Fri, 18 Oct 2013 12:00 +0200
Pink Hair Shows You Care
All profits made in October will be donated by CANSA, so show your support by buying the pink extensions for only R100!

Worried about not knowing how to put extensions in? Well there’s no need. You can visit one of the 250 Great Lengths partner salons countrywide to get your pink extensions installed. It’s super quick and can last in your hair for up to two months!

Brand ambassadors include Cindy Nell Roberts, Karlien Van Jaarsveld, Tamara Dey, Jeanie D and Melinda Bam. Join them in the help to bring awareness for this valuable cause.

Thu, 03 Oct 2013 12:00 +0200
Get ’40S-Inspired Hair STEP 1: GET GLOSSY
‘The secret to this sexy style is healthy, glossy hair,’ says hairstylist Marie-Ann Tsoukalas. ‘If your hair is not in tiptop condition, fake gloss with a shine-enhancing shampoo and leave-in conditioner.’
PRO TIP: Rinse with a blast of cold water – it gives hair an instant shine boost.

Apply a drop of smoothing serum to damp hair and let it air-dry. If you’re prone to unruly flyaways or frizz, use a round-bristle brush and blow-dry the roots. Use a fine-tooth comb to give hair a neat side parting.
PRO TIP: If you’ve got fine, limp hair, apply a volumising treatment before blow-drying.

Spritz on a heat protector. Wrap 3cm sections of hair around a curling tong and hold for 60 seconds. Wrap the front section of hair around a roller or rod, pin against the scalp and blow-dry.
PRO TIP: Focus on the middle and ends.

When you’ve finished curling hair, mist it with a lightweight hairspray. Once the hair has cooled, use a paddle brush to lightly brush out curls for soft, flowing waves.
PRO TIP: If your hair is fine, use your fingers instead of a brush to loosen curls into waves.

Apply a drop of silicone serum to your palms and run hands over hair from root to tip. Finish off with a spritz of shine spray. ‘The final blast of shine is essential for sexy, polished waves,’ says Tsoukalas.
PRO TIP: Be careful not to use too much serum – it can way down your waves.

Wed, 18 Sep 2013 12:00 +0200
Heads Up
Here are some of the hair-raising facts they shared with us and definitely made me look at hair and hair thinning in a whole different light.

• Hair thinning affects more than one in two, men and women globally.
• The average scalp has between 100 000 and 150 000 individual hair fibers.
• People naturally lose around 50 to 100 hairs a day.
• Scalp hair grows on average, one centimeter a month.
• Hair scalp follicles have a limited lifespan and can produce an average of 25 hairs. (Make you think twice about pulling on your hair, hey?)
• Women diagnosed with cancer are more afraid of losing their hair, than dying of cancer.

Scary right!?

If you’re struggling with hair thinning, why not check out NIOXIN’s products that are customised to your type of hair and stage of hair thinning.

For more information on NIOXIN technologies and how they help address thinning hair or to locate the nearest NIOXIN salon, call 021 590 3700 or contact

For more beauty articles, click here 

Mon, 12 Aug 2013 12:00 +0200
ADVERTORIAL: Get The Look with Motions
The curly natural look is perfect for a daytime event or a smart-casual wedding - to make you look like you didn't have to try and look this amazing ;)


Comb or brush hair thoroughly before cleansing to prevent from tangling.
Wet hair for 1-2 minutes with as warm water as possible to break up grease and oil. Apply Motions Moisturizing Cleanser to gently cleanse hair and restore shine and bounce. Massage in circular motions, working towards the crown then down to the nape of the neck. Repeat twice, and then rinse hair thoroughly.

Apply Motions Smoothing Conditioner to hydrate and revitalize curls while adding strength and luster. Comb through to detangle and leave on for a minimum of 2-3 minutes. For exceptionally dry hair, wrap in a warm, damp towel, or sit under dryer for 20 minutes for deeper moisture penetration. Rinse with lukewarm to help seal moisture into the hair cuticle.

Towel dry hair lightly then apply Motions Hydrate My Curls Pudding to define curls while reducing frizz. Use your fingers to work the product through root to tip. Then allow hair to air dry.

For a polished look and perfect shine, use your hands to apply Motions Radiating Gloss throughout your curls.

Don't forget the final step - a gorgeous outfit with a pop of neon or a shimmer of metallic, and your personality, of course!

Tip: Motions Radiating Gloss may also be used to freshen shine throughout the day. ]]>
Wed, 10 Jul 2013 12:00 +0200
Expert Hair Advice
Q: It seems my hair is always falling out. Why?
‘It’s normal to notice hair shedding, especially if you don’t brush regularly,’ says Neil Moody, owner of Moody Hair. ‘It is standard to lose 50 -100 hairs a day as part of the growing cycle.’

Q: Is there anything you can do for split ends other than cut your hair?
‘You cannot rebuild the natural protective layer of a hair fibre once it has been compromised,’ explains Ruth Muller, Sunsilk hair expert. Luckily, there are ways to repair damage using synthetic materials. ‘Serums are great and can help smooth the split hair back together. And by using shampoos and conditioners with built-in serums or silicone emulsions, you can help to repair damage with every wash. Ultimately you’ll have to get a trim in the long run, but caring for your split ends will keep your hair healthy for longer and help prevent further splitting.’

Q: How do I achieve a ‘messy’ do that looks like a real style, not like I just rolled out of bed?
‘Twirl a straightener on dry hair to create a “water wave” look. Section the hair off at the nape of the neck about 5cm wide, then curl the hair one way and then the other way,’ say Jon Pulitano, ghd stylist at Headcase Hair. Finish by using a hairdryer to blow a little air through the waves – this will give the look a more lived in, slept-on look.

Q: How do you stop those little bits of frizzy hair that stick up?
‘Smooth them down with leave-in conditioner spray, followed by a tiny dab of hydrating serum,’ says Moody. ‘Add a final spritz of hairspray to lock down the fluff.’

Q: Does wearing a ponytail make my hair weak and more likely to break?
‘If the band you use is too tight, this can actually lead to breakage – especially if the hair is already weakened due to bleaching and colouring,’ says Moody. ‘Try to use good quality covered bands and apply treatments to the area where the band sits first.’

Wed, 12 Jun 2013 12:00 +0200
ADVERTORIAL: Why Go Unnoticed?
Nutrisse Ultra Color has just launched in South Africa and not only delivers intense, vibrant colour but cares for your hair at the same time. Enriched with triple fruit oils Avocado, Olive and Shea your will be left soft, shiny and radiant. Nutrisse Ultra Color has been specifically formulated to create expressive reflects and colours which diffuse deep into the shaft of the hair for an intense long lasting colour result!


Nutrisse Ultra Color has been specifically formulated to create expressive colours and reflects.
• The Ultra lightening technology in blondes gives an ultra pure, shiny blonde.
• The Reflect enhancing technology in browns gives an ultra shimmering, radiant brunette
• The Shine enhancing technology in blacks gives an ultra dazzling, glossy black with high intensity shine.
• The Intensity enhancing formula in the violets and reds gives an ultra intense, shiny violet and an ultra vivid, shiny red.


Nutrisse Ultra Color nourishes twice for a rich vibrant colour result. Once during colouring and then again with the use of the triple fruit oil conditioner after colouring which locks in the colour and leaves the hair feeling silky and shiny. It is the inclusion of these 3 fruit oils which helps to protect the hair against dryness for up to 8 weeks and keeps the colour looking vibrant. Colour looks intense, deep and is long lasting. Best of all your hair is left smelling fresh and fruity


Thu, 30 May 2013 12:00 +0200
VIDEOS: Hair Colour Tips with Garnier


Thu, 30 May 2013 12:00 +0200
ADVERTORIAL: Perfect Colour with Inecto
Step 1: Screw the bottle open and squeeze in the crème from the tube
Step 2: Screw the bottle closed tight and shake
Step 3: Break off the tip of the bottle and Squeeze the mixture onto your hair

Keeping hair moisturised and healthy after applying colour is very important. The Inecto Plus Rinse Off Conditioner contains Aloe and Protein which will leave your hair feeling soft and looking heathy. Leave the conditioner on for three to five minutes before rinsing. For damaged hair, leave the conditioner on for longer. Just squeeze, shake and apply!
Wed, 29 May 2013 12:00 +0200
DIY Hair Colour Tips Applying A Darker Tint?
Start at the back and save the strands around your face for last. The front pieces of your hair tend to be the most porous (due to daily wear and tear), so they’ll absorb more colour than the back and underside.

Lightening Up?
Begin in the front and work your way back. In this case you want a slightly two-toned effect because natural blondes are more sun-kissed in the front.

Touching Up Your Roots?
Apply colour to half of the re-growth only (the part closest to your scalp). Then use your fingertips to blend it outward. If you apply it the entire portion, the potion will bleed into the part of your hair that’s already been processed, which can be damaging to your mane.

Get Distracted While Your Colour Cooks?
Use an egg timer to ensure that the dye stays on your tresses for the exact amount of time it’s supposed to.
Wed, 15 May 2013 12:00 +0200
Shine On! Oz the Great and Powerful, wearing a glamorous Alexander McQueen dress and shimmering hair designed by Celebrity Stylist Mara Roszak for Moroccanoil. 'After seeing Mila's gorgeous dress, I envisioned a straight, shiny blowout with a perfect part in the middle,' said Roszak. 'Since the dress had dramatic print detail and flowing ruffles, I wanted to keep the hair clean, shiny and modern.'


'I first applied Moroccanoil Treatment (R405 per 100ml) to Mila's damp hair starting at the ends and working my way up. A smooth, silky finish with a modern-looking shine was essential to the look.'

'Then, using a round brush, I blow-dried her hair, making sure the ends were especially smooth and straight.'

'I set the top and crown of her hair in medium Velcro rollers for a touch of volume and bounce.'

'Once the hair was dry, I used a flat iron and ran it over her hair from mid-length to the ends. I then misted shine spray all over the hair for extra shine.'

'To finish the look, I lightly sprayed on Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray (R295 per 330ml) in medium strength, adding a touch to my fingers to tap down any remaining flyways.'

Fri, 08 Mar 2013 12:00 +0200
100% Sexy Hair

Sticky styling pastes and sprays are death to sexy. 'Product overload will weigh hair down and make you look too "done",' says Clairol's international creative director, James Brown. 'For hair you want to run your fingers through, choose products tailored to your hair type. You'll find you need a minimal amount of styling product to finish it, making for touchable texture.'

Wed, 20 Feb 2013 12:00 +0200
Hollywood Hair

Emily Blunt looked spectacular at the Golden Globes, sporting a shimmering, modern hairdo. Here, celebrity stylist Laini Reeves, for Moroccanoil, shows you how to recreate the look.

Start by shampooing your hair with an extra volume shampoo and conditioner (TRY: Moroccanoil Extra Volume Shampoo, R230 and Moroccanoil Extra Volume Conditioner, R250).

Apply a volumising mousse to give light volume and shine and for a flexible, natural-looking hold.

Add a small amount of styling cream from roots to tips, then flip your hair over and dry it upside down. Use your fingers to separate and define the strands for texture as they dry.

Gather your hair into a high ponytail, using your fingers to keep the texture messy, and secure it on the crown with a hair band.

Hold your ponytail out and spray it from base to end with a medium-hold hairspray.

Twisting your hair around your fingers, make a loose bun held around the base with bobby pins. Don't make it too large or too tiny, but aim for a size that suits your bone structure and profile. Once it is in place, tweak and pull at the bun to create the right texture.

To finish, spray a comb with medium-hold hairspray and use it to smooth the hairline.

Wed, 16 Jan 2013 12:00 +0200
Full Fringe Tips

This look suits most face shapes and is great for softening strong features or hiding a large forehead. Avoid it, though, if you have very rounded features.

Wed, 23 Jan 2013 12:00 +0200
How The Stars Put It Up

For this look, lightly brush hair back with a large natural-bristle brush; it’ll give gloss and smoothness, without knocking out the volume. Start by pulling back the top section of your hair (as if you were creating a half-up, half-down style), twist it onto itself and fasten loosely against the head with a few pins. One by one, take a section behind each ear, twist, pull back and fasten up, under or alongside the base section. Continue until you’ve piled all your hair into a tangled, rope-like bun at the back of your head.

TIP: Twist and pile your hair for a mega-bun.

Mon, 14 Jan 2013 12:00 +0200
Perfect Party Hair
Down & Flirty: 'Loose hair with tons of movement is such a hot look,' says stylist Nathaniel Hawkins. The secret is to play up whatever texture you choose (sleek and straight or wild and wavy), and let some pieces fall around your face to draw attention.

Bohemian Plaits:
Blend thin plaits into your natural texture by twisting the ends into your hair and sealing with a flatiron.

Half Up & Hot: Dancing is sexy, but having sweaty strands post-dancing… not so much. 'The easiest trick is to pull hair half-up so it's out of your face. 'This draws the eye up, which brings out your eyes and creates killer cheekbones,' says salon owner, Ted Gibson.

Showy Side Braids: Part your hair and French plait a few strands on either side, stopping at the tips of your ears. Tame frizz in front with hair spray.

Laid-Back Waves: Run mousse through damp strands, then scrunch. Hit random pieces with a curling iron, and pull back the hair at ear level.

Posh Pony:
Using a fine-tooth comb sweep the hair up, secure it directly above your crown, and then wrap a few strands around the elastic.

Flirty Twists: Fake an updo with short hair by twisting your longest layers away from your face and holding in place with pins that peek out.

Wild Pony: Tease around the crown for volume, then finger comb back into an elastic. Secure your tail high and tight to add extra bounce.

Sultry Sweep:
Make like you're doing a ponytail, but only pull hair halfway though the elastic; pieces will slip out randomly and frame your face in a sexy way.

Wed, 12 Dec 2012 12:00 +0200
Hot Ways To Colour Your Hair

The classic highlighting method is to start at your roots and paint down your strands. You can also highlight the tips, tapering off near the crown, so your roots stand out. 'Since it's the reverse of normal highlights, it really pops,' says colourist, Rita Hazan.

To Do: Deep condition the day before so your ends don't absorb too much pigment. Apply a colour two shades lighter than your base to your tips with the applicator brush. Work your way up, gradually layering on less as you reach eye level. The contrast creates the illusion of texture, adding depth to wavy hair and helping fine hair appear thicker. 'There's zero regrowth,' adds Hazan, 'so you can let it go and it'll still look good.'

