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CELEB NEWS Lindsay Lohan accuses fiance of cheating - COSMO

Lindsay Lohan has accused her fiancé of cheating on her. T

CELEB NEWS Bella Hadid encouraging Zayn Malik to propose to Gigi - COSMO

Gigi Hadid's sister thinks Zayn Malik should propose. Althou

FASHION Caroline Mackintosh: A Visual Artist with an Inspiring View - COSMO

It's easy to see why we picked Caroline Mackintosh for #COSM

BEAUTY The Basics of Colour Correcting - ERIN CARELSE

Because it can be pretty confusing, right?

SEX & RELATIONSHIPS In Touch: Masturbation Myths and Facts - ANNIE BROOKSTONE

BODY HEALTH 5 Health Checks Every Twentysomething Should Have - COSMO

​ The doctor will see you now.

CELEB NEWS Robbie Williams and Ayda Field to expand family? - COSMO

Robbie Williams and Ayda Field want more children. The coup

CELEB NEWS Conrad Murray wants medical licence back - COSMO

Conrad Murray wants his medical licence back. The disgraced

CELEB NEWS Peter Andre's actor son - COSMO

Peter Andre and Katie Price's son has enrolled in acting sch

CELEB NEWS Rita Ora doesn't trust - COSMO

Rita Ora has stopped trusting people. The 25-year-old singer