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CELEB NEWS Ken Watanabe battling stomach cancer - COSMO

Ken Watanabe is battling stomach cancer. The 56-year-old ac

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Taylor Kinney knows he can always count on Lady Gaga. The '

FASHION Wedgie Jeans Are a Thing Now, Apparently - COSMO

Even Kylie Jenner loves them.

BEAUTY How My Half-Bun Hairstyle Lasted for 7 Days - COSMO

I put it up and never took it down.​

SEX & RELATIONSHIPS 4 Women Get Honest About Why They Did Boudoir Shoots in Their 40s, 50s and 60s - COSMO

It's like major league sexting, and it seems great, TBH.

BODY HEALTH Both My Daughters Were Born With Microcephaly - COSMO

'I'm glad the girls forced me to see the blessings I already

CELEB NEWS Tyga not ready for marriage - COSMO

Tyga loves Kylie Jenner but isn't ready to tie the knot. Th

CELEB NEWS Michael Douglas: 'Meeting Catherine is my best memory' - COSMO

Michael Douglas says meeting Catherine Zeta Jones was the hi

CELEB NEWS Jorgie Porter splits from Luther Burrell - COSMO

Jorgie Porter has split from Luther Burrell. The 'Hollyoaks'

CELEB NEWS Taylor Swift leads iHeartRadio nods - COSMO

Taylor Swift and The Weeknd lead the nominations for the iHe