Wed, 28 Nov 2012 12:00 +0200
Your Sexiest Hair Colour Ever

Rule Of Thumb: If your eyes are a cool hue (blue or light green), pick a base colour with similarly cool undertones (pale blonde, strawberry blonde, brown, or sandalwood). The same deal applies if your eyes are warm-based (brown, hazel): Go for a colour with equally warm undertones (caramel, dark chocolate, rich auburn).

Why It Works: Shades that are found in the irises of your eyes (nicknamed 'eyelights' by colourists) pick up the pigments in your hair, making your eyes appear bigger and brighter, explains colourist, J Antony.

Also Keep In Mind: Don't dye your strands too close to your scalp - it's best to leave a small amount of space. 'Showing a little bit of root is the key to bringing depth to your eyes and keeping the overall feel natural,' says salon owner, Kim Vo. If you're painting on colour at home, coat your roots with a regular conditioner to block the dye from absorbing into this area of your mane. Shine is also essential for making your eyes sparkle, so spritz on a styling product that increases lustre, like a shine spray.

Thu, 06 Sep 2012 12:00 +0200
When Stress Messes With Your Hair

Your scalp's oil output can speed up or slow down, depending on how you respond to stress. It might even do both, leaving your hair either greasy or dry and frizzy.

Fix: Switch your shampoo type to 'normal' - it'll balance dryness and oil to bring your scalp back to its usual condition. For extreme dryness, apply a leave-in conditioner at the roots. For excessive oil, use a hair powder while styling to absorb grease.

Tue, 21 Aug 2012 12:00 +0200
Instant Colour Boosters The Hair Colour Mix Book (William Morrow), has DIY, natural ways to enliven your shade.

Saturate your strands with tomato juice to counteract fading. Wrap your hair in a shower cap, and heat with a blow-dryer for five minutes before shampooing.

Thu, 19 Jul 2012 12:00 +0200
It was all about colour and confidence, as readers got expert tips from industry pro, Nthato Mashishi. The evening ended with Loyiso serenading the COSMO girls and everyone got amazing goodie-bags packed with everything they would need for their very own DIY pamper session.

Click on the reel below for photos from the event.

Mon, 09 Jul 2012 12:00 +0200
Salvage Your Hair
The elements - and in particular, rain - aren't good news for styled hair. 'But, with just an elastic band and a few bobby pins you can resolve a wet hair situation,' says VOS expert Heath Massi. 'Try the ballerina bun - a gorgeous, polished style.' Here's how to do it:

Separate a triangular section of hair at the top of your head, from your face right back to the crown. Pull this section forward and out of the way.

Thu, 12 Jul 2012 12:00 +0200
Get a Hotter Haircut

The easiest way to see what will work for you is to pull out celebrity photos from magazines, but then cover up the faces. 'This way, you can see if it's really the hair you like - not the person or the makeup,' says star stylist Ted Gibson.

Mon, 09 Jul 2012 12:00 +0200
Get The Look: Emma Stone

The Location: Seoul, South Korea

How To Create The Look:
'First, I applied a small amount of Moroccanoil Treatment Light to the ends of Emma's hair, to hydrate and soften the strands as well as give them a silky texture and natural shine. Then I blow-dried the hair to create movement.'
'Next, I gently teased the hair on the crown, and pulled it to the top of her head, securing it in a ponytail. I teased the roots of the ponytail and wrapped it into a bun shape. In order to secure the bun tightly, I crisscrossed bobby pins around it.'
'Finally, I sprayed hairspray for a natural-looking, long-lasting hold.'

Wed, 04 Jul 2012 12:00 +0200
Keep Your Hair Healthy

This is important when heat-styling your hair. This will prevent you from scorching one specific area.

THE COSMO TEAM SUGGESTS: Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Deep Conditioner, (R84.99) or TRESemmé Moisture Rich Conditioner (R69.95).

Mon, 04 Jun 2012 12:00 +0200
Sexiest Hair Trends

The fresh way to wear curls is romantic, but slightly undone. ‘The effect is very touchable,’ says creative consultant Guido.

Key Styling Tips:
Keep wispy waves silky by working a R2-size amount of smoothing serum into dry hair before loosely curling.
Blow-dry hair upside down, then tease at the crown for an amped-up date look.

Wed, 09 May 2012 12:00 +0200
Going Platinum Blonde
  • Anyone can achieve this look, but not everyone can carry it off. You need attitude and enough money to have your roots retouched every three weeks, especially if your hair’s very dark.’
  • Pale skins beware - a platinum tone can wash you out, so you may have to rethink your makeup. If you’re not sure it’ll suit you, try it with a wig first - you could save yourself a lot of angst.
  • Make sure you get the right toner applied after your hair’s been lightened. Stick to cool tones - no yellow! I like a beige rose to neutralise any brassiness and make the colour look creamy.
  • Before you bleach, get your hair in top condition by treating it to an intensive mask once a week. Afterwards, use a silver pigment shampoo once a week to keep brassiness at bay.

Mon, 23 Apr 2012 12:00 +0200
Recipes For Perfect Hair
To Make All Hair Types Silky And Smooth… Use: Leave-in conditioner and straightening cream.

What To Do: First, comb a leave-in conditioner through wet hair, then blow-dry until it's slightly damp. Next, run a dollop of straightening cream from your ears down. Finish by blow-drying with a paddle brush.
To Give Wavy Tresses a Full and Tousled Effect…
To Make Frizzy Curls Glossy and Defined…

Tue, 03 Apr 2012 12:00 +0200
Quick Hair Shortcuts
Speed Up Your Blowout
A blowout can take an eternity (especially on long hair), but using an extra wide round brush will hurry it up. 'Not only can you cover more areas quickly, but a larger barrel creates a smoother finish,' explains hairstylist Jimmy Paul, who works with Keira Knightley.

Flip Your Part and Take Off
One of the fastest styles you can create without a pair of scissors? A low side parting. 'It's so dramatic and instantly glamorous,' says hairstylist Kim Kimble, who works with Beyoncé and Gabrielle Union. 'Plus, it's great for all hair types and textures.' She parts hair about 10 to 15 centimetres above the ear and sweeps strands back with the pointy tip of a comb.

Try The 10-Second Towel Trick
After washing your hair, blot it with a thick towel to mop up excess water from your strands. You might say 'big whoop', but all the top stylists agree it's a major time-saver, since sopping wet locks take longer to blow-dry. Just remember not to rub your head (since that creates frizz), but to press the towel firmly over large sections.

Rock And Roll Out Of Bed
As any hipster will tell you, bed-head is a lifesaver for late sleepers. The key to making it cool, not just crazy, is to coat any problem areas (cowlicks, flyaways, creases from last night's do) with a light serum to relax them, then blow-dry all over for a tousled effect, says Mancuso.

Drop Everything Else And Dazzle
Even if your hair is only semi done, slip on a flashy headband. 'CeIebs do this all the time for the red carpet,' says New York stylist, Tippi Shorter, who works with singers like Rihanna. 'It makes such a glamorous statement, and without any hassle.' For maximum glittery effect, go for a metallic style - the shinier, the better.

Boost Your Volume In a Blink
When Kimble wants to give Beyoncé ultra-vampy locks, she gathers large sections of dry hair (about eight centimetres in width) and rolls them around the barrel of a skinny curling iron (two centimetres wide or less). 'This creates sexy, hourglass-like curls, and because you're grabbing large bits of hair at a time, you can easily do your whole head in about 10 minutes,' she says.

Revive Your Roots in Record Time
When party-hard celebs need to oomph up matted hair on the double, Shorter relies on this tip: 'Rub a tiny dab of a light sculpting wax between your palms until you just see a bit of sheen on your hands, then scrunch up your roots,' she says. You'll bulk up fine hair without weighing it down if you stick with a water-based wax.

Whip Out a Posh Ponytail
Think a fluffy ponytail takes hours to do? Nope. Kimble teases the roots around the crown to add volume, then pulls everything up and back with her fingers. 'But don't tug hair too tightly or you'll kill the volume,' she warns. Secure with an elastic, then dress it up a notch by wrapping a few strands of your own hair around the band or covering it up with a pretty satin ribbon.

Add Instant Glitz And Glam
The fastest tress trick in Hollywood: Style your hair however you want (half up, down loose, in a bun), and attach a sparkly brooch to a small section of your strands, says hairstylist, David Babaii, whose clients include Eva Mendes, Kate Hudson and Angelina Jolie. lf you have fine strands, keep the brooch in place by clipping on a hair comb or elastic.

Outsmart Frizz
When a star's hair is one big frizz-fest, hairstylist Babaii's rapid solution is to tame the most obvious flyaways (usually in the front, near the face) by spritzing them with hair spray, then wrapping them around a curling iron. 'The heat smooths the strands so your overall style looks more polished right away,' he says.

Wed, 29 Feb 2012 12:00 +0200
Golden Style Moroccanoil hair stylist, Enzo Angileri created Golden Globe nominee, Charlize Theron's beautiful look. Here's how to recreate it.

Step #1 'I started with already dry, naturally waved hair, and curled small sections with a 2' curling iron to enhance the volume and texture. I used the larger iron because I didn't want to curl her hair, but to refine the natural wave. This helped create an effortless transition from her natural look to red carpet.'
Step #2
Step #3
Step #4

Thu, 19 Jan 2012 12:00 +0200
Maximise Your Colour
Fake Hairdresser Considering how much you pay for colour at the hairdresser, you'd think they spiked their dyes with Dom Pérignon. Nope, the secret ingredients are conditioners that impart a shiny glow, says stylist, Patrick Prinzo. And stick with a shade that's one or two levels lighter than your natural hue. This way, the re-growth will be subtle, so you can go longer between colour applications.
Apply It Like A Pro
Protect and Preserve
Cover Up Roots
Cheap Save

Want to update your look with a new hairstyle? Click here for hairdressers near you.

Wed, 25 Jan 2012 12:00 +0200
Sex Up Your Style
Fresh, Flirty Ponies No longer just the go-to style when your hair won't behave, ponytails have become a red-carpet staple. 'They strike the perfect balance between playful and serious,' says celeb hairstylist, Kim Vo. New ways to rock a pony: Tease the crown for volume, gather loose curls low and to the side, or secure straight strands into a sleek tail. Spritz on a silicone-based spray.
Beyond-Basic Buns
Bombshell Braids
Superhot Textured Bobs

Wed, 04 Jan 2012 12:00 +0200
Sexy Strand Styles
PRETTIEST WAVES Whether you want cascading curls, killer coils, or something in-between, we have tons of tantalising effects.

Cool Crisp: Use a curling iron to clamp down horizontally on the hair to make indentations, says celeb stylist Frédéric Fekkai. Alternately placing the barrel over and under creates a ripple effect.

Curvy Ends: Blowdry damp locks with a round brush, then create a centre parting and roll each side inwardly in one big Velcro roller, Fekkai advises. Dry the rolled sections for five minutes, then release and finger-style the bend towards your chin.

Retro Rolls: Wrap all of your hair in medium-hot rollers, 5-cm sections at a time. Place the roller over each piece so the curls will point upwards. Let the hair cool, unroll, and create a side parting.

Springy Spirals: Curl wide sections of hair with a big barrel curling iron with a pin. Spray and let cool, unroll, and hit the ends again for extra bounce. Using your fingers, create a loose, zig-zag parting, Fekkai says.

Tousled Tendrils: Starting halfway down your strands, wrap a big section around a large curling iron to create a soft, wavy texture. Repeat the move all over, suggests Fekkai.

Wed, 14 Dec 2011 12:00 +0200
Beautiful Braids
Unlike the weave, styling options for braids are endless - plus, you can swim with them without worrying about ruining your hair. Choosing braids for the party season will require some daily maintenance, though.

Here's how to keep your braids intact and make sure they maintain their fresh look throughout long and sticky summer days.

Before You Braid If you choose to relax your hair, make sure to do so two weeks prior to avoid damaging your hair.

Give your hair a deep conditioning treatment at least a week before braiding to ensure your hair is well nourished.

As Kofi Boahene from Kofi’s Hair Salon in Gugulethu, Cape Town advises, 'If your hair is overworked, stressed and weak, give yourself a hot oil treatment - preferably one with Vitamin E. Vitamin E is formulated to treat dry, stressed and damaged hair by reconstructing the bonds that support the hair strands'.

Make sure that the style you choose is suitable for your hair type. If you already have damaged or weak hair, choosing a style like micro-braids will damage your hair more. It's best to ask your hairstylist to advise you on what styles are most suitable for you.
After You Braid

Wed, 23 Nov 2011 12:00 +0200
One Hairstyle, Three Looks
Your Look: Long and Layered 1. Playful Bounce
Work a texturising spray through wet hair and scrunch as you blow it dry. Then slide on a head-band, lift up the hair behind the head-band and spritz the roots there with volumiser. Blast quickly with hot air to create body. 'This is a fun weekend option, and the head-band adds extra polish,' says stylist, Frédéric Fekkai.

2. Breezy Braid
Although this spellbinding style contains twists and turns, 'it has an unfussy, natural feel,' says Fekkai. Start by braiding a section of hair horizontally in front of your crown. Gradually incorporate more strands, making the braid looser as you go. When you reach the nape of your neck, pull to one side and secure with pins.

3. Two Sleek Twists
Rub styling cream onto damp hair, and blow it out with a round brush. Part in the middle, then twist back two 15 centimetre sections at both temples. Secure each twist with a bobby pin, tucking it discreetly into the coil so it's hidden. 'This look is dressy enough for a date, but also casual for day,' says Fekkai.
Your Look: Short and Fine
Your Look: Full and Curly
Your Look: Slightly Wavy

Wed, 02 Nov 2011 12:00 +0200
Trim Salon Costs
Love Your Cut For Longer When choosing a hairstyle, consider a cut that will look even more gorgeous as it grows out, says stylist Antonio Prieto. He recommends a mid-length do with long, swingy layers that blend together. 'The style is soft and romantic, even after weeks and weeks,' he notes. Short, choppy shags or pixie cuts, while equally sexy, tend to lose their shape quickly and require serious upkeep - think, trims every three to four weeks.
Cheat On Your Stylist a Little
Do It Yourself
Be Careful With Hot Tools
Take Good Care

Wed, 19 Oct 2011 12:00 +0200
Score Gorgeous Hair Now
Frizz Fighters Lock In Extra Hydration
When your strands are dried out they draw moisture from the air, creating frizz. Dr Jeni Thomas, a chemist who specialises in hair care, says to combat the problem with a nourishing shampoo. Lather and let suds soak in for an extra minute.

