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The Complete Guide to Putting on Eye Makeup

The Complete Guide to Putting on Eye Makeup

BEAUTY 4 Contact-Lens Habits You Need to Quit Today - Zipho Ntloko | 27 November 2015 | 09:09am

Tips if you want to change up your eye colour like Selena Gomez...

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We explain everything.

BEAUTY Sunset Hair is the Most Beautiful Ombre Hair Tint We've Ever Seen - Zipho Ntloko | 26 November 2015 | 10:22am

The prettiest ombre hair ever!

BEAUTY Buy 1 Brow Wax, Get 1 Free with Benefit - COSMO | 23 November 2015 | 04:18pm

Take your bestie for a brow treat.

BEAUTY Glitter Beards are Making Statements This Festive Season - Zipho Ntloko | 23 November 2015 | 04:10pm

These beards are lit! – pun intended.

BEAUTY The Prettiest Hair Brushes on the Market - Zipho Ntloko | 23 November 2015 | 03:22pm

These will make great additions to your handbag and dresser.

BEAUTY Gigi Hadid Appears to Have Cut Her Hair Short and Will Make You Want to Do the Same - COSMO | 23 November 2015 | 01:41pm

Damn girl!

BEAUTY COSMO x MAC Makeover Winners: See the Transformations - COSMO | 23 November 2015 | 10:02am

Legit supermodels!

BEAUTY Fragrance Q&A with Model Katryn Kruger - COSMO | 20 November 2015 | 12:03pm

Katryn Kruger on what fragrance means to her

BEAUTY Temporary Freckle Tattoos Are Now a Thing! - Zipho Ntloko | 19 November 2015 | 03:35pm

Freck yourself!

BEAUTY Kim K Reveals the 5 Products She Uses to Get Her Cheek Contours - Zipho Ntloko | 19 November 2015 | 11:11am

We now know all her beauty secrets!

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You deserve a little retail therapy.