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CELEB NEWS Bruce Jenner 'is seeking advice from Cher and Chaz Bono' - COSMO

Bruce Jenner is reportedly taking advice from Cher and Chaz

CELEB NEWS Cara Delevingne is so talented, says Nat Wolff - COSMO

Cara Delevingne is "not an airhead model". The 22-year-old b

FASHION The Winter Shoe Style Fashion Bloggers Are Owning (and Dying Over) - CLEO MARCOPOULOS

The hottest new shoe style.

BEAUTY Why You Need to Follow This Beauty Vlogger - ZIPHO NTLOKO

This beauty vlogger is a pretty big deal.

SEX & RELATIONSHIPS 11 Signs He's Probably Missing You - COSMO

*heart-eyes emoji*

CAREER & MONEY 20 Thoughts You Definitely Have While Waiting for Your Exam to Start - LESLEY MARCHANT

Does this guy next to me even go here?

CELEB NEWS Dheepan wins top award at Cannes Film Festival - COSMO

'Dheepan' has won the top prize at the 68th Cannes Film Fest

CELEB NEWS Charli XCX: Katy Perry's gigs are mental - COSMO

Charli XCX thinks Katy Perry's gigs are "mental". The 22-yea

CELEB NEWS Mariah Carey 'lives in a bubble' - COSMO

Mariah Carey "never has any normal interactions". Damion You

CELEB NEWS Lena Headey makes parenting pledge - COSMO

Lena Headey has vowed to allow her unborn daughter to make h