If You Can't Stop It, Style It
On lazy days, make your texture work for you with a half-back do. Leave hair loose around your shoulders, and sweep up the puffy portion.

Stand Up For Your Strands
Don't flip your head upside down when blow-drying. 'Although it's great for volume, doing so also roughs up the cuticle and creates fuzz,' says stylist Christina Cipro. 'Instead, stand up, and aim your nozzle downward to keep the shaft sleek.'
Colour-Saving Tricks
Shine Boosters
Finishing Touches

Tue, 16 Aug 2011 12:00 +0200
Clamp and Curl 1. 'Begin with freshly washed and blow-dried hair,' says hair stylist Anthony Nader. Next, hair stylist Dario Cotroneo suggests: 'Prepare hair for heat styling by lightly spraying a
thermal protector to deflect damage and maintain silky hair.'

2. Part hair where desired. Then, starting at the nape, divide hair into sections - the size of each section will depend on your hair type and the amount of curl you're after. Clip up the rest so it's out of the way.

3. 'While holding a section with one hand, use the other hand to clamp the section on the roots, making sure the styler is parallel to your section,' says Cotroneo.

4. Rotate the styler 180 degrees and slowly glide it through to the ends. Continue in sections, finishing with the crown and front. 'Ensure the movement is fluid, not jerky. The quicker you do it, the looser the curl; the slower you do it, the tighter the curl,' says Nader.

5. To finish, rake fingers though to separate, then mist with holding spray.

Tue, 05 Jul 2011 12:00 +0200
The Top Nine
1. Find a stylist you can talk to. While it's great if you can chat about your boyfriend issues, if you're too scared to tell him/her that you're not happy with the cut or you feel bullied into buying products - end the relationship and keep looking. You'll eventually find The One.

2. Ponytails are lifesavers - for those days when you've overslept and just don't have time to wash your hair.

3. Dry shampoo is your best friend, especially if your roots tend to get greasy quickly. It not only saves you time, but damage from extra heat styling. Simply spray and massage into your roots. (TRY: Batiste Dry Shampoo, R59.99)

4. Invest in a clip-in hairpiece. Kim Kardashian's long locks are probably as real as her lovely long lashes, so stop obsessing. Throw away those hair growing pills and potions and just clip in and go! (TRY: Nicci G Clip-In Hair Extensions, from R2 200. Available at

5. Find your magic formula. You know those days when the hair Gods are feeling generous and your hair turns out fabulous? Trace your steps and remember what shampoo and conditioner you used, how you styled it and if you used any styling products.

6. Mix and match. It's not necessary to use matching shampoo, conditioner and styling aids from the same brand. I can hear hairdressers gasping, but seriously, there's no harm done in using a cheaper shampoo with a more high-end conditioner. In fact, it's a thrifty move too.

7. Do look after your ends. There's nothing worse (for me) than standing behind a big bad bush in a shopping queue. Regular trims and masking at home are integral. Ask your salon to do a treatment before your cut or ask about keratin and collagen treatments as a long-term smoothing option. (TRY: La-Brasiliana Keratin Treatment With Collagen, call 011 463 9912 or visit for more details).

8. Love your hair and work with what you've got. If you have a style that needs flat-ironing every day, it's not working for your hair type - and neither is your hairdresser. And if...

9. walk into a salon and notice everyone walking out with flat-iron happy, super-straight hair (including the hairdressers), chances are you'll end up with a high-maintenance cut! Turn on your heels and run.

Tue, 28 Jun 2011 12:00 +0200
Perfect Hair Tips

1. 'For extra body, wait until hair is completely dry, then take small sections and spray at the roots with a firm-hold hairspray and dry again, lifting the hair away from the direction it would naturally fall.'
- Mark Hayes, international creative director for Vidal Sassoon

2. 'Make the best of what you have, rather than damaging your hair trying to turn it into something it isn't. Healthy, shiny, well-conditioned hair - whether it's curly, straight, long or short - is what you should be aiming for.'
- Sam McKnight, ambassador for Pantene

3. 'Don't wash thick hair every day, as this will strip it of its natural oils. lnstead, rinse every other day, but apply a conditioner to the ends for a moisture surge.'
- Mark Hayes

4. 'Never brush curly hair while you're drying it - this will only lead to serious frizz and zero shine.'
- Lee Stafford, celebrity hairdresser

5. 'Warm styling product in your hands before distributing evenly through hair - it will work better and more efficiently.'
- Richard Ward, celebrity hairdresser

6. 'For a tight ponytail, damp down white parcel string with water, hold the ponytail in position and tightly wrap the hair with the string and tie. As the string dries, it'll swell and secure the ponytail.'
- Adam Reed, creative manager at Charles Worthington

7. 'Alternate your shampoos - if you have coloured and fine hair, use a shampoo for coloured hair one day, then use one for fine hair the next day to get the best of both formulas.'
- Frédéric Fekkai, international celebrity hairdresser

8. 'Invest in a professional hairdryer - salon dryers are 3200 watt, and most consumer models are 1800 watt, so you'll be able to style your hair in half the time.'
- Richard Ward

9. 'To reduce static, use a mixed-bristle brush to smooth the hair, after you've sprayed it lightly with a light-hold spray, then brush through. This will leave hair ultra-glossy and static-free.'
- Adam Reed

10. 'If you see a woman with hair you love, ask who her stylist is, then visit for a blow-
dry only - don't commit to a cut. If you like what they do with your hair, you could book in for a trim.'
- Frédéric Fekkai

11. 'Wash your hair properly - never rinse out shampoo or conditioner with bath water.' - Nicky Clarke, celebrity hairstylist

12. 'Most people think you should condition coloured hair to death after you've been swimming, but the most important step is to shampoo out all the chlorine first.'
- Lisa Shepherd, hairdresser

Thu, 19 May 2011 12:00 +0200
The Perfect Bun classes and ballet-inspired fashion (see page 25 of the April 2011 issue of COSMOPOLITAN), everyone is following the trend. If you want to perfect this chic and sophisticated look, we thought it best the experts teach you how to recreate the perfect bun.

Shampoo your hair with moisturising anti-freeze hair products, says Marios Atzemoglou, owner of Marios Company For Hair in Cape Town. (TRY: Juvexin Balancing Shampoo and Moisturising Conditioner, R240).

Step #2
Apply a small amount of serum throughout your hair for an easy and smooth blow-dry, he says. (TRY: Juvexin Serum, R380). Using a large brush, dry your hair completely until it's smooth, he adds.

Step #3
Comb your hair back and tie it into a tight pony, he says. If you like the wet look, you can use a bit of gloss spray too, he adds. (TRY: REF Gloss Spray, R205).

Step #4
Start twisting your pony around your hair band and secure with as many grips as you need, says Atzemoglou. 'Make sure it is smooth and tight. Use enough hairspray to help you.' (TRY: REF Hold Hairspray, R205). 'Finish your look with gold or silver glitter for a touch of glamour.'

Thu, 17 Mar 2011 12:00 +0200
Hot Hair
Twisted Sister Side-partings can be teamed with simple, twisted up-dos. Top stylist Sam McKnight says, 'A side-parting prevents an up-do looking too "Princess".'

And where you place it depends on your face shape, according to Edwards. 'lf you have a round face, part your hair closer to the centre,' he says. 'Long faces are better off with a deep parting close to the ear. Strong features are softened with a sweeping, side-parted fringe.' The other essential is to give hair 'guts', says Edwards. 'lf hair is too clean and soft, the parting will slip.'

'For a cute bun up-do, scrunch a mousse through damp hair or mist with setting lotion, then let it air-dry for natural texture,' says Edwards. 'Part hair, then rake it back with your fingers and tie in a low ponytail. Braid the tail, twist it around its base and secure your bun with grips.'
Show Pony
Sugar Spun

Mon, 07 Mar 2011 12:00 +0200
A-List Locks Black Swan star, Mila Kunis's sophisticated up-do and the classic movie-star glam of Mad Men's January Jones. With the help of Marios Atzemoglou, owner of Marios Company For Hair, we'll help you recreate both of these A-list looks for your big night out.

MILA KUNIS Step 1: 'Wash your hair with a moisturising shampoo and a small amount of moisturising conditioner,' says Atzemoglou. (TRY: REF Moisture Shampoo and REF Moisture Conditioner, R185).

Step 2: Take a handful of mousse and apply it throughout your hair, he says. (TRY: REF Mousse, R205).

Step 3: Get your hair 30% dry and insert large rollers from top to bottom, making sure to cover your whole head, he explains. Not sure where to start? Start rolling from the end of each strand until you reach the root, he says.

Step 4: With your rollers firmly in place, blow-dry your hair for 15-20 minutes, he says. This will ensure your hair will set properly, he adds. 'Once complete, leave the rollers in place for about two hours to allow your hair to dry completely.'

Step 5: When you take out the rollers, he suggests using a big, flat brush to comb your hair until the curls become a large, soft wave.

Step 6: To finish off your new look, he says, part your hair to one side and apply a small amount of smoothing cream to create a silky effect. (TRY: REF Stay Smooth, R205). Add a touch of hairspray and you're good to go! (TRY: REF Hold & Shine, R205).

Wed, 09 Feb 2011 12:00 +0200
Head-Turning Colour
'Extreme colours are too funky,' agrees colourist Rita Hazan who looks after J.Lo. 'It's all about natural tone on tone, subtle, youthful and sexy shades.' This approach to colouring will also make your skin look radiant and your eyes sparkle, in the same way perfect 'no-make-up make-up' brings out your best features.

Here's how to get beautiful mega-shiny hair that looks just as nature intended.

Brunettes Skin-Tone Specific
When choosing colour, think in both warm and cool tones - what effect will they have on your complexion? 'Cold, ashy hues downplay redness in the face, while warm shades brighten dull skin tones,' says Robin.

Show Me The Light
Hair naturally has different colour variations; if you go too dark you saturate it and lose your natural tones, which can look heavy and drab. Give your hair contrast by adding tiny highlights.

Chop, Chop
Get your ends trimmed. 'Fried, broken ends grab more colour as they're porous,' says senior hair scientist, Steve Shiel. Prevent hair from drying out and splitting with a good colour treatment. Ask your stylist to suggest one.

Stay Vibrant
As the weeks go by, your colour will become duller. This is especially noticeable on dark hair as it has more shine potential than lighter hair. Maximise your shine power by using a glossing conditioner.

Thu, 03 Feb 2011 12:00 +0200
Head For The Hills The Hills. Here, let Marios Atzemoglou, owner of Cape Town salon, Marios Company for Hair, guide you through perfecting two of the stars' greatest looks.

Wash your hair with moisturising shampoo and conditioner (TRY: REF Moisture Shampoo, R146.95 and Moisture Conditioner, R146.95).

Step 2
From root to tip, apply a handful of mousse into your hair and dry (TRY: REF Styling Mousse, R188.95).

Step 3
Use a large brush and blow-wave big sections of your hair until it feels smooth.

Step 4
Tease slightly from your roots to your tips. Using one hand to hold your hair, use your other hand to smooth the roots.

Step 5
Start twisting the length of your hair to get the loose, wavy effect. While you're twisting, use clips to hold your hair in place. Spray wax is a very helpful product to perfect this style (TRY: REF Spray Wax, R205).

Step 6
Spray your hair to finish the look, making sure to pull out small sections of your hair to optimise the messy effect (TRY: REF Hold Hairspray, R188.95).

Mon, 15 Nov 2010 12:00 +0200
Perfect Party Styles
PARTY PONY 'To add interest to your ponytail and make it look finished, work a volumising mousse through your hair before you blow-dry, then create loose waves with a pair of tongs,' says hairstylist to the stars, John Francis. 'Now pull all the strands back from eye level, so your ponytail sits neither too low nor too high. Don't scrape it back on top of your head so it goes flat - leave it with some height. Tie with a band, then split your ponytail in two. Loop the top half around so that you have a big, voluminous bun, and pin it against your scalp. Then make a smaller loop with a longer tail in the bottom section and pin it under the tail of the top loop. Result: a super-voluminous and ultra-glamorous party hair do.'

Tue, 02 Nov 2010 12:00 +0200
Supermodel Hair
Agyness Deyn This look is best suited to those who have manageable straight or slightly wavy hair, says Hill.
Step 1: While you hair is still damp, work in a glob of straightening cream. (TRY: Greenlight Anti-Frizz Straightening Cream, R80).
Step 2: Blow-dry from your crown outward in all directions, either using a small or flat brush, or even just your fingers. You want it sitting around your face.
Step 3: Run some serum through your hair and lightly tousle it. (TRY: Joico Shine Serum, R252).
Step 4: For those with more stubborn curls, use a flatiron and be sure to give your locks a light spritz of heat protectant. (TRY: Joico Like Silk Thermal Smoother, R145). Tip: At the back of your hair, try to achieve a natural lift at your crown by inserting your flatiron right at the root and immediately twisting downwards. This will allow for a slight curve in the fall of your hair.
Miranda Kerr
Adriana Lima

Wed, 13 Oct 2010 12:00 +0200
Beverly Hills Hair 90210's stars' luscious hairstyles. There is one for every occasion.

Annalynne McCord This is an easy style that can be worn for all occasions, says Marios Atzemoglou, owner of Marios Company For Hair in Cape Town.

Step 1
Wash your hair with a shampoo best suited to your hair, he says. (TRY: SERI Pro-Vitamin B5 Shampoo, R155). Once done, wash your locks, using only a few drops of conditioner, he adds.

Step 2
Using your fingers, apply a small amount of mousse through your hair and dry it completely. (TRY: SERI Extra Strong Hold Styling Gel, R170)

Step 3
Use a flat iron with a wavy plate, as this will help to create McCord’s wavy look, Atzemoglou says. In order to create body, comb your hair with a big brush, he adds.

Step 4
Atzemoglou suggests spraying a small amount of styling mist to keep your look intact. (TRY: SERI Vapo Lac Strong Hold, R140)

Step 5
Create a side path and pull your hair into a ponytail, he adds.
Jessica Stroup
Jessica Lowndes

Fri, 03 Sep 2010 12:00 +0200
Festival Hair
Emma Watson Festival: Glastonbury, England

‘The goal here is scruffy-pretty,’ says Robyn Hill, owner of strangelove salon in Stellenbosch.

Step 1: Spray a few squirts of hair mist onto your damp tresses before you finish drying it, says Hill. (TRY: R.E.F Ocean Mist, R150).

