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CELEB NEWS Justin Timberlake praises Jessica Biel - COSMO

Justin Timberlake says Jessica Biel is "the sweetest, most g

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Lily James says she doesn't "put too much stress on trying t

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Make your clothes last longer by looking after them better w

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We may have our fair share of problems here in South Africa,

CAREER & MONEY Fewer Big Companies are Run by Women than Men Named John - KIM GARNER

We need more female CEOs.

CELEB NEWS David Walliams splits from Lara Stone? - COSMO

David Walliams has reportedly split from Lara Stone. The 'B

CELEB NEWS Conrad Hilton reaches plea deal - COSMO

Paris Hilton's younger brother has agreed to plead guilty to

CELEB NEWS Giorgio Armani hits back at Madonna - COSMO

Giorgio Armani says Madonna is "very difficult." The Italian

CELEB NEWS Zachary Quinto spoke at funeral - COSMO

Zachary Quinto gave an "absolutely eloquent" speech at Leona