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Now that's a cute story...

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He is pretty damn awesome!

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This error is stopping you from getting that Gigi Hadid glow

SEX & RELATIONSHIPS Dear Future Husband: You Are NOT 'Entitled' to My Body - CATHY LUND

They believe sex is owed to them.

BODY HEALTH Science Behind Why We'll Never be as Skinny as Our Parents Were in Their 20s - COSMO

So unfair!

CELEB NEWS Girls Aloud reunite again for Nicola Roberts 30th - COSMO

Girls Aloud reunited for Nicola Roberts 30th birthday on Sun

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Ryan Seacrest believes the Kardashian and Jenner family have

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Elizabeth Banks worried about "bombing" in front of Jane Fon

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A handwritten letter by Tupac Shakur is going up for sale fo