Step 2: Section your hair into three chunks on one side of your head.

Step 3: Loosely plait towards the back of your head, pulling in the rest of your locks as you go, she adds.

Step 4: Pull your hair over your shoulder and secure it a few centimetres from the ends to get a wispy tail.

Step 5: ‘If your plait is a bit on the tight or neat side, gently backcomb and coax a few wisps out here and there,’ Hill says. ‘This will help your plait to appear fuller and less “done”.’
Corinne Bailey Rae
Beyoncé Knowles

Tue, 10 Aug 2010 12:00 +0200
Stand in front of a well-lit mirror. Slick your hair back into a tight ponytail so you have no hair on, or over, your face. Look at how the outline of your face and the size and shape of your forehead compare to your cheeks and chin. Now, using a bar of soap, trace the outline of your face directly onto the mirror. Stand back and analyse the outline you created to exactly determine your true face shape.

Youre oval if the length of your face is equal to one-and-a-quarter times the width.

Youre round if your face is about as wide as it is long.

Youre heart-shaped if you are narrow at the jaw line, and wide at the cheekbones and/or forehead.

Youre square if your face is as wide as it is long, and you have a strong jaw and hairline.

Now you know your shape, get the best cut ever!

As your face shape is extremely versatile, anything short, long, straight or curly suits you. A good tip is to pick your favourite feature (chin, cheekbones, lips) and get some soft layers cut around that area for maximum impact.

Short layers that add height to your head can make your face look a lot longer than it is. And if your hair is thick or curly, avoid any kind of blunt cut to save yourself from looking like a pyramid.

Wed, 04 Aug 2010 12:00 +0200
Happy Hair Is your hair in good shape – not just shiny, but strong? Read on if you're not too sure...

Strand Science 101 If you put a strand of your hair under the microscope, a healthy shaft boasts tightly-packed scales with very few cracks, and would appear shiny and hydrated. A slightly damaged strand is likely the result of friction from shampooing and combing the hair. But a damaged hair shaft is the most common type of all.
Why So Dry and What To Do
Products To The Rescue

Mon, 26 Jul 2010 12:00 +0200
The Perfect Winter Cut Love. However, women, such as supermodel Kate Moss, are now going for a stronger look that requires little maintenance, he says.

Kate Moss’s messy bob makes use of a deep, side parting – this creates an asymmetrical style without having to cut your hair, he explains. The look can handle variations in colour, from black or bleached to light blonde and anything in between, he says. ‘It’s feminine and manageable and looks good done or undone.’

So, you’ve got the cut, but you’re not sure how to style it? Tilley shares four easy steps to master the messy bob.

Step #1 Shampoo and condition your hair using the Pantene Pro-V range (R32.99 each).
Step #2
Step #3
Step #4

Wed, 07 Jul 2010 12:00 +0200
Model Treatment
We asked some of South Africa's leading beauties about their number one hair treatments.

JOELLE KAYEMBE The Treatment: ‘My natural hair gets washed and treated using Dark and Lovely. My stylist plaits or corn-rows my hair in order to make it as flat as possible. After disinfecting the baby hairline to remove excess oil, she uses hair glue to fasten a lace weave. She holds it down for a minute or two until the glue settles.’

The Style: ‘I like to divide my hair into four sections and curl it into four big curls. It’s quick and gives my hair a more natural twist. I like to wear my hair in a side parting with a bun on the opposite side of the fringe when I go out.’

Joelle Recommends: ‘After I blow dry my hair, I use the Dark and Lovely Oil Moisturiser Lotion (R23.99).’

A Word From Her Stylist: When stylist, Chelimo Lupafya does Joelle’s hair, her single motto is ‘She must look camera ready at any moment. To achieve this on her Indian Remy Lace Wig, I use TRESemme Salon Silk Shampoo (R11.99 per 100ml), fortified with vitamin H and almonds. This leaves the hair feeling and looking silky with a natural shine. Just before styling with a wide-barrel curling iron, I apply a generous amount of TRESemme Heat Defence Styling Spray (R19.99 per 100ml), which contains heat-activated ingredients to protect hair when drying or curling. To keep the weave just a little more moisturised, I apply Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum (R265 per 150ml). Finally, a light spray of TRESemme Hairspray Firm Hold (R59.99 per 500ml) keeps the style in place without causing that stiff 1980s look.’

Mon, 14 Jun 2010 12:00 +0200
Heidi's Chopped Crop
This style will work with almost every face shape, says Hill. However, if your face is square, be wary, she warns. 'A bob might add heaviness to your jaw line.

'Ask for a collarbone-grazing, layered bob with an eyebrow-dusting, full, side-swept fringe,' advises Hill. In order to get a subtle blend from blunt to feathered, make sure your stylist cuts blunt layers through the jaw line section and lightly razors your hair throughout the top layers, no higher than your cheekbone, she says. Your fringe should be full, yet softly textured to avoid it looking too heavy.

Once you've got the bob, you'll want to be able to maintain Heidi's just-styled look without the fuss. Here, Hill shows you how to keep your bob looking fabulous in five, easy steps.

1. Run your fingers through your hair to separate the strands and dry it a little before flatironing. Make sure you use a good hair protector. (TRY: FHI Hot Sauce, R150).
2. While flatironing, polish out the top few layers and allow for a soft tousle below your jaw line.
3. Cool your hair with your hairdryer from above, in order to flatten your new fringe.
4. From the front, blow cool air into your face so you gently blow hair away from your face for effect.
5. Finally, run a coin-sized blob of wax through the ends and tweak into place. (TRY: Joico's Crème Wax Shine, R185 per 50ml).

Tue, 04 May 2010 12:00 +0200
Lively Locks Marios Company For Hair in Cape Town, shows us how to recreate two of Blake Lively’s red carpet hairstyles. Whether you want a stylish plaited up-do for a date with your new guy, or feel like letting your hair down in a soft curl, let the expert show you how.



Fri, 23 Apr 2010 12:00 +0200
Minki's Style Secrets 1. THE CUT
Currently, Minki is sporting the 'Mika' haircut, which consists of six layers blended with a long sweeping asymmetrical fringe. This haircut is versatile, as it suits most face shapes and can be worn sleek or wavy. The layers add movement and texture to fine, lacklustre hair and helps frame round and long faces. The sweeping asymmetrical fringe is best suited to a round face shape, unlike a thick, eye-skimming fringe, as this can make a wide face look even wider.

Make sure you treat your hair before you colour it. The next time you visit your salon, ask for the in-salon Chemistry Extreme treatment from Redken (between R240 and R415). It's a three-phase pure protein formula for fine, limp hair that will fortify and strengthen your locks, build up its internal condition, and prepare it for colouring.

To create Minki's light and natural look, Hackett uses a highlight technique that makes use of foils and lowlights called 'balayage', which means to 'paint' the darker colour in with a shade lighter. This technique creates the illusion of depth and volume, and enhances your existing hair colour. To get Minki's sexy colour, first apply the highlights and then balayage in a beige brown.

One of Minki's greatest style secrets is to use a paddle brush, as it's one of the best ways to straighten long locks. It's like flat-ironing your hair, except this way, you get more volume around the scalp area. Although predominantly aimed at mid-length to long hair, paddle brushes also work wonders on short, thick hair too.

For curls, Minki likes to use a Cloud 9 Flatiron (from R1 999), or hot rollers to glam up her look. She especially likes the 'old-Hollywood' feel – a deep side parting with subtle waves and tons of shine.

When she needs to make a red carpet appearance, Minki prefers a chic up-do. This look has a clean, no-fuss line with a simple shape. Make use of the 'spaghetti' blow-dry technique, mastered by twisting small sections of your hair around a brush, exactly as you would do if you ate spaghetti. This creates a casual wave when you wear your hair down and also helps in gaining more volume on fine hair when you're doing a soft up-do.

Minki uses hair extensions or hair additions when she needs length or volume. Extensions can be coloured to suit any shade of hair. Best of all, they make a statement, whether they're permanent or clip-in.

Minki's favourite styling aid is Redken Iron Repair (R290), a product containing xylose sugars that crystallise with heat. It has a dual action, as it improves the condition of your hair and protects it from high temperatures. Minki also loves to use Flatliner from Schwarzkopf (R284).

Try Paul Hackett Shine Glimmer (R293) to finish off your look. It will leave your hair looking sleek and chic and also tame those dreaded flyaway hairs.

Use shampoo, conditioner and treatments specially created for highlighted and colour-treated hair. By doing so, you will keep your hair shiny, bouncy colour-maintained. In order to look after your colour, especially with blonde hair like Minki's, do a 'halo' service every four weeks and touch up your parting and hairline. It will maintain the magic. ]]>
Tue, 30 Mar 2010 12:00 +0200
The Hair Diet
Water makes up one-fourth of the weight of a strand of hair and makes the hair supple. A key point is NOT to wait until you're thirsty. If you're thirsty, it means your body has already lost more water than it should have, and it's urging you to fill up your tank. Water not only hydrates your body, but helps keep your hair silky and shiny.

Protein is the building block of hair, so for healthy-looking hair, you need to include a lot of protein in your diet. Protein will give the shaft more strength, and will reduce the likelihood of damage like snapping and splitting. You can get protein from foods like fish, meat, milk, cheese and cereals.

Iron helps carry oxygen to the hair and without it the follicles would die. This means that the goodness found in the root of your hair is much less effective along the length of the strand. You can increase your iron intake by eating red meat and dark green vegetables, or by taking iron supplements.

Zinc builds hair protein, which helps to prevent hair loss. Meat and seafood are the foods highest in zinc. Also, Copper affects the pigmentation of your hair and enhances your natural colour. Shellfish, liver, fresh vegetables, nuts, seeds and meat are all high in copper.


Vitamin A is great for your skin, but it will also help keep your scalp healthy. You can get vitamin A from vegetables like carrots. Vitamin B and C are important for good circulation, hair growth and hair colour. If you ensure that you have enough vitamin B and C, you'll have strong, supple strands of hair that won't split. You can get these vitamins from eating foods like fruit, vegetables, cereals, eggs, milk and bread. ]]>
Wed, 24 Mar 2010 12:00 +0200
Award-Winning Hair
We're used to seeing the Twilight actress dressed-down with her hair loose and flowing. But, at this year's Academy Awards, the starlet went for a glamorously simple up-do.

This style is beautifully swept up and away from the brow line and the neck, which accentuates Stewart's unique features, says Marios Atzemoglou, owner of Marios Company For Hair. He explains how you can perfect this graceful look in six hassle-free steps.

1. Wash your hair using a hair mask. TRY Seri Hair Mask Pro V B5 For Any Type (R190 per 250ml).
2. Apply gel, like Seri Maxitect Styling Gel Fixation (R140 per 200ml), to damp hair, so as not to completely remove all of the moisture.
3. Back comb the top section and smooth back.
4. Tie all of your hair back in a pony, using a section of your hair to secure the pony.
5. Twist the pony, securing each quarter section with grips until all of the ends are facing in.
6. Spray your style with hairspray to set the look. TRY Seri Maxitect Vapo Lac Normal Effect (R140 per 250ml).

>> Next: Cameron Diaz ]]>
Wed, 10 Mar 2010 12:00 +0200
The Coolest Cuts
Can't decide which one is best for you? See which of the statements you agree with below. Then read on to find out how to wear your chosen style.

They're right for you if... They're right for you if...
You have thin, fine hair and want more texture and body all over. You have small eyes and want to make them look bigger.
You have very thick hair that you want thinned out. You have a large forehead that you'd like to minimise.
You have a curly coif that tends to get poufy, frizzy, or undefined. You want a flirtier, more modern do that looks just as sexy pulled up as it does when it's down.
You're bored with your all-one-length locks but don't want to go shorter. You don't mind spending an extra five minutes styling them every morning.
You have no problem committing to using heat-protecting stylers and a weekly deep conditioner. You're willing to get monthly maintenance trims.

All-one-length strands may have looked good on Marcia Brady, but today's hottest stars are all about alluring, swinging hair that has tons of body. And the good news is, you don't have to be as tress-blessed as Courteney Cox Arquette to work this style. 'Anyone can wear layers, and incorporating some into your existing cut is the easiest way to give it a sexy, more modern look,' says Blandi. But not all layers are created equal. 'You have to match them to your natural hair texture,' he says. Here's how to know which kind is right for your mane type.
• If you have a curly coif, go for long, graduated layers all over your head to give your spirals definition so they are less frizz-prone.
• If your strands are superfine, make some of your layers around ear-length to get volume at the roots.
• If your mane is straight or kind of wavy and you want to make it look more shapely, add layers in the underneath section of your hair for a shaggy, bedhead look.
• If your locks are ultra-thick and you need to thin them out, ask your stylist to hold the scissors vertically while cutting the layers to take away the bulk.

The newest bangs range from long and blunt to side-swept and wispy, which means every girl can find a style that's perfect for her. 'Bangs will look good on just about anyone. The key is determining the type that best complements your face shape,' says Blandi. Here is his guide for figuring out which fringe is ideal for you:
• If your face is round, the most flattering effect is long, feathery bangs that curve into your face to minimize your full cheeks and add contour to your features.
• If your face is long, go for blunt brow-level bangs that cover your forehead and create the illusion of a more oval-shaped face. Also, ask your stylist to add longer layers at the sides.
• If your face is square, check out long, side-swept bangs that taper into layers near your jaw. This style will help soften the angles of your face.
• Snip tip: Make sure your stylist sees your locks when they're dry first, since hair is longer when it's wet. You don't want the stylist to screw up and snip off too much. ]]>
Mon, 01 Mar 2010 12:00 +0200
Colour is the New Black
Trendy, off-the-shelf shades: Golden Blonde and Chestnut Blonde by Dark and Lovely.
Pros: These shades brighten and lighten brown hair; giving it a sexy, holidayish look.
Cons: The more peroxide hair takes, the more brittle it becomes. If hair is relaxed, the lightening process is even more damaging. ‘It’s safer just to add blonde highlight,’ says Noeleen Burger of Soft Sheen Carson.
Weave it in: Safer still are blonde weaves or hair extensions. ‘With these you can go as light as you like without causing harm,’ says Burger.
Wig it: A fair wig of hair looks awesome with dark skin.

