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COSMO EVENTS COSMO's Mr September is Hosting a Charity Ball for Bramley Children's Home - LESLEY MARCHANT

Do something great!

CELEB NEWS Imogen Thomas pregnant again - COSMO

Imogen Thomas is expecting a second child with her boyfriend

FASHION Barbie Has Her Own Instagram Account! - LARA VD MERWE

Remind yourself she is just a plastic toy.


5 women gave boob contouring a go.

SEX & RELATIONSHIPS 7 Things that Make You Even MORE Irresistible – According to Guys - LESLEY MARCHANT

'Why are you so obsessed with me?'

CAREER & MONEY 20 Thoughts You Definitely Have While Waiting for Your Exam to Start - LESLEY MARCHANT

Does this guy next to me even go here?

CELEB NEWS Art Garfunkel brands Paul Simon a 'jerk' - COSMO

Art Garfunkel has branded Paul Simon an "idiot" and a "jerk"

CELEB NEWS Diana Ross planning four-day wedding for daughter - COSMO

Diana Ross is planning a four-day wedding in Hawaii for her

CELEB NEWS Zayn Malik 'spends his spare time cooking' - COSMO

Zayn Malik has spent "a lot of time in the kitchen" since le

CELEB NEWS Sir Mick Jagger honours L'Wren Scott with costume - COSMO

Sir Mick Jagger honoured his late girlfriend L'Wren Scott by