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HAIR New Hair-Trend Alert: Half-and-Half Colours - MEGAN MUSCUTT

Colour craze!

CELEB NEWS Sir Paul McCartney buys $15.5 million penthouse - COSMO

Sir Paul McCartney has splashed out on a $15.5 million penth

FASHION Local Beauty Charlize Theron Stole the Show on the Cannes Red Carpet - LARA VD MERWE

We couldn't be more proud.

BEAUTY Amy Poehler Has Gone from Blonde to Red! - ZIPHO NTLOKO

Another celeb hair transformation!

SEX & RELATIONSHIPS 16 Things Nobody Tells You About Meeting Your Forever Person - MIMI THURGOOD

You're about to become a massive hypocrite.

CAREER & MONEY 8 Financial Products You Should Definitely Know about by Now - ANIA ROKITA

Going to an ATM is not enough…

CELEB NEWS Lena Dunham is growing her armpit hair for summer - COSMO

Lena Dunham wants to "grow her armpit hair for summer". The

CELEB NEWS Simon Cowell wants Eric to work for him - COSMO

Simon Cowell wants his son to work for him. The 55-year-old

CELEB NEWS Maps Joins Celeb Reality Show! - CANDICE QUINTON

Maps to star in Etv’s 'Rolling With…'

CELEB NEWS MUST-SEE: Justin Bieber’s Hilarious Karaoke Session - CANDICE QUINTON

This video is EVERYTHING.