Trendy, off-the-shelf shades: Natural Black by TCB, Go Black by Wella.
Pros: Dark shades are great for covering an earlier colour treatment that’s fading.
Cons: Once you’ve gone this dark, it’s hard to go lighter again. Hair may have to be colour-stripped, which is hard on it.
Weave it in: A black weave can give a more natural effect, as your own hair colour keeps it from looking too uniform and severe.
Wig it: This allows you to lighten up again any time. Remember to keep looking after your own hair, especially if you wear a wig often.

Trendy, off-the-shelf shades: Mahogany by TCB and Roasted Chestnut by Dark and Lovely.
Pros: Adding these warm shades to brown hair leaves it looking more vibrant but not radically different.
Cons: lf your natural colour is dark, your hair must be bleached first – and doing two chemical treatments isn’t good for it.
Weave it in: A brown weave in dark hair has the same effect as highlighting, with less damage.
Wig it: Brown is the most subtle colour for a wig.

Trendy, off-the-shelf shades: Red Hot Mary by Dark and Lovely, Copper Reds by TCB and Racy Wine Spiced Cognac by Caivil.
Pros: Dying ethnic hair red creates a striking effect, especially over a light, natural colour. Expect to be noticed!
Cons: It’s difficult to successfully colour naturally very dark hair red. Don’t be tempted to leave the dye on longer than recommended – all you’ll get is a red-stained scalp, warns Fûn Robertson of Jabula in Cape Town.
Weave it in: The most popular red weave has a maroon tinge that works well with all shades of brown. It’ll make your own hair look livelier and fuller.
Wig it: If you want a head of flame-red hair, a wig is a much safer option than a harsh chemical treatment. Just don’t choose one that makes you look like Ronald McDonald!

• When colouring ethnic hair that’s been relaxed, go one or two shades darker or lighter – anything more will cause too much damage, says Burger.
• If you want to colour hair just after it’s been relaxed, use a semi-permanent dye. To avoid breakage, wait two weeks before using a permanent dye, says Shaka of Shaka’s Hair Museum in Soweto.
• Hair that’s been coloured tends to get dry and brittle, so it’s important to condition it well, says Brian Warfield of Johannesburg’s Mzizi Salon. ‘A cotton pillowcase dries out hair – use a silk one instead.’
• ‘It’s important to go for a hair treatment about a week after colouring it, to help retain moisture,’ says Robertson.
Mon, 08 Feb 2010 12:00 +0200
Stressed Hair
Excessive heat hurts fine, coloured, porous and dry hair, says Frichol. ‘Even blondes, who have about 40 000 more individual strands of hair than people with darker hair, have finer and more delicate hair, making it highly susceptible to heat damage.’

When using a styling iron, keep an eye on the temperature settings. According to recent research, temperatures above 200º C speeds up colour fade and can even wreck hair structure.

‘You should principally never use temperatures above 200º C,’ says Frichol. ‘But the right temperature depends on your personal hair type and desired style.’

If you have fine hair, don’t exceed 160º C and normal or coloured hair shouldn’t go over 180º C. If your hair is thick and coarse, adjust your temperature settings to between 180º C and 200º C. If you hit the 230º C mark, you reduce the strength and elasticity of your hair by 50%. Permanently.

Because we’re always concentrating on looking after our skin and lathering on the SPF when we’re in the sun, we often forget to protect our hair from UV rays. Although it’s been said that applying sunscreen to your hair is effective, it’s not a good idea, according to a Wella Professional Hair expert. And don’t simply use a leave in-conditioner or mask, Wella suggests a good styling aid with a UV filter like Wella High Hair Gloss Serum (R220).

If your hair is chemically treated, Wella warns you to be especially careful when you’re frolicking by the pool. When you’re in the sun, your hair is more porous and therefore more vulnerable to the damaging effects of the sun and chlorine. When you’re out of the water, don’t reach for your hairbrush. Use a comb on wet hair, brushing places too much tension on the hair shaft and can lead to breakage.

Imagine this: You’re looking gorgeous and are about to hit the town with your girls, except for one thing; your hair’s just pulled a frizz-fest!

Keep your hair in tiptop condition and it’ll be easier to manage and less likely to get frizzy. Try applying a deep conditioner five minutes before you get under the shower. ‘It will penetrate better if you use it on dry hair,’ says New York celebrity stylist Ted Gibson. Wash it out using a hydrating shampoo and then apply a regular conditioner. Before you blow-dry, apply Healthy Sexy hair Soy Smoothie Bodifying Lotion (R180) to your hair. It works by depositing a thin layer of fattening polymers on each hair. Give the impression of thicker hair by blow-drying it upside down – this adds some oomph at the roots. Dry curly hair with a dryer set on low heat.

Wait as long as you can between dye jobs, suggests Gibson, especially if hair is damaged. Once a week, mix a tablespoon each of lemon juice and white vinegar into your normal amount of shampoo for megawatt gleam. And if you have split ends, apply olive oil to them and rinse it out after a few minutes. ]]>
Wed, 03 Feb 2010 12:00 +0200
Get an Extension
What are they?
Lengths of 100%-human hair.
The lowdown
The hair is sewn or glued onto your natural hair. Most salons use hot glue. ‘We use a glue gun to bond the extensions to the roots of the hair‚ says hairdresser Brian Warfield of Mzizi Hair in Johannesburg. While sewn-in extensions cause the least damage to your natural hair, a more advanced method fuses the hair with your own. ‘Your own hair is pre-tipped with a patented bond with a similar composition to that of human hair‚ says Ivy Wong of Great Lengths, a national distributor of 100%-human hair. ‘When the bond melts, it attaches the extension.’
‘Fusion extensions are slightly more expensive than other methods but they’re the most durable, flexible and natural-looking‚’ says Johannesburg hairstylist Nana Agyekum of the Sun Hair and Nail Bar.
‘Wash and style as you would your own hair,’ says Wong. ‘Human-hair extensions can be blow-dried, tonged or flat-ironed but use the correct brushes and professional products recommended by the salon,’ she says. Human-hair extensions will last between three and six months before you have enough regrowth to need to go back to the salon.
Application at a salon costs between R3 000 and R7 000, depending on the length of the hair.

What are they?

Each extension has a little comb that clips onto your own hair. ‘You can attach them yourself and add instant length and volume,’ says Wong. Just find the correct colour and texture to match your natural hair.
The lowdown
If your clip-in extensions are made of synthetic fibres, dip them in hot water and then apply styling aids to set your style, but don’t use heat, as they will melt. Human-hair clip-ins can be treated like human hair.
‘Clip-ins made of human or synthetic hair can be washed with a gentle shampoo and left to dry naturally,’ says Agyekum. They can last up to a year, depending on the quality and how often you wear and wash them.
Prices vary depending on the quality and length of the extensions.

What are they?

Braids made from synthetic fibres are plaited into your natural hair.
The lowdown
The braiding process can take from 10 hours to two days, depending on the size of the plaits and how quickly your hairdresser works.
Have your hair washed at a salon at least every three to four weeks. ‘Braids are not supposed to be washed frequently, as this can damage the natural hair. For best results, use methylated spirits to clean the scalp weekly,’ says Agyekum. At night, plait your hair gently or cover your head with a stocking to reduce tension. Ask your hairdresser for an oil spray to prevent a dry scalp. Braids shouldn’t be kept in longer than 12 weeks.
The braids will cost you anywhere from R50, but having them plaited in will cost you more.

What are they?

A weft of either human or synthetic hair is stitched onto a corn row. (Corn rows are tight rows of plaits close to the scalp.)
The lowdown
‘The extension is sewn into the corn row, leaving the little plaits hidden,’ says Warfield. ‘This is the most commonly used method for ethnic hair, as it causes the least tension on the natural hair,’ he says.
‘Use methylated spirits to clean the scalp weekly and have it washed at a salon every two weeks,’ says Agyekum. ‘Your hairdresser should also make sure that the corn row underneath is completely dry before styling.’ As your own hair grows, the weave needs to be readjusted and tightened. A weave will last a maximum of eight weeks.
Weaves will cost you between R600 and R1 500. ]]>
Wed, 27 Jan 2010 12:00 +0200
Horror Hair have to ask, what were they thinking?!

We’re accustomed to an ever elegant Scarlett Johansson looking radiant with long, curled locks or a sleek up-do. This 1992-style cut, however, is far from the flattering images we usually admire. The golden blonde colour is completely wrong for her skin tone, making her look pasty and pale. And her visibly dull brown roots don’t help either.
Style Rule: Think of your skin tone before you think of your next hair colour.

While the troubled songstress usually pulls off a ‘60s beehive, there are limits to the style. Messy and natural styles are certainly trendy this season, but this tangled up-do is more like a bird’s nest than a beehive. Dry, split ends and too much hairspray has gotten Amy Winehouse’s picture snapped for all the wrong reasons.
Style Rule: Don’t be too extravagant with your style; sometimes it’s best to stick to the age-old rule: less is more.

London’s favourite pop star, Lily Allen, is better known (thankfully) for her chocolate blunt cut fringe than this fashion faux pas. The straight purple-pink hair leaves the British beauty looking anything but striking. Not only does her hair look like crimson straw, the cut is far too symmetrical and leaves no room for natural flow.
Style Rule: Colourful hair is still not cool.

We’re used to seeing Pink with some crazy styles, and because of her vivacious personality she pulls it off. This time, though, the blue streak combined with the greying blonde isn’t working. A pixie crop can look beautiful, but if you’re going for a short cut, do it right. Leaving a dodgy pouf to pin back is not flattering for anyone, Pink included.
Style Rule: Seek professional advice before setting your heart on a drastic cut.

This image of Brit and her bald head is one the world became so used to seeing splashed all over the tabloids – gone were Britney Spears’ long strawberry blonde locks. While a shaved head can look beautiful (think Alek Wek and Natalie Portman), Britney just couldn’t pull it off.
Style Rule: A shaved head is not for everyone, so think carefully before you take to your clipper.

Better known for her cute pixie cut, it seems Kelly Rowland hasn’t been thinking clearly lately and has gone back in time. Not only does this style resemble the dreaded perm, it is far too old-fashioned for someone so chic. She looks like a ‘90s country star, not like David Guetta’s muse and R&B superstar.
Style Rule: Sometimes you just have to keep an eye on the trends.
Fri, 15 Jan 2010 12:00 +0200
Get Ciara's Looks
Don't be restricted by the length of your hair; the pixie cut is one of the trendiest, most easy-to-manage styles of the season. The key to this style is the fringe. While some choose to keep their bangs spiky or super-short, Ciara has gone with the feminine side-sweep fringe.
How To: Using a fine-tooth comb, part the front pieces of your hair to the side. Avoid the 'wet' look by using a strong-hold hairspray to keep your fringe perfectly in place. To get the rest of your hair flat and slick, spray the back and crown to avoid any unwanted strands popping up where they're not wanted.

Perfect for summer, Ciara's mid-length hairstyle won't leave you hot and bothered during the beach season, and best of all, it's one of the easiest styles to refine. Layers are a bit tired, so get yourself a jagged cut like Ciara to make the most of your length.
How To: Grab a wide-tooth comb and, starting at your roots, part your hair in the middle, so you are left with two equal sections on each side. Once again, avoid using mousse or gel, you don't want your hair looking greasy or clumpy. Rather use a stronghold hairspray.

If you've got long hair you simply refuse to cut, take advantage of your length. Ciara's feminine curls are a must for long hair this season.
How To: Blow-dry your hair, while using large curlers. Avoid using small or medium-sized curlers; you want your curls to be loose and flowing, and not tight and bouncy. Spritz a small amount of spray onto your hair to keep your curls intact and you're set.

The style is perfect for a glamourous night out. Depart from the usual slick-back and try the flick-over for a more sophisticated style.
How To: Firstly, flat iron your hair until it is super-straight. Then, using a thin comb, brush everything back. Part the front pieces of your hair to one side, and using a hair slide or barrette, firmly clip them in place. Using bobby pins, fasten the remaining hair towards the back of you head, making sure all hair is firmly pulled away from your face. While your slide or clips should keep any lose strands from falling forward, spritz on some spray to guarantee your style is preserved. ]]>
Wed, 02 Dec 2009 12:00 +0200
The Colour Perfect
Start the summer season with a visit to a hairdresser to trim split ends. Hairstylist Fernanda Baktawer of Hair Images in Johannesburg suggests you also have a deep-nourishing treatment to seal in moisture. Stock up on good-quality, salon-approved products – such as those by ghd or KMS – to keep hair in peak condition.

Before swimming in salt or chlorinated water, coat your hair with a protective mask such as ghd indulgence Treatment Weekly Conditioning Mask (R250) or Kerastase Masque Chroma Reflect Treatment Masque (R256). If you don't have any products at hand, simply wet your hair with tap water before going into the sea or pool, says East London hairstylist Lynette Levertson, who was named the 2005 Ethnic Stylist of the Year. 'This way your hair doesn't soak up too much salt or chlorine.'

Think how parched a day in the sun can leave your skin feeling and you'll realise how dehydrating it is for hair too – especially hair that's been subjected to a chemical treatment. 'UV rays don't only dry out hair – they also lighten it,' says hairstylist Colette di Iorio of Jeauval Hair Salon in Johannesburg. If hair is colour-treated, the sun bleaches the pigment, making the colour look dull.

To prevent this, protect your hair with sunscreen. 'Look for products with specially added UV filters,' advises Di Iorio. These absorb the sun's energy before it can penetrate the hair shaft and damage the pigment. GOOD TO TRY: L'OréaI Elvive Colour Protect Shampoo (R34,95), which contains sun-protective UV filters to prevent colour fading, and Paul Mitchell Color Protect Daily Conditioner (R132), which acts as a buffer against the sun and nourishes brittle strands.

Hair will naturally go lighter in summer. Resist the urge to highlight it further with peroxides or lemon juice – they'll just leave hair lacklustre and brittle. If you find your shine fading, go for styling aids with added silicone. 'Apply a spray-on, leave-in conditioner to towel-dried hair directly after conditioning,' says Di lorio. GOOD OPTIONS: Jeauval Protect Spray (R106) and Alberto VO5 Wet Look Styling Gel (R28).

Remember too that dull hair could be the result of excessive product build-up. Use a clarifying shampoo that removes product residue without taking away any moisture, such as KMS California Headremedy Clarify Shampoo (R132).

Also pay attention to the pH balance of your hair. 'Good-quality products have a pH of between 4,5 and 5,5 to match the hair's natural pH,' says Di Iorio. Check with your stylist that the pH of your products is suitable for your hair type. ALSO GOOD: L'Oréal Elvive Colour Refresh Enhancing Masque (R89,95), which rejuvenates dull colour, and Pantene Pro-V Expressions Colour Intensive Treatment (R44,99), which enhances hair's natural shine.

