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CELEB NEWS Sacha Baron Cohen jokes Alice movie was a 'cover' for his 'dog smuggling activities' - COSMO

Sacha Baron Cohen has joked that 'Alice Through The Looking


Get creative, kids.

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Besides Rihanna, she's the only other living person who can

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BODY HEALTH 3 Ballerinas Tell Us Why They are Never Bloated - COSMO

It's not just grace that makes them look so great. ​

CELEB NEWS Chris Brown keeps custody - COSMO

Chris Brown's custody visits can continue as normal. The 'Fi

CELEB NEWS Patrick Dempsey confirms he's back with wife - COSMO

Patrick Dempsey has made "sacrifices" to get his marriage ba

CELEB NEWS Tommy Lee hasn't seen bandmates since Motley Crue split - COSMO

Nikki Sixx unfollowed Tommy Lee on Twitter the day after Mot

CELEB NEWS Lalla Living the High Life with The Rock and Kevin Hart - CHRISTY CHILIMIGRAS

As one does.