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CELEB NEWS Kylie Minogue goes 'gooey' over new boyfriend - COSMO

Kylie Minogue goes "gooey" whenever she talks about her new

CELEB NEWS Khloe Kardashian making good recovery from staph infection - COSMO

Khloe Kardashian is making a good recovery from her staph in


This summer all we need is that one perfect fitted dress.

BEAUTY Buy 1 Brow Wax, Get 1 Free with Benefit - COSMO

Take your bestie for a brow treat.

SEX & RELATIONSHIPS 6 Reasons to Stop Playing Games in Your Relationships - LESLEY MARCHANT

A relationship shouldn't be 'won'.

BODY HEALTH Kayla Itsines Launches a Fitness App - LESLEY MARCHANT

Time to sweat.

CELEB NEWS Adele feels 'more prepared' for attention - COSMO

Adele feels "more prepared" for the release of her new album

CELEB NEWS Kylie Jenner and Tyga are 'best friends' - COSMO

Kylie Jenner and Tyga were "best friends" before they starte

CELEB NEWS NSYNC congratulate Adele - COSMO

*NSYNC have congratulated Adele on breaking their album sale

CELEB NEWS Ronan Keating felt so lucky to have Ed Sheeran sing at his wedding - COSMO

Ronan Keating felt privileged and "lucky" that Ed Sheeran ag