• During summer, use only shampoos and conditioners with built-in UV protection. Ingredients to look out for: polyquaternium 59, cinnamidopropyltrimonium chloride or benzophenone.
• If you've run out of sunscreen for your hair, use the one you've bought for your body – it will work too. Ideally, mix a dollop of sunscreen with an equal amount of conditioner before applying it straight to the hair and scalp.
• If you spend a lot of time in the sun, limit the amount of heat styling you subject hair to – it's under enough stress already. Rather spritz hair with a texturising spray after showering and let it air-dry.
• The ends of your hair are the most hard-hit by sun damage. Go for a fortnightly trim during summer to get rid of damaged, dehydrated tips. ]]>
Wed, 25 Nov 2009 12:00 +0200
Rocking Hair
Pixie Lott
'Boys and Girls'
Pixie Lott's second single off her debut album, Turn It Up, sees the starlet strutting her stuff with a super sassy hairstyle. Her messy pony is a great look for summer, and best of all, it's easy to do.
Get the look: Blow-dry your hair roughly; leave the straightening for another day, as this style requires a bit of oomph. Tie your hair into a low ponytail, making sure to leave a few unruly strands to maximise the messiness. Use a touch of hairspray to keep your style intact, and you're set.

'Single Ladies'
Not only was it one of the most watched videos of 2009 with nearly 78 million views on YouTube, but Beyoncé's number one hit single also re-inspired the bouffant.
Get the look: Once you've straightened your hair, brush the front section back and spritz a firm-hold hairspray onto your roots. Backcomb the section until it has enough volume and secure the style with bobby pins. Once your bouffant is in place, re-spray and gently comb it back from the roots to make sure there are no uneven areas. Tease the top layer of the rest of your hair slightly for added volume.

La Roux
The British electro pop duo topped the charts with this 80s-inspired track and colourful video. But front woman, Elly Jackson, is known for more than her voice; it seems her super short quiff is now famous too…
Get the look: Have your wax and hairspray at the ready. Select only the front section of your hair and backcomb others sections to the side. Take as much wax as you need and style the side section into a slick quiff. Use wax to keep the hair at your temples flat and in control. Spray your quiff with strong-hold hairspray for good measure.

Lady Gaga
'Poker Face'
Great dances, lightning, swimming pools and metallic clothing made up one of the craziest videos of 2009. Lady Gaga's eccentric style certainly has people confused, but her slick, bluntly chopped hair is one of the latest trends in salons.
Get the look: What's most important about this look is the blunt-cut fringe. Iron your hair until it's super straight. If there are any lingering, longer pieces hanging around, snip them off with a pair of hair scissors. Lady Gaga's hair is all about close-cut symmetry.

Katy Perry
'Thinking Of You'
This 40s style, war-inspired video showed us a softer side to the 'I Kissed A Girl' singer, not only in sound, but with her curly locks.
Get the look: You don't need Perry's cropped fringe to recreate her flowing curls. Blow-dry your hair with medium-sized rollers; you want loose, flowing curls, so be careful not to roll your hair too tight. To keep the curls intact, simply spray a touch of hairspray. ]]>
Tue, 17 Nov 2009 12:00 +0200
Electric Slide
An epilator is a handheld electrical device, which, like a tweezer, pulls your hair out from the roots. Epilators have been around since the 80s, and have been causing women the world over pain ever since. Some women (those who can bear the pain) prefer using it because the hair regrowth is slower and finer.

When we put one of the latest high-tech versions to the test, the results were no different. It's like pulling a plaster off a sensitive area really slowly. Triple that pain and that's what it feels like to epilate your legs – for the online team at least.

If you think you're tough enough to handle it, give it a try. The Braun Epilator retails at R299 and is available at selected Clicks stores and the Philips Satinelle Soft Total Body Epilator is available at Dischem stores and retails at R459.95.

In January 2010, Braun will be launching their new wet and dry epilator, the Silk-épil Xpressive. Because you can use it in the shower or bath, the water makes epilating gentler on your skin. The Silk-épil Xpressive also has a patented hair lift system which lifts and loosens the short hairs that cling to your skin, as well as 40 optimally positioned tweezer pairs and an active massage system – it stimulates your skin as a distraction from the 'tugging sensation'.

* I was filmed (briefly) attempting to use an epilator. We've uploaded the video clip to our Facebook page, check it out. ]]>
Fri, 23 Oct 2009 12:00 +0200
Most Wanted
We spoke to a few salons and found the most requested celebrity hairstyles...

A very sexy style with long, diffused curls. The hair is layered and cut through to lighten the ends.
Tip: Use two to three golf ball sized amount of mousse (TRY: Redken Fresh Curls, Curl Refiner, R270) on wet hair, scrunch it in from the bottom upwards and then use a curl refining product to prevent any frizz and to define curl. Use a diffuser. Curls become sexier on the second to third day, but when you wake up scrunch warm water into your hair to reactivate the product. This style protects the condition of your hair because you don't have the heat of a drier or iron on your hair every day.
- The Grove Team from Gary Rom Hairdressing, Pretoria

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The Benefit of Great Brows
With more than 15 years of beauty industry experience, Foote has helped perfect the Benefit brow arch and personally trains all beauty professionals who shape brows at Benefit Brow Bars across the globe.

But what's the big deal with brows anyway? According to Foote, a beautiful brow can give you a polished and lifted look. And like a hairstyle, a great brow shape can make you look 10 years younger, while a bad one can make you look 10 years older.

Foote says you shouldn't have to choose between tweezing and waxing as they can both be used to create beautiful brows.

'Waxing the quickest and most pain-free way to remove the bulk of extra hair around the brow, making it grow back thinner and lighter, and eventually not at all,' says Foote. 'Tweezing creates the perfect clean line, so one should always go to a professional who does both.'

And speaking of a professional, you wouldn't go to a pedicurist to have your hair highlighted would you? So why go to a manicurist to shape your brows? Foote says you should always go to a professional who focuses on eyebrows.

'COSMO girls have a fast-paced and fun lifestyle with no time for a brow appointment. That's why so many women settle for a mediocre brow shape done by a manicurist or hairstylist.'

This is where Benefit Brow Bars come in. You don't need an appointment – simply walk in and have your brows done. Good news for South Africans is that Benefit Brow Bars have been launched in Cape Town at the V&A and will soon be launching in Johannesburg, exclusive to Woolworths stores. So after you've picked up your perfect outfit for the evening at Woolies, pop in to a brow bar and let the trained professionals finish your look for you with beautiful brows.

There's no need to prep your skin as the brow bar professionals will do everything for you.

'First we make sure our clients haven't had sunburn recently, or are taking any medication which could make the skin ultra-sensitive. Safety first!' says Foote. 'Once we know it's safe to proceed with waxing, we cleanse moisturize and protect the area before giving a full consultation. We want our ladies walking away happy.

'We measure the bone structure and examine the hair growth patterns of each person, and make sure the client knows what their brows will look like when we are done. Once the client is comfortable, we proceed with their fast and fabulous brow service then finish their look with a mini-makeup lesson.'

Are your brows the perfect shape for your face?

 Illustration: Chico-Hayasaki |

Hold a pencil parallel to the side of the bridge of your nose. The inner edge of each brow should start where the pencil meets your forehead. Now hold the pencil parallel to the outer edge of your iris. This is where your arch should begin. Move the pencil diagonally to where your eye ends and the pencil just brushes the outer part of your nose – this line shows where your brow should end. ]]>
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Spring Runway Hair
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Fri, 21 Aug 2009 12:00 +0200
Winter Mane-Tenance Plan CURLY HAIR
Biggest problems: Dull and uncontrollable.
Solution: 'Winter air zaps moisture from curly hair, leaving it dull and dry. If you're going natural, always use a curl-enhancing cream or serum to add shine to hair and prevent it from becoming uncontrollable,' says UK celebrity hairstylist Joshua Galvin. 'The best way to apply serum is to put a drop on your middle finger and spread it onto your other fingertips, then form claws with your hands and rake your fingers through your hair, starting underneath and working your way to the top. This way, all your hair will be coated with just the right amount of product and you won't disturb the shape of the curl.'
Best haircut: 'Avoid blunt-cut layers, because these will cause hair to puff up easily,' says Marie-Anne Tsoukalas, hairstylist at Partners Hair Design in Cape Town. 'Rather ask your stylist to cut layers at a 45-degree angle to thin out and shape thick hair.'
Diet Tip: 'Sprinkle two tablespoons of flaxseeds onto your breakfast. Increasing your intake of omega-3 fatty acids will help keep the scalp healthy and add gloss to dull hair,' says Durban dietitian Priya Seetal.
Colour Solution: Go for a semipermanent colour, says Tsoukalas, because it adds shine but doesn't contain harmful ammonia or peroxide.

Biggest Problems: Dry and damaged.
Solution: 'This hair type needs extra protection from heat styling in winter,' says Galvin. 'Always smooth on a heat-protectant. It makes hair easier to straighten and prevents further damage.' He also recommends using a leave-in conditioner to help soften and seal the ends.
Best Haircut: 'Avoid having too many layers and go for regular trims to get rid of damaged ends: says hairstylist Shelene Shaer from Tanaz Hair, Body & Nails in Johannesburg. 'Keep hair one length for a natural flow.'
Diet Tip: 'Limit coffee and tea to two cups a day and cut down on alcohol, because these dehydrate the body and scalp. For every cup of tea, coffee or alcohol you drink, you should have a glass of water to balance the effects,' says Seetal.
Colour Solution: 'Don't overhighlight hair, because this will strip it of moisture and leave it extra coarse,' says Shaer. 'Always go a shade or two darker in winter – hair will look healthier and reflect shine more easily.'

Biggest Problems: Flat, with oily roots.
Solution: 'Windy days can leave hair flat and greasy,' says Tsoukalas. 'Before you leave the house, bend forwards and spritz roots with a volumising hairspray while your head is upside down to get instant volume.' Galvin recommends washing hair daily if you have greasy roots. 'Just don't massage your scalp while washing, because this will increase oil production.'
Best Haircut: 'Long hair can weigh down roots, so go for lots of layers to add body,' says Tsoukalas.
Diet Tip: Seetal recommends you eat at least 45g of protein a day to keep hair looking good. 'You can find it in lean meat, fish, poultry and egg yolks – or snack on sunflower seeds and nuts,' she says.
Colour Solution: 'Try adding highlights and lowlights for an illusion of thickness,' says Tsoukalas.

Biggest Problems: Weak and brittle.
Solution: 'Chemical straightener changes the internal structure of hair and if it's not rinsed out properly it can leave hair weak, brittle and prone to breakage,' says Patrick Muke, a specialist in ethnic hair at Jeauval Hair Salon in Johannesburg. 'Maintain a healthy scalp and strengthen hair by massaging hair oil into the scalp every day (especially after shampooing), and massaging it into your lengths every second day.'
Best Haircut: This kind of hair tends to look very thin and stringy when it's too long, so go for regular trims to keep the shape neat,' says Muke.
Diet Tip: 'Smoking and alcohol will weaken hair follicles, causing hair to break easily,' warns Seetal. 'Eat protein daily and add salmon, sardines or herring to your diet to help repair weak hair.'
Colour Solution: 'Do not colour your hair immediately after a chemical straightening treatment, because hair will be fragile. Wait at least two weeks before you colour,' says Muke.

Biggest Problems: Frizzy, with split ends.
Solution: 'Moisture, moisture, moisture,' says Tsoukalas. 'Wavy hair doesn't have enough of its own, so on a winter's day it absorbs the moisture from the air, causing frizz. Frizzproof ends and roots by sealing them with a silicone-based serum before you step outside. It protects hair against harsh weather and disguises split ends.'
Best Haircut: 'Never cut wavy hair too short – leave it long enough to be tied up on bad-hair days,' says Tsoukalas. 'Avoid layering around the crown, thinning shears and razorcuts, because these all thin the hair, making it frizz more easily.'
Diet Tip: 'Keep your skin cells and scalp thoroughly hydrated by drinking six to eight glasses of water a day,' says Seetal.
Colour Solution: 'Avoid bleaching your hair, because this will leave hair brittle and wiry. If you need to touch up your colour, go for a treatment to compensate for the moisture loss,' says Tsoukalas.

Biggest Problem: Dry, itchy scalp.
Solution: 'Limit your shampooing to once every three weeks,' says Muke. 'Use a mild moisturising shampoo that won't irritate the scalp.'
Best Haircut: 'Natural is gorgeous. A medium-length Afro won't damage hair and requires minimum styling,' says Muke.
Diet Tip: 'A lack of zinc can cause a dry, irritated and sensitive scalp,' says Seetal. 'Up your zinc levels with wheat germ, muscle meat (for example chops, steak, chicken drumsticks and breasts), fish and egg yolks. And take a zinc supplement.'
Colour Solution: 'Watch out for hair dye containing FD&C colours, which can cause scalp irritation and inhibit hair growth,' says Muke.
Mon, 06 Jul 2009 12:00 +0200
Hot Date Hair Click here to take a look at seven celebrity hairstyles you can copy easily for those important date nights. ]]> Tue, 02 Jun 2009 12:00 +0200 Celeb Look: Lee-Ann Liebenberg

Lee-Ann's bed-head ponytail gives instant volume to fine, limp hair.

How to do it: Work a smoothing cream through damp hair and blow-dry with a big paddle brush. Backcomb hair at the crown to give it height and body before gathering into a ponytail. But don’t pull too tight.

If you have a fringe, sweep it to the side and allow a few strands to fall naturally around your face.

Wed, 08 Apr 2009 12:00 +0200
The Inside-Out French Plait
Sometimes called the Dutch Braid and very similar to a French plait (only it's inverted), it's a good idea to first become confident making a French plait before you try this.

This style works well when hair is damp, well-combed and medium to long in length.

1. Gather a section of hair at the top of your head where you want the plait to start.

2. Divide this section into three.

3. Begin by moving the strand of hair on the right underneath the middle strand so it takes the centre position. Then do the same with the strand on the left.

4. Repeat this step. Start using pieces of hair from the side of your head, feeding them into the strand that is being plaited underneath the other strands into the central position.

5. When you've reached the end, hold the braid in place with a hair tie and fix any fly-away strands with hair spray.

The numerical guide below should help as each strand has been numbered. Remember that every time one of the numbers on the outside moves inwards, you add a bit of hair from the side of your head to it.

