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WIN 1 of 13 Gola Footwear Vouchers Worth R4 000 Each

Here’s your chance to WIN 1 of 13 Gola Footwear Vouchers worth R4 000 each

Sorry, What? You Need to Earn HOW Much to Buy a House?

The scary reality for first time home buyers (and how your parents can help)

16 Porn Acts Guys Do That Aren’t So Sexy IRL

The adult film industry is both a magical and truly terrifying place. Get your porn-searching skills down, and you can avoid all the nasty stuff no reasonable human being would want to watch. Get it wrong, and you could be watching hours upon hours of hairless vulvas being pounded by penises that are approximately five times the size of […]

7 Things To Try If You Think Your Partner Is Unhappy

“While we can’t ever make our partner feel any one way or another, we can certainly support them if we notice they are feeling unhappy,” says relationship coach Tara Caffelle, “as it most surely will be impacting our lives, as well.” Here are 7 things you can do and say to keep your partner and their happiness […]

COSMO Exclusive: Bonang Shares Her Secret To Body Confidence

COSMO spent the morning chatting self-love, lingerie must-haves and the latest Distraction collection with Bonang. There’s not many people who could confidently strip down to their underwear in front of  30 strangers, but for Bonang it’s just another day at the office. “I’ve been doing shoots like this for upwards of thirteen years, the first […]

15 Things About Dating Only Busy Women Understand

1 Ditching dudes who feel like work in any way. You can’t fathom being with a guy you have to babysit or beg to do anything right. You literally do not have time or the mental capacity to deal with someone who can’t even pick a restaurant. 2 Showing up to your sushi date drenched in […]

Turns Out Men Also Have a Biological Clock

A study of 7 000 couples sheds much-needed light