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CELEB NEWS Ryan Reynolds wants nine daughters - COSMO

Ryan Reynolds would like nine daughters. The 'Deadpool' star

CELEB NEWS Khloé Kardashian: It's 'insane' how Lamar Odom has recovered - COSMO

Khloé Kardashian thinks it is "insane" how well Lamar Odom

FASHION The Underrated Top You Should Totally Be Wearing More Of - CLEO MARCOPOULOS

The top we speak of holds a low profile but really deserves

BEAUTY Our Beauty Assistant Lived Like Bonang Matheba for a Day. And It Was Exhausting - ZIPHO NTLOKO

"I now fully understand why celebs have glam squads."

SEX & RELATIONSHIPS The 9 Most Awkward Period Sex Moments - COSMO

'Getting off his bed and seeing The Stain'

BODY HEALTH Is it Normal for Sex to Hurt? - COSMO

There's a difference between "ouch you're hitting my cervix"

CELEB NEWS Lily Allen calls for divorce to be taught in schools - COSMO

Lily Allen has dropped a hint her marriage is over by callin

CELEB NEWS Daisy Lowe's family want her to get married - COSMO

Daisy Lowe's family want her to settle down. The 27-year-old

NEWS Woman Buried Alive in the Free State - KIM GARNER

No arrests have been made.

CELEBS The Longer You Stare at This Father-Daughter Face Swap, the Funnier It Gets - COSMO

Or more terrifying...