1 – 2 – 3
1 – 3 – 2
3 – 1 – 2
3 – 2 – 1
2 – 3 – 1
2 – 1 – 3
1 – 2 – 3
Mon, 23 Mar 2009 12:00 +0200
Pluck or Zap?
1. Tweezing: This is one of the most effective methods simply because the time taken for hair to grow back is longer as the hair is plucked from the root. Generally it's best to only tweeze a small area because it's time consuming and sometimes painful. A way to make tweezing easier is to place a warm, damp cloth over your face or pluck immediately after a shower. Tweezerman have a funky range of facial tweezers available at most Dis-chem stores.

2. Waxing: When you wax, you're pulling hair out from just below the top layer of skin and will only need to be done again every six to eight weeks. This makes waxing worthwhile economically. It can be painful, but make it bearable by using EMLA cream (an anaesthetic) to numb the skin and apply Aloe Vera gel afterwards to soothe your skin. It's important that you don't wax after having a warm shower or bath. Try 'sugaring', which is similar to waxing except the paste consists of sugar, water and lemon juice. Apply the mixture and then quickly strip it off. WE RECOMMEND: Mandy's Wax Face Strips (R49.00 for 20 strips)

3. Bleaching: This won't remove any hair, but it does make it less visible. Bleaching works best if you have fine hair that isn't too visible when untreated. The only downside to this is that it needs to be done often as new hair will begin to show as soon as three weeks. Make sure that you always test the product on a patch of skin at least 48 hours beforehand to check for any allergic reactions. WE RECOMMEND: Mandy's Cream Bleach Kit (R42.99 for 80ml)

4. Depilatory Creams: These creams only kill hair on the surface of the skin by altering its chemical structure, which makes it easy to wipe away. But you'll need to re-apply these creams every three to four days. If you use depilatory creams you should only ever use one that has been specially formulated for the face and not the body. WE RECOMMEND: AVON Fresh & Smooth Hair Removal Cream (R80).

5. Electrolysis: As the most expensive and painful method, electrolysis is the only facial hair-removal method that is permanent because it completely destroys the hair follicle. It is a process that needs to be repeated and can take a while, but must be done professionally to prevent electrical shock, infection from a needle that wasn't sterilised properly as well as potential scarring. Spa Afrique in Northcliff, Johannesburg, charges R90 for 5 minutes.

6. Lasering: Like electrolysis, this must be done by a licensed professional. Lasering is time consuming and expensive, mainly because of the repeated treatments required for it to work properly. Unwanted side effects include skin discoloration (it effects the melanin in your skin), swelling, inflammation as well as infected hair follicles. The Laser Clinic in Cape Town charges R275 for a five-minute lip or chin session.
Wed, 04 Mar 2009 12:00 +0200
Celeb Look: Hayden Pannettiere
Before starting, smooth a texturiser through your hair to make it easier to manipulate. It will also give it some extra volume, which will help in the later stages. WE RECOMMEND: Paul Mitchell Slick Works (R168 for 100ml).

1. Split your hair into a centre parting which goes back until level with the top of your ears.

Using the end of the parting as your guide, separate the front bits of hair with the back.

3. Take the back section of the hair and pull it into a low and messy pony tail, leaving a few strands at the nape of your neck out of your grip.

4. Tie this section of hair into a pony tail, but on the last time that you pull it through the elastic band, leave it half way so that the hair that hasn’t been pulled through completely is facing upwards towards your head.

5. Take this hair and, using some pins, twist it around the elastic band (very loosely) so that it hides the band that is holding the hair in place and forms a bun. Do the same with the bits of hair you left at the nape of the neck. Secure what you have done so far with hairspray.

6. Take the pieces of hair from the front, twist them towards the bun and secure them either using pins or just weaving the strands into the bun and elastic. Make sure you leave a few strands of hair to frame your face.

7. Finally, take your hands and very gently run your fingers through the top section of your hair (stopping just short of the bun) and back, loosening sections to make the style slightly more tousled.

8. Fix again with some hairspray.
Tue, 27 Jan 2009 12:00 +0200
Upgrade You
PIXIE CROP Rihanna's famous pixie crop reinvented the good girl gone bad. This look is still very trendy, but is best on small faces with small features. To keep the style from looking too boyish, the sides need to be slightly longer. Spritz a texturising lotion onto damp hair before styling to add texture and shine to fine hair. GOOD TO TRY: ghd Texture Lotion (R190); Fekkai Coiff Nonchalant Piecing and Forming Wax (R275).

Eva Longoria may have cut her hair to look more 'homely' in Desperate Housewives, but there's nothing sexier than a short or long bob. Although it suits heart- and oval-shaped faces better, longer faces should have a cut that's close to their chin. If you have frizzy hair, use a serum on wet hair to keep it tame. GOOD TO TRY: Silky Sexy Hair Frizz Eliminator (R280); Schwarzkopf Osis+ Smooth Glow Form Smooth Shine Cream (R 190).

If you have fine hair like Reese Witherspoon's, 'go for a short fringe that skims your eyebrows,' says Ben Skervin, an international hairstylist for Head & Shoulders who has worked with Madonna and Keira Knightley. 'But keep it soft and light, and wear it straight rather than rounded.' Style your fringe with a light smoothing cream to prevent a heavy, greasy look. GOOD TO TRY: Matrix Sleek Look Smoothing System Lite (R95).

Celebrities like Jessica Simpson have long been hooked on extensions for luscious lengths. Extensions are bonded to natural hair one bit at a time, making it a time-consuming and costly process. 'The cost can set you back anywhere between R4 500 and R12 000, depending on the brand, quality and volume of hair you want,' says Kristina Maher, owner of Kristina M hair-extension studio in Cape Town. 'Your extensions should last you about four to six months. Looking after them is the key to making them last longer. Make sure you use a soft-bristle brush to untangle lengths first before brushing from roots to ends, and use a salon-approved shampoo that has a ph of 5,5.' GOOD TO TRY: Denman D81 M Oval Cushion Brush (R130) and Paul Mitchell Instant Moisture Daily Shampoo (R158).

If you want long lengths but don't have the budget for extensions, try clip-in hair extensions, which are available in various colours, lengths and styles. For best results, use clip-in extensions on layered hair, which will help them blend in naturally with your own hair. GOOD TO TRY: Hairdo clip-in-hair extensions (from R900; visit

Want colour but not the commitment? Go for clip-in highlights. GOOD TO TRY: Easilites Clip On Highlites (R65 per strip; visit for more info), which you can glue on for a day. 'The best way to apply these highlights is close to the roots. Use a small finger-width of your own hair to blend over the highlight,' says Maher. 'If your temporary highlights are made of human hair you can flat-iron, curl or blow-dry them to fit in with the rest of your hair,' says Maher. 'As a rule of thumb, don't go more than three shades lighter than your natural colour to make sure your highlights suit your skin tone,' says Shaer.

All pictures by AFP ]]>
Wed, 07 Jan 2009 12:00 +0200

'You can use any henna powder as long as it is fairly fresh,' says Chandra Magan a Cape Town henna-tattoo artist. 'It must be a loose, green powder.'

Mix the powder with strong tea into a very thick paste and has a yoghurt-like texture. Leave it to stand overnight so the dye can be released. The next morning, add lemon juice to the mixture.

Magan says if you have very dry hair, you should prep your tresses by applying hair oil the night before.


1. Part your hair into sections, starting at the back and work your way to the front.

2. Beginning with the back sections, apply the henna pasta from root to tip.

3. Once you've applied the dye to all sections, use a wide-tooth comb and work the paste through the hair to make sure you haven't missed any spots.

4. Wrap your head in a plastic shower cap. Your hair type and how intense you want the colour to be will determine how long you need to keep the dye on for. But Magan warns that you should not leave it on for longer than two hours.

5. When you are ready, rinse the henna out. 'You should rinse your hair a few times to make sure all traces of the paste are gone.' Then shampoo and style as usual.


Do a hair test by applying henna to a small section to make sure the dye takes to your hair and that it won't damage or break chemically treated or recently dyed hair.

Henna needs to be applied to clean and dry hair.

Always wear gloves (preferably disposable ones) because the paste will dye your skin.

Place a cotton band around your hairline to protect your forehead from being dyed too. Alternatively, you can rub Vaseline along your hairline. If you accidentally get henna on your skin and it leaves a stain, rubbing alcohol will remove it.
Tue, 23 Dec 2008 12:00 +0200
'You know your face is diamond-shaped if you have a narrow forehead and chin with prominent cheeks,' says hair expert David Gilson from Carlton Hair International in Hyde Park, Johannesburg. 'The best fringe for this shape is called a teardrop. It's swept to the side, heavy at the top and tapers to a point. It's a great style if you're afraid to commit to a permanent fringe, because you can simply tuck it behind your ear or clip it out of the way.'
Rihanna's famous side-swept fringe requires flat-ironing to keep it looking sleek. Make sure your hair is well conditioned, and give it extra moisture and heat protection.
GOOD TO TRY: Joshua Galvin Xtra Protection Pre-Heat Treatment Conditioner (R39,95).

This shape is wide at the temples and narrow at the jaw-line, with a small, pointed chin. 'Go for a short fringe that skims your eyebrows,' says Ben Skervin, an international hairstylist for Head & Shoulders who has worked with Madonna and Keira Knightley. 'But keep it soft and light, and wear it straight rather than rounded.' If you have fine hair like Reese Witherspoon's, style your fringe with a light smoothing cream to prevent a heavy, greasy look.
GOOD TO TRY: Matrix Sleek Look Smoothing System Lite (R95).

'Go for a deep, blunt-cut fringe such as Liv Tyler's to shorten a long face,' advises Gilson. Keep this fringe looking good by trimming it regularly and use a smoothing antistatic and anti-frizz spray for a luscious finish. 'Don't attempt this style if you've got a cowlick,' warns Skervin. 'Without the weight of long hair, it may separate into a parting that you can't get rid of.' Gilson says: 'The trick to styling a blunt fringe is to style it first when hair is sopping wet. Always use a comb, not a round brush, when blow-drying. You don't want a bubble or lots of volume.'
GOOD TO TRY: Tigi Bed Head Spoil Me (R195).

'This face shape can get away with almost any style,' says Gilson. 'Taper your fringe near your best feature, whether it's your eyes, cheeks or chin.' Alicia Keys side-parts hers and keeps it at eye level to accentuate her eyes. 'The length of your fringe also depends on the texture of your hair,' says Skervin. 'If you have curly hair, be careful not to cut it too short when it's pulled straight, or it will spring up when curly!' Hold your side parting in place with a light hairspray that won't leave hair looking hard and unnatural.
GOOD TO TRY: S Factor Vivacious Hairspray (R275).


'Square faces usually have very strong jaw-lines, so keep your fringe long at the sides and slightly layered, with soft ends to slim down the jaw,' says Skervin. Eva Mendes zigzags her parting and goes for volume at the crown to draw attention away from the lower half of her face. Keep ends looking soft and frizz-free by smoothing on a drop of anti-frizz lotion before blow-drying with a round brush to give it shape.
GOOD TO TRY: Straight Sexy Hair Darn Straight (R211).
Fri, 19 Dec 2008 12:00 +0200
Summer Hair Bummers
Problem: Time at the beach can leave hair looking more seaweedy than surfer-girl.
Solution: Give hair that board-babe look by misting it with a texturiser such as ghd Sea Spray (R180) while it is slightly damp, then twirling strands around your fingers before letting them air-dry.

Problem: Unless it is well styled, a short cut can look like hacked hair.
Solution: To make short hair look super sexy, the way Natalie Portman and Sienna Miller do, try this simple trick: flip your head upside down and style hair with your fingers. You'll get volume and a sexily messy effect, says Abell OUjaddou, a stylist at the John Frieda Salon in New York.

Problem: A fringe or face-framing layers can wilt as a hot day progresses, clinging unattractively to your forehead.
Solution: Spruce up your look with a headband, pushing all your hair off your face. It can make lank hair look controlled and stylish even when it's a zillion degrees outside. And it's trendy – practically every celebrity is wearing one. Choose a bright, splashy fabric headband or one that matches your bikini.

Problem: Humidity can make long loose hair limper than a bowl of linguine.
Solution: Pump some life back into it with a volumising mousse. Instead of applying it just to your roots, scrunch a dollop the size of a golf ball throughout the length of the hair, then blow-dry it with your head flipped over. GOOD TO TRY Toni&Guy Boost-It Mousse (R99,95). If hair starts getting limp again during the day, spritz it with water to reactivate the mousse.

Problem: Curly hair can go haywire in the heat.
Solution: To tame the frizz when you don’t have any products on hand, mist hair with water from a spray bottle, suggests Los Angeles celebrity stylist Byron Williams. It will reactivate the styling products you applied earlier without leaving hair dripping wet.

Problem: Summer activities such as swimming, playing sports and cruising about in convertibles quickly sap hair of moisture, leaving it straw-like and unmanageable.
Solution: Keep hair hydrated with an intense weekly oil or cream treatment, advises Oujaddou. GOOD TO TRY Kérastase Nutridéfense (R259) – made for sun-parched hair – or Alberto V05's Hot Oil Treatment (R25,99).


Problem: Hair that covers the back of your neck can make your nape sticky and uncomfortable.
Solution: Wearing your hair up in a ponytail or bun is an obvious solution. Make the most of it by drawing attention to your neck – dust it with a loose shimmer powder and let a few tendrils of hair fall from the back of your do.

Problem: Though a ponytail feels lovely to wear in summer, it can look too casual.
Solution: Make this look more sophisticated by teasing your roots at the crown before gathering hair into a high pony. Then push it forwards to give some height at the forehead before securing it with an elastic band that matches your hair colour.

Problem: Hair colour fades fast when the sun's blazing.
Solution: Brighten up the colour with Kool-Aid or coffee. Celebrity colourist Jennifer J, who works with Kate Beckinsale, says a pinch of Kool-Aid powder mixed into your shampoo works wonders for blondes (who should choose the lemon flavour) and redheads (who should go for cherry). Brunettes should use some instant-coffee granules. Lather up, then rinse well. The boost should last through a few shampoos.

Problem: Dips in the pool tend to leave blonde hair with a green tinge.
Solution: This tinge is caused by metals in the pool water being deposited on hair. If you saturate strands with a water-repellent cream such as Kérastase SoleiI Crème Aqua Resist (R159) before you get in the pool, it'll seal the cuticles and keep chemicals from seeping in.

