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CELEB NEWS Mariah Carey swims in high heels - COSMO

Mariah Carey swims in high heels and never celebrates her bi

CELEB NEWS Harry Potter actors won't star in new play - COSMO

None of the 'Harry Potter' cast will feature in the new West

FASHION How You Eat Your Eggs Says a Lot about Your Personal Style - LARA VD MERWE

So interesting!

BEAUTY Life-Saving Ways to Conceal a Bad Eyebrow Job - NICOLLE NYARIRI

Sometimes your eyebrows go so wrong…

SEX & RELATIONSHIPS 7 Ways Your Friendships Could Be Ruining Your Love Life - LESLEY MARCHANT

They don't ALWAYS know best.

BODY HEALTH 7 Ways to Ease Sugar out of Your Life - LISA WITEPSKI

Sugar, your time is up. Goodbye!

CELEB NEWS Michael Buble's son released from hospital - COSMO

Michael Buble's son has been released from hospital. Noah,

CELEB NEWS Kendra Wilkinson: 'Motherhood has given me the body I always wanted' - COSMO

Kendra Wilkinson Baskett has the body she's always wanted af

CELEB NEWS Amanda Seyfriend loves making boyfriend Justin Long laugh - COSMO

Amanda Seyfried feels like she has "won" if she makes Justin

CELEB NEWS Sandra Bullock to cut back on acting when son starts school - COSMO

Sandra Bullock plans to scale back on work when her son star