Problem: Dry hair becomes drier in summer and oily hair oilier – and for those of us with oily roots and dry ends, that means double trouble.
Solution: Your best bet is to shampoo only your scalp area and to condition only the hair ends.
Fri, 12 Dec 2008 12:00 +0200
Hair Pulling Power ‘It’s like an actress trying out a new role,’ he says. In other words, if you look the part you’re more likely to get the part – or the job, or the man, or the limelight. And looking the part has a lot to do with your hair style.
Hair stylist Serge Normant, global creative director for John Frieda, put this theory to the test, creating three different looks for one model – each designed to emphasise a different side of her personality.

‘An It Girl gets other women to stare and then follow her lead,’ says Normant (who has helped stars like Sarah Jessica Parker achieve trendsetter status). A recent study found that cropped hair conveys the most confidence, he says. But if you’re not ready to go for a chop, a blunt-cut fringe produces a similarly striking effect. Leave it a bit longer at one side so you can also comb it into a side-swept look. Keep the rest of your hair straight but sultry by working a texturising product through dry strands after flat-ironing it.
Good to try: Sebastian Evokatív Tantric Hair Mousse, L’Oréal Play Ball Texture Tonic, Fekkai Coiff Bouffant Lifting and Texturising Spray Gel.

If you want get a new job or promotion, inspire confidence by looking well groomed. You want to look in control, not like a frizz fest, says Susan Solovic, author of The Girls’ Guide to Power and Success. ‘Keep your style smooth, and don’t go for anything crazy.’
Normant recommends a soft but polished silhouette. To get it, comb a frizz-taming cream through damp hair before blow drying it.
Good to try: S Factor Smoothing Lusterizer. Then rake hair off your face from the ears up, and secure just below the crown. If you have a fringe, comb it back and lightly mist with hairspray, then secure with a hairgrip at the top of your head. A bit of teasing near the crown adds glamour. Finish the look with a spritz of shine spray, such as Schwarzkopf Gliss Shine Tonic.

Full, shiny, bouncy hair will keep a man’s eyes (and mind) on you – he won’t be able to help himself, says US anthropologist Helen Fisher, because he’s programmed to be drawn to signs of health and youth.
Don’t use three cans of hair spray, though, to pump things up, cautions Normant. ‘Guys are attracted to styles they can run their fingers through.’ Rather, work a volumiser such as Tigi Sexed-Up Body Building Tonic or Vo5 Weightless Volume Whipped Mousse into damp hair before blow-drying. Use a large-barrel curling iron to create waves, and side part your hair or fringe to give the look a slight edge.
Wed, 10 Dec 2008 12:00 +0200
Colour Me Natural
For Blondes

Saturate strands with tomato juice to counteract fading. Wrap hair in a shower cap, and heat with a blowdryer for five minutes before shampooing.

For Brunettes

Add one quarter of a cup vinegar to three quarters of a cup water, and work through washed, towel-dried hair to boost the vibrancy of your strands. Rinse after two to three minutes.

For Redheads

For maximum shine, mix four tablespoons of grapeseed oil with two drops of rosemary oil. Coat on dry hair, don a shower cap, and wait five minutes, then shampoo.

For all shades

Coat hair from roots to ends with jojoba oil, a heavy-hitting, natural conditioner. Leave on for an hour, then shampoo for glossy, soft strands.
Tue, 02 Dec 2008 12:00 +0200
Give Hair the Wax! Step by step
1. Dab disinfectant onto legs with cotton wool, to prevent infections occurring after you’ve waxed, and wait a few minutes for it to dry.
2. Heat wax only until it’s soft. You want it to be warm, not scalding, or you may burn yourself. Keep the wax in a pot of warm water to stop it cooling down again.
3. With a spatula, apply a thin layer of wax in the direction of hair growth, making sure it coats hair thoroughly.
4. Place a strip from the box over the wax and rub it against the skin, again in the direction the hair grows. Keep the end of each strip away from the skin, to give you something to grip onto. Holding down the skin alongside the strip firmly with one hand, quickly pull the strip off your leg in the opposite direction to hair growth. Tugging slowly will leave patches.
5. Wipe off any remaining bits of wax with a cloth or some body oil, then apply a soothing aloe-vera gel or ice to the skin to calm it.

• Before waxing, make sure there’s no sweat or body lotion on your legs.
• If you are prone to ingrown hairs, scrub legs gently with a body polish and pumice stone every day to slow hair growth.
• Newly waxed skin is super-sensitive, so take extra care protecting it from the sun – and don’t tan for 24 hours afterwards.
• Wax doesn’t have an expiry date, so you can keep it until it’s all used up.
• Hot wax works best on large areas such as legs, but pre-waxed strips, such as Julienne Wax Strips For Legs And Body , can also be used.
• Avoid treatments that involve heat – such as saunas and Jacuzzis – as well as hot baths for 24 hours after waxing.
• Don’t wax if you have a rash.
• Don’t use heavily perfumed products for at least eight hours after waxing.

•Simply Aloe Regenerating Gel
•The Body Shop Body Polish in Satsuma
•Julienne Wax Strips For Legs and Body
•Mandy’s Heat Wax
•Innoxa One And All Soothe Skin Balm
Wed, 30 Jul 2008 12:00 +0200
6 Sexy Pin-Ups Look 1: The side-swept fringe
Best for: Hiding a short fringe when you’re keen to be bangless for just one day
How to get it: Simply sweep your unwanted fringelet to the side and pin it there with a slide

Look 2: Tall and teased
Best for: Those who are keen to get their long, growing-out fringe out of their eyes
How to get it: Take the front middle section of your hair, spray it with hairspray and backcomb it from the roots to create height before pinning it down.

Look 3: Middle-parted
Best for: Days when you don’t have time to wash your hair
How to get it: Use a comb to create a straight centre parting and use a couple of slides to keep both sides down.

Look 4: Tight buns
Best for: Occasions when you’d like to keep it tidy
How to get it: Scrape all your hair back into a high ponytail. Twist the ponytail around the hairband until it starts to form a bun, pinning it down as you go. Finish with high-shine spray. Just like Paris (pictured left).

Look 5: Perfectly coiffed
Best for: Superglam evenings
How to get it: Apply mousse to the front section of your hair and curl it forwards in sections with a curling tong. Use a tail comb to tuck it under and secure it at the roots with some pins.

Look 6: Slightly dishevelled
Best for: When you’re after a more laid-back look
How to get it: Create an imperfect side parting, twist sections of your hair and pin them down as you go. Pull out stray tendrils to soften the look.
Mon, 30 Jun 2008 12:00 +0200
Pull a Fast One The 1-minute Up-do
Glam up shoulder-length hair in a flash, Thandie Newton-style.
How to do it: Brush your hair up into a high ponytail and secure with a hairband the same colour as your hair. Pull your hair halfway through the hairband to create a loop. Smooth down stray hairs by spritzing your palms with hairspray and lightly running your hands over your hair.
Good to try: Dark and Lovely Lasting Hold Super Holding Spray

The 3-minute Messy-tail
Cameron Diaz’s signature bed-head ponytail gives instant volume to fine, limp hair.
How to do it: Work a smoothing cream through damp hair and blow-dry with a big paddle brush. Backcomb hair at the crown to give it height and body before gathering into a ponytail. Don’t pull too tight. If you have a fringe, sweep it to the side. Allow a few strands to fall naturally around your face.
Good to try: Sebastian Sheer Laminates Smoothing Weightless Shine Anti-Static and Thermal Styler

The 15-minute Half-do
Copy Eva Mendes’ style and give wavy hair instant sex appeal
How to do it: Apply volumising mousse evenly to damp hair. Flip hair upside down and blow-dry using your hands to slightly tousle roots. When your hair is almost dry, flip it back up, spritz some hairspray on your fingertips and run through the roots, lifting to create volume. Make a side parting at the front, then gather the top section of hair into a ponytail. Loosely clip the top half at the back of your head.
Good to try: L’Oréal Professionnel Paris Full Volume Mousse

The 20-minute Flip-out
Rachel Bilson adds a foxy flick to the basic blow-dry.
How to do it: Wash hair with a volumising shampoo such as Sebastian Evokstív Full Shampoo. Apply a dollop of styling mousse to the lengths and blow-dry in sections with a large round brush. When you get to the strands framing your face, roll the brush from your ends until it’s in a vertical position at your roots. Blow-dry as you drag the brush outwards, creating a soft flick. Lightly spritz with hairspray to hold it in place.
Good to try: Bed Head Tigi Hook-Up Mousse Wax
Wed, 25 Jun 2008 12:00 +0200

Winning ways: ‘Avoid the temptation to straighten your fringe with a flatiron every day or you’ll end up frying your hair,’ warns Dima Tsobanopulos, owner of D&D Designers for Hair in Constantia and Tyger Waterfront, Cape Town. ‘Wet your fringe and use a fine-tooth comb to flatten it while blasting it with heat from a hairdryer. Spritz with a light hairspray to hold it in place throughout the day.’

Hair helper: ghd Fixation Spray


Winning ways:
‘Talcum powder or a dry shampoo will do the trick,’ says Tsobanopulos. ‘Dust a little powder on your roots and brush away with a towel. It will absorb the excess oil and give your roots a lift.’ Alternatively, hide greasy roots with a thick Alice band or smooth hair back into a chic ponytail.

Hair helper: Toni & Guy Refresh It dry shampoo


Winning ways:
‘A cow lick is much easier to control when hair is wet,’ says hairstylist Samantha Canham of Carlton Hair International in Cape Town. ‘Apply a straightening balm to wet hair and hold the kink down firmly between your fingers while you blow-dry it flat.’

Hair helper: Toni & Guy No-Kinks Smoothing Balm


Winning ways: ‘When no hair products are available, make do with a squeeze of hand cream or moisturiser. Spread it on your palms and then smooth it over hair to defrizz it,’ says Tsobanopulos. To avoid future frizz fests, do the groundwork before you hit the dance floor. ‘Shampoo with a hydrating shampoo and conditioner and use an antifrizz serum,’ advises Tsobanopulos.

Hair helper: Sebastian Evokatív Moist Shampoo


Winning ways:
Comb your parting into a zigzag shape to disguise regrowth, suggests Tsobanopulos. ‘Another quick trick is to apply hair mascara to your roots and lightly brush through for a natural effect.’ When regrowth is showing, keep hair freshly washed as oiliness will highlight roots, adds Tsobanopulos.

Hair helper: Fekkai Instant Hair Mascara in Cognac or Gold


Winning ways:
‘The itchiness is caused by a lack of moisture,’ says Tshidi Mphaki, owner of Tshidi’s Hair Salon in Cape Town ‘Soothe the irritation by using a braid spray twice a week and reduce shampooing to once a week to retain moisture on your scalp.’ Don’t keep your braids in for longer than two months, adds Mphaki, or you’ll end up aggravating the problem.

Hair helper: Restore Plus Moisturising Braids Spray


Winning ways:
‘If you don’t want hair to look any shorter, just snip away split ends,’ advises Tsobanopulos. ‘An easy method is to twist a small section of hair until you see the split ends protruding, and then snip them away. Continue like this with the rest of your hair.’ For a temporary but instant scissors-free solution, seal ends with a silicone serum to add gloss to dry ends.

Hair helper: Matrix Sleek Look Sealing Serum
Fri, 30 May 2008 12:00 +0200

Step 1: Apply Vaseline around the entire eye area to avoid staining the skin.
Step 2: Use the small mascara wand to mix the eyelash tint and hydrogen peroxide in the mini bowl provided until the consistency is creamy.
Step 3: Place the tinting pad or protector underneath the eye and dab a little Vaseline on the pad so it stays in place.
Step 4: Close one eye and apply the mixture to the eyelashes as you would mascara, without touching the skin. Wait 10 minutes and repeat the procedure on the other eye.
Step 5: Wipe the eye area with a damp piece of cotton wool to remove any drops of the mixture.

Good to know
• If you are prone to allergies, it is a good idea to visit a beauty therapist for a patch test 24 hrs before tinting.
• Avoid getting any Vaseline on the lashes, as they may not hold the tint well.
• Before application, remove mascara from lashes with a cream cleanser or eye-makeup remover.
• Blondes should complement their hair colour with light- or dark-brown shades, girls with medium-brown to dark hair should try the dark-brown or black tint, and very dark-haired girls should use the black tint.
• Apply your normal moisturiser or eye cream daily – the tint can be drying.
• Once you’ve applied lash tint, there is no need to use mascara.
• The tint is safe for those who wear contact lenses.

Good to use

• Julienne Eyelash Tint in Light Brown, Dark Brown and Midnight Black
• M.A.C Pro Eye Makeup Remover
• Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream
• Olay Complete Care Nourishing Day Cream
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Bed Head: What Your Hair Says About You 1. WILD AND FREE
Loving your hair’s untamed state is a sign that you’re comfortable in your own skin. ‘You’re likely to be relaxed about life, love and sex,’ says Ian Kerner, author of Be Honest – You’re Not That Into Him Either (Regan Books). And you’re happy to do the deed wherever you get the erotic urge.
Because it’s not your style to orchestrate interactions with others, you may not always get what you want from them. The next time you’re making love with your man, touch him where you like to be touched and he will probably return the favour.

If you always look as though you’ve just stepped out of a salon even when you’re home alone, you love order and consistency in all of your personal encounters. In fact, says Allan Pease, coauthor of The Definitive Book Of Body Language (Camel Publishing), you may be happiest when you’re the one organising an erotic encounter rather than following his lead.
Always being in control may keep you from surrendering to the moment. Tonight, get him to blindfold you so you’re forced to lose control – and let him take over.


A ponytail may look like a demure schoolgirl do but women who wear them tend to be bold in bed. ‘In fact, pulling your hair away from your eyes rather than hiding behind it indicates sexual self-confidence,’ says Kerner.
You like your lovemaking fast and furious. Surprise your man (and yourself) by lighting a few candles, putting on some romantic music and slowing down the action so you can enjoy a longer-than-usual nooky session.

Chances are you like some glamour in the bedroom, such as satin sheets or rose-strewn pillows. And, says Pease, bun girls really enjoy male attention. ‘The neck is the most sexual part of a woman’s body, so exposing it is a subconscious way of flirting and showing you’re available,’ he says.
The kind of romance you like might make your man think you are high-maintenance. Surprise him sometimes with a more spontaneous sack session and he’ll be happier to scatter the petals another time.
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